Create timestamped notes on your Microsoft Teams recordings

Mark vital moments during or after Microsoft Teams calls with timestamps. These timestamps help you emphasize the segments of a recording that are worth revisiting, enabling a swift catch-up on meetings and aiding others in recapping faster than before. Leverage timestamps to tag specific colleagues for their attention or insights. Watching a tl;dv is 10x quicker than being in a live call, helping your organization save hours every week!

Highlight meeting moments to revisit

We’re losing hours in meetings, with only a fraction being pertinent. Why join every Microsoft Teams call in real-time when you could save time by catching up on the essential takeaways? Utilize timestamped recordings to quickly skim through a call or directly access the most crucial sections of a recording. Timestamps also serve as meeting minutes, tracing the agenda’s progress in your Microsoft Teams call, and can be automatically emailed to call attendees.

Simplified collaborative note-taking

Meeting minutes need a makeover in this remote and hybrid era. With tl;dv, any participant can mark moments they wish to revisit during a call. Team members who are absent can be tagged when a discussion becomes important to them. Given that anyone can create timestamps during a Microsoft Teams call, you can rely on your team to mark the moments significant to them. If you missed a crucial highlight during the call, worry not – you can add, edit, or remove timestamps to your tl;dv recording anytime! It’s the simplest method to facilitate swift recaps, rapid catch-ups, and efficient reviews of previous calls.

Efficient remote and asynchronous collaboration

Let people choose if they want to attend live meetings. When teams can quickly catch up on calls, they’ll have more time for important work. ‘Time zone differences’, ‘scheduling conflicts’, and ‘meeting fatigue’ won’t be issues anymore. Use tl;dv to make meetings effective, one timestamp at a time.

Summarize and share key moments with AI​

Recording a Microsoft Teams call has never been simpler. Whether you’re the host or a participant, tl;dv’s bot seamlessly joins your meeting the moment you choose to record and transcribe. Take notes using the tl;dv interface during or after the call, which then transform into useful timestamps, enabling easy retracing of the agenda and quick jumps to specific moments in the recording. Want a polished video without the small talk? Our editing tool assists you in creating clips in just seconds.

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