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Introducing tl;dv’s Recurring AI Reports


In the AI Era, every week new tools emerge, offering unprecedented potential for efficiency gains. Now, more than ever, there are opportunities to leverage these gains to outpace competitors.

The concept of meetings has remained largely stagnant for decades, with the only significant disruption coming from the increased adoption during the COVID-19 pandemic. This changed with the democratization of access to generative AI.

With this backdrop, we introduced “Ask tl;dv”—a straightforward feature allowing users to inquire about any aspect of their meetings. The feedback from our users has been overwhelmingly positive. The ability to make sense of long and boring meetings quickly resonated with everyone.

But we didn’t stop there. Oh no we didn’t!

Last November, we launched Multi-Meeting AI Reports, enabling queries across multiple meetings. This, coupled with smart filters, brought the ability to extract a new kind of knowledge from a group of meetings, that you simply don’t get from looking at single meeting events.

This brings us to our latest innovation: Recurring AI Reports. Designed to revolutionize how teams integrate meeting assistants into their workflows, moving beyond single-use applications to a continuous, value-added service.

Let’s dive into what Recurring AI Reports have to offer!

What are AI Reports?

AI Reports are simply put the result of a prompt you make to tl;dv about a single meeting (also known as the “ask tl;dv”) or a set of meetings.

Ask tl;dv anything about a single meeting
Select multiple meetings from your library to generate an AI Report on multiple meetings

Once your prompts are refined, you can quickly destil the content from any of your meetings into a structured output.

The AI Report includes timestamps which you can easily follow

Designed With Your Workflow in Mind

At tl;dv, we recognize that meetings are more than just discussions—they are treasure troves of actionable insights. The persistent challenge, however, has been the efficient capture and analysis of these insights.

Enter Recurring AI Reports. This feature streamlines the process of extracting crucial insights from your meetings and seamlessly delivers them to your preferred tools, be it Slack, Notion, Asana, Trello, or any of the 6000+ applications accessible via Zapier.

The result? You spend less time sifting through notes and more time implementing strategies that yield tangible outcomes.

Tailored Insights for Product and Sales Teams

For Product Teams

Imagine being able to sift through every meeting within your organization that touches on the customer experience—identifying mentions of bugs, product feedback, feature requests, or onboarding issues.

If this sounds new to you, it’s because you haven’t yet experienced the full capabilities of AI Reports.

Until now, gathering these insights required manually selecting each meeting for analysis, a process that had to be repeated for every set of Product meetings you wanted to examine.

Enter Recurring AI Reports. This innovative feature enables you to automate the analysis of selected meetings based on custom AI prompts you define, ensuring you consistently receive the insights you need, when you need them.

Create and manage multiple Recurring report templates

For Sales Teams

Turn every customer interaction into a learning opportunity. Unpack objections, monitor competitor mentions, and assess customer sentiment across the board.

Sales Managers

Recurring AI Reports equip Sales Managers with a detailed understanding of their team’s interactions, empowering them to fine-tune strategies and secure more successful deals.

  • Generate reports for all meetings handled by a specific sales rep.
  • Extract insights from interactions with top customers.
  • Summarize the most common objections encountered across all sales meetings.

For Sales Reps

Even before, AI Reports enhanced your sales toolkit, allowing you to:

  • Compile action items from various meetings.
  • Gather key takeaways to inform your strategy.
  • Identify objections to prepare better responses.
  • Note any personal mentions (like a customer’s mention of a cat) to personalize your follow-ups or next meetings.

Now, envision accessing these insights regularly with Recurring AI Reports. Imagine getting weekly updates on action items, takeaways, and more, without lifting a finger. 

This continuous stream of intelligence keeps you informed, prepared, and one step ahead in personalizing your customer engagements. 

tldv recurring ai report
Creating Recurring AI Reports can be done in just a few steps

Effortless Integration, Unlimited Potential

As of now, Recurring AI Reports are conveniently delivered directly to your email. But that’s just the beginning.

In the coming months, you’ll gain the capability to integrate these reports into other tools such as Notion, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack—and over 6000 more via Zapier.

This opens up unparalleled opportunities for creating comprehensive meeting repositories that are accessible and actionable.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Setting up Recurring AI Reports is straightforward, and the benefits are immediate. In a world awash with information yet starved for genuine insights, Recurring AI Reports give you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

  • For Product Teams: It’s about creating products that truly resonate with your users.
  • For Sales Teams: It’s about gaining an unprecedented understanding of your customers, bringing vivid detail to the often opaque sales process.
  • For Your Organization: It’s about maintaining alignment and advancing together, united in purpose and action.

Recurring AI Reports are just the start. At tl;dv, our commitment to innovation is unwavering, constantly pushing the boundaries to empower teams like never before.

Not yet a tl;dv user? Discover how we can transform your meetings into a strategic powerhouse. Join us today—it’s free!

Already part of the tl;dv community? Log in now and set up your first Recurring AI Report.

If you want to know more about setting up your reports, check our help center article.

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