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tl;dv for Google Meet - Catch up on meetings in minutes | Product Hunt

Get everything with one Chrome Extension

Ready to record? tl;dv is only a button-click away.

Video-record Google Meet and Zoom

Record any call in Google Meet or Zoom with our simple Chrome Extension. Access the recording immediately after finishing the call.

Transcribe in 20+ languages

Speak Spanish with your team and English with your clients? Get transcriptions immediately after any call in more than twenty languages. FΓ‘cil!

Timestamp key moments during live meetings

Highlight important moments as they happen. Your team can catch up on meetings in minutes (much faster than if they attended live!). Simplify cross-functional collaboration by letting stakeholders jump to relevant moments.

Chop and clip calls

Want to share an awesome moment with a client or investor? Create clips from calls and share those snippets in seconds.

Sharing is caring

You’re in complete control of who sees what. Choose to automatically send completed recordings to all attendees, or simply share a link with specific people. You can give access to entire libraries of past recordings for better context and transparency.

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you work

Notion, GDocs, Slack… tl;dv integrates with your favorite collaboration tools! Share your highlights to your team’s favourite collaboration app with a single click. And best of all, no tab switching needed!

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