Transcribe Zoom meetings in 20+ languages

Need a spanish transcript for one call, but english meeting transcripts for another? No problemo! With tl;dv, a top-quality Zoom meeting transcript will follow your recorded meetings. Choose between 30+ major languages for your transcript. Highlighting part of a transcript will create a corresponding video clip! And now even better, with our ChatGPT meeting notes you never have to take meeting notes ever again!

Transcribe Zoom meetings for free

Looking for highly accurate auto transcriptions for your meetings? Look no further than tl;dv, the free transcriber for Zoom calls. The moment you record video with our Zoom app, live transcription will follow. Access the full transcript file alongside the recording immediately after finishing a call. From thereon it’s simple to identify who said what, copy out segments, and turn highlighted text into shareable video clips. Quickly locate past calls by searching for keywords featured in transcripts!

Zoom transcription translation in 20+ languages

Don’t let language differences get in the way of sharing insights. Remote and hybrid teams are increasingly international, so why not turn this into an asset? With tl;dv, you can have calls in one language and share the translated transcript in another. Interview users in their native tongue, or impress a potential client with a meeting in their preferred language. There are plenty of ways to leverage the benefit of Zoom transcript translations!

Create video clips with Zoom transcripts

Zoom transcriptions offer twice the value with tl;dv. Select part of any transcript by highlighting the text, then click ‘Make a clip’. The corresponding call moment will become an easy-to-share video snippet. Trimming Zoom videos has never been easier! Save time and simplify the sharing of insights across your organization with this handy transcript bonus. Next time you want to share an insight from a longer call, simply clip out the important moment and link to the shortened video.

Automatically summarize meeting transcripts

We know you came to transcribe meetings, but we got a much bigger surprise for you. Thanks to our ChatGPT based transcript summarizer you can now automatically generate meeting notes to stay focused on the conversation. With a simple button or keyboard short-cut any meeting moment will be automatically summarized, timestamped to the full transcript and recording. Summarize any meeting insight in a second to generate actionable meeting minutes for you, and the team.  

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"tl;dv is a Customer Superbrain that helps me remember every detail from any customer conversation, and elevate the emotional insights throughout my entire organization"

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