The Zoom notetaker app for smarter meeting minutes

Watch your typed Zoom notes transform into video timestamps. tl;dv lets you revisit recordings effectively – simply click on your notes to rewatch the relevant call moment. Your notes are like bookmarks… for video!​

Share Zoom meeting notes during live call

You’re in a call and important feedback is being conveyed. You’re watching a presentation and the host moves on to the next part of the agenda. You’re in a meeting where a question comes up that needs to be run past Sales. With tl;dv, you can mark down every moment worth revisiting. Type away in the tl;dv interface, and watch your notes transform into meeting bookmarks. Your team can revisit the recording at any time, skim through your notes, and jump to the essential moments.

Consolidate everyone's Zoom notes

All participants can take notes with tl;dv! The Zoom note taker feature pops up as a discreet interface whenever a call is being recorded and transcribed. Encourage call attendees to give input, ask questions, tag other team members, or simply timestamp the moments they want to revisit. With consolidated meeting notes, no detail will go missed.

Get the most out of Zoom meeting minutes

Meeting minutes used to be boring. Boring isn’t efficient. When you approach Zoom meeting minutes as a form of collaborative note-taking, and begin using timestamps as time-saving bookmarks, you bring more value to each call. With tl;dv as your virtual meeting companion, taking notes on Zoom is effortless and effective.

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"tl;dv is essential to back up and sell product decisions with emotional evidence from every Sales, Customer, and research meetings within Zapier"


Lars Vedo
Sr. Product Manager, Zapier

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