Onboarding & Training πŸ“š

Organizations can’t scale without scalable onboarding processes. And tl;dv helps you do just that.

Scale your onboarding

Instead of asking your team to repeat the same information in onboarding meetings every week, they simply record it once with tl;dv, timestamp the important moments, and share these with new hires.

Create a knowledge hub for your new hires

An important customer call, a strategy update from the CEO, or the retrospective from the last sprint – all sharable with a single click.
The company’s knowledge right at the fingertips of your new colleagues.

Offer new employees a time machine

Tools, presentations, processes, etc… New team members can feel overwhelmend with 20+ meetings in their first Week. Put a stop to this! tl;dv is an on-demand learning hub for new hires to visit, and re-visit.
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