Microsoft Teams AI Note Taker

Witness your typed Microsoft Teams notes transform into searchable video timestamps. Our free Chrome extension streamlines note-taking, allowing you to concentrate on your call while effortlessly highlighting crucial moments. By integrating AI-powered summaries with the ability to take manual notes, each Microsoft Teams recording will present your meeting minutes alongside the video and transcript.

How to take notes in Microsoft Teams

During virtual meetings, many of us jot down notes to track insights and action items. However, note-taking poses challenges—it’s distracting, time-consuming, and often leads to siloed or forgotten meeting minutes.

Introducing tl;dv. This Microsoft Teams note taker ensures that not only your meeting notes but everyone else’s are seamlessly linked to your call. Your meeting minutes serve as timestamps, directly connecting to pivotal moments. Convenient, right?

tl;dv simplifies and accelerates note-taking by allowing you to write directly in the call window without the need to switch tabs. Made a mistake? No worries—edit, remove, or add notes anytime.

Easily share Microsoft Teams notes

You can kick back and let our AI-powered meeting summarizer do the heavy lifting. It automatically spots call questions, insights, and action points. Feel free to tweak these AI-generated notes or fill in anything it might’ve missed. With just a couple of clicks, you can copy all the timestamped meeting notes and smoothly transfer them to your CRM or collaboration platform. Your team can breeze through these notes and quickly hop to important video moments for a revisit. And here’s a neat feature—tag your colleagues directly in the timestamps. They’ll get notified whenever their input or attention is needed.

A Microsoft Teams AI note taker for remote teams

In today’s remote and hybrid landscape, traditional meeting minutes require a makeover. Maximize the potential of online meetings by transforming your meeting notes into valuable timestamps, enabling swift recaps. Capture essential insights, ‘a-ha’ moments, and discussions worth revisiting. Oh, and let’s not overlook that tl;dv offers additional features to optimize your meeting notes. Need to find a past call swiftly? Simply search your library using a keyword and locate it within your notes. Just like the transcript and video recording, our Microsoft Teams note taker comes at no cost.

Summarize and share key moments with AI​

Recording a Microsoft Teams call is a breeze, whether you’re the host or an attendee. With tl;dv, a bot seamlessly joins your meeting the moment you’re set to record and transcribe. Take notes using the tl;dv interface during or after the call—these notes transform into convenient timestamps, enabling easy retracing of the agenda and swift navigation to specific moments in the recording. Looking to streamline the video by removing small talk? Our editing tool lets you craft clips in just seconds. Learn more about tl;dv AI.

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"tl;dv is a Customer Superbrain that helps me remember every detail from any customer conversation, and elevate the emotional insights throughout my entire organization"

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