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Watching a tl;dv is 10x faster than attending a live meeting. Our online meeting tool empowers remote and async teams to collaborate better than ever.

Summarize and share key moments with AI​

Recording a Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams call has never been easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re the host or an attendee – with tl;dv, a bot will join your meeting the moment you’re ready to record and transcribe. Type notes in the tl;dv interface during or after the call – these will turn into handy timestamps that allow you to retrace the agenda and jump to specific moments in the recording. Need to cut out the small talk for a smoother video? Our editing tool helps you create clips in seconds.  Learn more about tl;dv AI.

Attend fewer meetings & reclaim your schedule

‘Meeting fatigue’ is draining energy, sapping creativity, and disrupting your ability to focus on the work that matters. Forward-thinking teams rely on tl;dv to skip meetings without having to miss a beat. Record, timestamp, and edit meetings to enable fast and effective catch-ups. When live meeting attendance becomes optional, teams can focus on the work that matters.

Catching up is faster than joining a live meeting

Half of participants in a larger meeting are passive. Often, only ten minutes of an hour-long call will be relevant to them. Why not give your team the gift of time? Use tl;dv to share timestamped recordings. You can tag colleagues at specific moments, or share shortened clips with stakeholders. Your organization will start reclaiming 100+ hours eveah week!

Simplify collaboration across your company

Picture it: you’re in a call with a user when they screen-share a bug. Next, they perfectly explain a feature they’d love to see developed. The tl;dv meeting tool lets you capture and share great moments like this with a few clicks. Lengthy meetings become bite-size insights that can be posted across CRMs, collaborative spaces and messaging platforms. Create folders of educational clips from meetings, or use the tl;dv search bar to find the call moment you’re looking for.

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"I spend so much of my life in meetings, this is absolute God send. Thanks for making this a reality."

Gavin Dove
Co-Founder and CEO, Fluent

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