Cross-Functional Collaboration Made Easy

In fast-growing organizations, cross-functional communication sometimes equals a calendar stuffed with back-to-back meetings. What if there was an easier way to stay in the loop? Imagine if you could turn down online meetings without ever missing key insights or information. With tl;dv, you can easily and instantly share meeting takeaways across your organization – removing the need for live meeting attendance.

Internal knowledge exchange on autopilot with AI meeting notes

It’s a lot of work to keep everyone aligned, right? And don’t get us started on timezones. Luckily, your life just got a whole lot easier with our AI Meeting notes for your Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings. No more note taking busy work, simply click a button and tl;dv will automatically summarize the meeting transcript for you, so you can stay focused on the conversation and share automated meeting minutes with all invitees immediately after the meeting. The best is that they are linked to the meeting recording and transcript, so no detail is ever lost. Learn more about tl;dv AI.

Record, transcribe and take notes of your meetings

Live meeting attendance is a thing of the past. With tl;dv, you only need to invite a select few to any call. Our virtual meeting tool records, transcribes and take notes of your call so you can instantly revisit insights in retrospect. What’s more – a handy clipping function lets you share only the moments that matter with teams or stakeholders. You can even tag someone at any point in the call, allowing them to jump to the part of the recording where their input or awareness is needed! Unleash cross-functional collaboration with effortless knowledge sharing across your organization. 

A library of insights for cross-functional teams

Cross-functional team management can be overwhelming. With a broad range of specialized information getting shared across non-stop meetings, it’s a struggle to stay in the loop. tl;dv lets any team member take a bird’s-eye perspective on what matters to them. Organize past meetings into topic-based folders, search transcripts for keywords, or instantly jump to the moment in a recorded meeting where you’ve been tagged. Do you love saving time as much as we do?

tl;dv works where your teams work

Cross-functional collaboration involves a lot of tools – which is why tl;dv integrates well with all of them. When you want to automatically sync your meeting notes with Slack, or a CRM like Hubspot and Pipedrive – we got you. Share timestamped links directly in Notion or Jira? No problem. Turn meeting notes on Google Docs into timestamps? Also no problem! Cross-functional communications just got ten times more efficient.

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"tl;dv is essential to back up and sell product decisions with emotional evidence from every Sales, Customer, and research meetings within Zapier."


Lars Vedo
Sr. Product Manager, Zapier

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