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Google Suite is a handy tool – there’s no denying it. It comes with the Pro version of Google Meet, and it integrates with all the other Google apps so that everything is well organized and easy to find. But if you’re about to make the purchase, you might want to hold your horses.

It’s time for you to meet tl;dv, the video conferencing software that puts G Suite’s paid package (as well as many others’) to shame.

What’s the Difference Between tl;dv and G Suite?


G Suite


Free Plan


Unlimited recordings & transcripts for free


12 USD (must pay for every user in your company)

20 USD only for users that need advanced features

Google Meet


Yes (even on Free plan)



Yes (even on Free plan)

Records Video


Yes (even on Free plan)

Automated Transcription


20+ languages (even on Free plan)

Speaker Recognition


Yes (even on Free plan)

Timestamp moments in real-time


Yes (even on Free plan)

CRM Integrations


Yes, on Pro plan

Slack Integration


Yes (even on Free plan)

Search through Meeting Transcripts with keywords


Yes (even on Free)

How long does video take to process?



Viewing Analytics


Yes (even on Free plan)

Edit Recordings & Create Clips


Yes (even on Free plan)

Speaking Time Analysis for Sales Reps


Coming 2023

Spoken Keyword Alerts


Coming 2023

Price Difference

While G Suite may be cheaper at $12 per month compared with tl;dv’s $20, keep in mind that G Suite requires you to pay that fee for every single user in your company. This can be a huge waste of money if you have several employees that need access to basic things but not the whole package.

tl;dv on the other hand only requires payment from those users that will use the advanced features, such as CRM integrations or the ability to download Google Meet recordings locally. This is usually just 1 or 2 team members.

If comparing a small company of 10 employees, G Suite would cost you $120 per month whereas tl;dv would only be $20-40. Those who don’t need the advanced features will still be able to use the all-important record and transcribe features, as well as timestamps, collaborative editing, and tagging their coworkers.


While G Suite’s integration with all things Google is a great selling point, it also means that it excludes all things not Google. tl;dv doesn’t discriminate. You can use tl;dv to record on both Google Meet and Zoom, so if you’re frequently switching between different video conferencing platforms, you have no need to fear. tl;dv’s features are exactly the same for both platforms. Recordings from either video conferencing platforms will be collected in your tl;dv library.

Extra Features

One of the primary reasons you should opt for tl;dv instead of G Suite is simply because tl;dv boasts tons of unique productivity-boosting features that you simply won’t find in G Suite’s priced package. Whether you want to consolidate meeting notes and turn into into clickable bookmarks, tag stakeholders at precise meeting moments, or create clips from longer recordings to share across your organisation – tl;dv has all these handy features available, and for FREE.

Cut Back On Unnecessary Meetings

tl;dv’s principle aim is to get your team out of as many unnecessary meetings as possible. By recording, transcribing, translating, timestamping, and editing recordings of meetings, you can eliminate the need for your employees to attend full meetings when their presence is only required for a short period. They can just jump to the bit of a recordings that’s relevant to them instead. This empowers employees to catch up on calls quickly, in their own time.

Even better, all these features are intuitive and take barely minutes to learn. They feel natural and keep you organized on the go.

Why Should I Get tl;dv Pro?

When the free version already allows unlimited recordings and transcripts from both Zoom and Google Meet, you might be wondering why you would ever need to upgrade…

With the Pro version, tl;dv is integrated with both SalesForce and HubSpot. You can download any and all of your recordings and save them externally, as well as view Analytics, customize the Share settings and copy full meeting transcripts. You’ll receive the highest priority customer service if you need help with something.

Summary: Why Is tl;dv the Best Choice?

Besides being compatible with both Google Meet and Zoom, tl;dv offers a ton of other features that leaves G Suite in the dust when it comes to remote teams and asynchronous working. For example, with tl;dv – even the free version – you can get automated and translatable transcripts in over 20 different languages! And how many does G Suite give you? Oh right, none.

tl;dv also has your video ready to watch within seconds, compared to G Suite’s hour long wait. And it doesn’t matter whether you record on Zoom or Google Meet, the recording will be ready at lightning speed.

tl;dv empowers you to view analytics, create clips, and add timestamps in real time. Not only this, but tl;dv is integrated with Slack, meaning you can share the recording in your work messenger and it will automatically display the different timestamps as hyperlinks so people can jump straight to the part they are interested in. The suite of features available at tl;dv makes G Suite unworthy of the name!

Coming in 2023, you’ll be able to listen to keyword alerts, so that you get notified any time your tracked keywords get mentioned in meetings.  As of now, you can already search your tl;dv library for any words spoken in meetings.

For us, the choice is obvious: if you’re primarily searching for a meeting recording software to be used for Google Meet and Zoom calls, then tl;dv was designed for you.

But don’t take our word for it, take the Wolf of Wall Street’s…

tl;dv for Sales
Spend your time where it matters most. Uncover Sales intelligence and track how well your team follows your Playbooks. tl;dv is an AI Meeting Assistant that helps you (finally) get insights from all your meetings, right in your team's favorite tools.
Recordings & Transcripts (+30 languages)
Onboard new reps with ease
Evaluate your meetings against popular frameworks like MEDDIC, BANT and more
Create your own framework
Automatically push your meeting notes to your favourite CRM
Speaker insights to help you keep control of your meetings

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