The effective note taker for Google Meet

Watch your typed Google Meet notes become video timestamps for easy rewatching. tl;dv lets you revisit recordings effectively – simply click on your notes to return to key call moment. Your notes are like bookmarks… for video!​

How to take notes in Google Meet

Lots of us take notes during virtual meetings as a way to keep track of important input and action points. The problem? Those notes get separated, lost, or forgotten. Meeting minutes disappear amid your hundreds of other Google Doc files. Alternatively, you waste time transferring hand-written notes to a digital format. With the tl;dv call recorder, your meeting notes are always attached to your call. In fact, they double up as timestamps which – when clicked – will take you straight to the call moment they were typed.Β 

Easily share Google meeting minutes

In a couple of clicks, you can copy all your timestamped meeting notes and transfer them directly to whichever CRMs or collaborative platform you like. Your team can jump straight to the key takeaways by skimming through your notes and clicking on a moment they’d like to revisit. Not only do you save time by taking more effective meeting notes, but you also save your colleagues’ time by empowering them to catch up quickly. Better yet, you can tag specific people during Google Meet calls -when their input or awareness is needed. Sharing meeting insights is easy-peasy with tl;dv.

A Google Meet note taker for remote teams

In a remote and hybrid world, traditional meeting minutes are due a transformation. Leverage the digital nature of online meetings when you turn your meeting notes into valuable timestamps that help you and your team catch up quickly. In just one click, you can capture key insights, amazing moments, and topics worth revisiting. Plus, tl;dv packs in a ton of other features that helps you get the most out of your meeting notes. Need to quickly locate a past meeting? Search your library for a keyword and find where in your timestamped meeting notes that keyword appears!

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"tl;dv is a Customer Superbrain that helps me remember every detail from any customer conversation, and elevate the emotional insights throughout my entire organization"

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Susana de Sousa
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