Amplifying the Voice of the Customer πŸ“£

Whether you’re in Customer Success, Sales or User Research, tl;dv is essential to capture and share authentic user feedback throughout your company and beyond.

Evidence-based collaboration

A picture paints a thousand words!
tl;dv increases the value of your product recommendations with video recordings of your customers’ feedback.

Amplify customer voices across your organization

Can a survey really transmit the pain a customer is feeling? We highly doubt it! With tl;dv, you can finally capture and express what you’re experiencing every day: happy customer faces, confused looks, and all the exciting in-betweens.

Your time machine for research

Customer feedback can be hard to unpack. With tl;dv you can timestamp these moments with one click during the live meeting. Instantly accessible after the meeting, you can revisit these moments to understand and process the learnings you’ve made.
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