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Enter each Zoom call with the ultimate note taking tool. When you record meetings with tl;dv, your meeting minutes are transformed into timestamps. Linked to precise call moments, these timestamps make recapping a breeze! Our Zoom note taker is totally free and oh-so-intuitive. Combine your timestamped notes with our AI-powered summaries, and you’ll take meeting minutes to the next level.

Summarize calls with timestamped Zoom notes

You know the drill. You’re in a Zoom call and essential feedback is suddenly shared. The presenter moves on to the next slide too quickly. A question comes up that needs to be run past Sales. Your client asks a question and you’ll need to investigate.

With tl;dv, you can easily mark every moment worth revisiting. Type away directly within the call, and watch your Zoom notes turn into meeting bookmarks. An AI meeting summarizer will help you identify questions, insights and action points. The result? Flawless meeting minutes that are easy to share and perfect for follow-ups.

Share Zoom meeting notes effectively

The Zoom note taker pops up within your call when you record and transcibe with tl;dv. Any call participant can add their own notes, and meeting minutes are consolidated after the call. This intuitive way of taking Zoom notes helps you focus on the conversation at hand. Want a stakeholder’s awareness around a decision? Need to inform Engineering about a bug? Tag team members directly in your meeting notes. They’ll be alerted and jump straight to the call moment in question.

Zoom note taking with a touch of AI

Meeting minutes used to be boring. Boring isn’t efficient. With tl;dv, it’s easy, fast and effective to take meeting notes that double up as accessible summaries. You can even search your library of Zoom calls to find past meeting notes. Oh, and naturally you can one-click-copy your timestamped meeting notes across any CRM or collaborative platform. There’s no need to attend every Zoom meeting or rewatch hours of recorded video when you can use an AI-assisted note taker instead.

Summarize and share key moments with AI​

Recording a Google Meet call has never been easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re the host or an attendee – with tl;dv, a bot will join your meeting the moment you’re ready to record and transcribe. Type notes in the tl;dv interface during or after the call – these will turn into handy timestamps that allow you to retrace the agenda and jump to specific moments in the recording. Need to cut out the small talk for a smoother video? Our editing tool helps you create clips in seconds.  Learn more about tl;dv AI.

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"tl;dv is a Customer Superbrain that helps me remember every detail from any customer conversation, and elevate the emotional insights throughout my entire organization"

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