Record a Teams meeting without a fuss

Record a Teams meetings in one click! tl;dv lets you capture the emotion and insights of any Microsoft Teams call with high quality sound and video. Need to transcribe a Microsoft Teams meeting? Easy breeze in any major language, with every word timestamped to the meeting recording. Now even better with AI meeting summaries and AI meeting notes!

How to record a Microsoft Teams meeting

Searching for a convenient and efficient method to record your Microsoft Teams meeting? 

Meet tl;dv, your go-to solution. As soon as you’re set to initiate video and audio recording, this smart bot hops into your call seamlessly. Once your meeting concludes, voila! You have a high-quality recording ready at your fingertips. 

During your Microsoft Teams rendezvous, tl;dv offers a feature allowing you to timestamp critical junctures and even tag your fellow teammates. These timestamps act as a gateway for future viewers, enabling swift navigation to precise moments within the meeting. 

Record on Teams without permission

Requesting recorder permissions from the host breaks your flow? tl;dv streamlines and saves time by enabling any user to record a Microsoft Teams meeting, no host permission required! All participants can see the live tl;dv recorder in the call, ensuring full transparency.

Recording is just the beginning

You have your shareable, downloadable Microsoft Teams recording—excellent! However, tl;dv offers more than just being a Microsoft Teams call recorder. Maximize the power of tl;dv by timestamping call moments, tagging teammates, and generating clips from your Microsoft Teams meeting. Reviewing a tl;dv is 10 times quicker than watching the entire recording, saving your organization hours effortlessly.

AI Meeting Notes and Summary

Banish concerns about being distracted by note-taking. Our AI Meeting Note Taker ensures you only need to remember a simple shortcut to automatically summarize the ongoing discussion in the meeting. Say hello to note-taking on autopilot. And the best part? It’s seamlessly linked to the recording and complete meeting transcript, ensuring you retain every detail and can clip and share any transcript snippet or recording clip individually.

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"tl;dv is a Customer Superbrain that helps me remember every detail from any customer conversation, and elevate the emotional insights throughout my entire organization"

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