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Step into the world of tl;dv integration, where the magic of AI summaries and AI notes effortlessly blends with a variety of essential apps. Elevate your experience by seamlessly connecting tl;dv with CRMS, project management tools, video conferencing platforms, dialers, calendars, and over 5000 other applications.

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Explore beyond our featured apps and unlock a world of possibilities with tl;dv’s integration via Zapier. By seamlessly connection with over 5000 other applications, you can craft custom workflows and discover endless possibilities in optimizing your productivity and collaboration.

Featured workflows

Featured workflows

Merge the spontaneity of Google Meet conversations with the structured world of Google Docs.
With every Zoom call, our system assimilates the core discussions and optimizes your sales sequences in Salesloft.
After every Zoom session, our system drafts, organizes, and converts discussions into detailed Google Docs.
Convert every discussion point from your Zoom calls into actionable workflows on Monday.
Propel meeting summaries and action items straight to your Discord channels.
Push critical Zoom meeting outcomes directly to Slack channels, fostering immediate collaboration.
Capture and streamline your Zoom meeting outcomes directly into Dropbox, creating a centralized repository of discussions and insights for efficient project management.
Bug mentioned? To Do discussed? tl;dv sends these straight to your Trello board, directly from your Teams meetings.
Update Pipedrive contacts with AI meeting notes and recording files
Integrate Zoom interviews seamlessly into Greenhouse’s recruitment pipeline.
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