"Nice, another meeting!"
Said no one. Ever.

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Record on Zoom and Google Meet

Record meetings for free with our Zoom app or Google Meet Chrome Extension. Capture calls in high quality video and sound, then access them immediately afterwards in your meetings library. Our meeting recorder makes it easier than ever to share call moments.

Transcribe in 20+ languages

Speak Spanish with your team but English with your clients? Get Google Meet or Zoom transcriptions for any call in 20+ major languages. Speaker recognition will highlight who said what, and you can translate the transcript in seconds. Fácil!

Timestamp key meeting moments

Highlight key takeaways during or after your meeting. Any participant can mark a moment worth revisiting, and these timestamps create a quick recap of calls. Your colleagues don’t have to attend meetings live to stay in the loop! Simply tag stakeholders at any point in the meeting their awareness or input is needed.

Create clips from recordings

Want to show an awesome call moment to a client or investor? Need to share a piece of user feedback with your team? Say ‘hello’ to bite-size meeting insights. Editing Google Meet and Zoom video is easy with our video clipper. Create clips from longer calls in just a couple of clicks!

Search call moments with keywords

Search your transcripts, titles and timestamps to instantly find past meeting moments. Catch up on the budget talk you missed while OOO, or remind yourself of what you discussed with a client. Never miss a meeting insight or forget an action point again!

We work where
you work

Whether it’s Notion, Google Docs, Slack, Salesforce or HubSpot – we integrate seamlessly with your favorite collaboration platforms and CRMs. Share meeting moments and insights directly to your team’s work spaces. No tab switching needed!

Don’t take our word for it. Take Jack’s.

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