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Want to quickly recap past meetings with prospects before entering the next Sales call? Following up on action points from the last Sprint planning? Forgotten the decision reached in the last call with your manager? tl;dv makes it easy to instantly identify and revisit important meeting moments. Follow-up more effectively than ever.​

Summarize and share key moments with AI​

Recording a Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom call has never been easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re the host or an attendee – with tl;dv, a bot will join your meeting the moment you’re ready to record and transcribe. Type notes in the tl;dv interface during or after the call – these will turn into handy timestamps that allow you to retrace the agenda and jump to specific moments in the recording. Need to cut out the small talk for a smoother video? Our editing tool helps you create clips in seconds.  Learn more about tl;dv AI.

Follow up meeting action points

It’s impossible to remember every detail from every meeting – but with tl;dv, a superhuman memory isn’t necessary. By timestamping the key takeaways in call, you and your team can always revisit the meeting moments that matter. Catch up on questions, decisions, insights, updates, interviews in recorded Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. You’ll instantly receive your timestamped recording and transcript when the meeting is finished. 

Tag colleagues in specific call moments

Tag someone in a timestamp to notify them the moment their expertise or awareness is needed. Need to double check a specific detail with someone from Marketing? Is am insight from a User Research call relevant for Engineering? Want to inform your manager of a change in strategy? Pull people into the conversation effectively – without demanding hours of their time. Skim-watching a tl;dved meeting is 10x faster than sitting through the entire recording.

Search your library of past meetings

Everyone needs a refresher from time to time. Maybe you’ve been on holiday, and want to get in the loop on the latest Sales calls. Maybe you’re still on holiday – and your amazing team mate is covering for you. tl;dv is a life-saver when you or your team need context – quickly. Instantly revisit any recorded meeting to recap key moments. Looking for something specific? Search transcripts, titles and timestamps to quickly locate a meeting moment.

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"tl;dv is a Customer Superbrain that helps me remember every detail from any customer conversation, and elevate the emotional insights throughout my entire organization"

Susana Loom

Susana de Sousa

Director of Support, Loom

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