In 1989 Alon Cohen invented live conferencing using internet protocol.

In 2022 we’re attending approximately 16 online meetings every week.

In 1989 live conferencing was considered a precious new communication tool.

In 2022 it clutters our calendars, kills our concentration and drains our productivity.

In 1989 live conferencing was the future of business communication.

In 2022, we hate it.

In the remote work revolution, our transition to a hybrid world has shaped new communicative needs. But live conferencing hasn’t evolved since the 80s.

We’re applying an outdated model to the way we host and attend meetings online.

We’re still expected to attend all calls in-person.

We sit through an hour-long presentation when only five minutes were relevant to us.

Attendee lists regularly extend past five people.

We let important discussions go undocumented.

Repeated meetings on the same topic are rampant.Β 

Onboarding new team members requires countless calls.

Everyone is jumping from one call to the next, worried to miss out on something important.

We waste hours in meetings when we could be doing real work.

Nothing about this is setting us up for success.

Inefficient meetings are not sustainable.Β 

We believe in modern solutions to enable remote collaboration across time zones and continents.

We know only one participant can speak live at one time, and this will never change.

We know recorded meetings are becoming the norm – and that this can be leveraged.

tl;dv empowers remote and async teams to communicate efficiently.

tl;dv simplifies smarter ways of working, freeing up thousands of hours each day.

tl;dv stands for a smarter meeting culture.

For the symbiosis of live collaboration and asynchronous knowledge exchange.

For instantly shareable meeting insights.

For documentation and radical transparency.

For smaller meetings that drive decisions.

We break the taboo of declining invites.

We facilitate deep work and efficiency with simple time-saving principles.


We pledge to liberate you from attending hours of live meetings on mute.

We vow to enable that the important insights reach the right person at the right time and in the right place.

We commit to helping your team excel in a new era, which points a finger to the ineffective meeting.