Transcribe Teams meetings in 30+ languages

Require a French transcript for one discussion and German meeting transcripts for another? Absolutely! With tl;dv, receive a high-quality Microsoft Teams meeting transcript tailored to your recorded discussions. Opt for your transcript in over 30 major languages. Just highlight a snippet of the transcript to create a matching video clip! And here’s the latest addition: with our AI meeting notes, bidding farewell to the hassle of taking meeting notes is now a reality.

Transcribe Microsoft Teams meetings for free

In search of highly precise automatic transcriptions for your meetings? Your search ends here with tl;dv, the no-cost transcriber for Teams calls. The instant you record video with our Microsoft Teams app, live transcription becomes available. Gain immediate access to the complete transcript file alongside the recording as soon as your call ends. The process from there is straightforward – effortlessly identify who expressed what, extract segments, and transform highlighted text into video clips for easy sharing. Speedily find past calls by searching for keywords present in the transcripts.

Teams transcription translation in 30+ languages

Overcome language barriers and enhance insights sharing. As remote and hybrid teams become more international, turn this diversity into an asset! Utilize tl;dv to conduct calls in one language and effortlessly share the translated transcript in another. Interview users in their native language or impress a potential client with a meeting in their preferred language. Unleash the potential of Microsoft Teams transcript translations in numerous impactful ways.

Create video clips with Microsoft Teams transcripts

Enhance the value of Microsoft Teams transcriptions with tl;dv. Choose a section of any transcript by highlighting the text, then click ‘Make a clip’. Watch the corresponding call moment transform into a readily shareable video snippet. Trimming Microsoft Teams videos has never been this straightforward! Save time and streamline the dissemination of insights across your organization with this convenient transcript feature. The next time you aim to share an insight from a lengthier call, easily clip out the significant moment and share the shortened video link.

Automatically summarize meeting transcripts

We understand you came for meeting transcriptions, but we have an even bigger surprise for you. Thanks to our AI transcript summarizer, you can now automatically create meeting notes and stay attentive to the conversation. With a simple button or keyboard shortcut, any meeting moment gets automatically summarized, timestamped to the full transcript and recording. Summarize any meeting insight in a second to create actionable meeting minutes for you and your team.

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