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Welcome to our exclusive tl;dv Referral Program. We're excited to partner with you! Whether you're a tech influencer or a tool enthusiast, we got something for you. Here is how it works:
For Influencers in Tech
Earn up to $700 for every heartfelt post about tl;dv

Are you a tech influencer on LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter or Instagram? Share an honest review about your experience with tl;dv. No revision cycles, you can even mention other tools. Sounds crazy? Read on!

    • No revision cycles! Yes, we’re serious. You know best what your audience wants to know.
    • You can either do a post only about tl;dv or a post where you also shout out other tools a la “Top AI tools for User Researchers“. Please mention & tag tldv.io prominently.
    • Earn $100 for every 20k organic impressions on the post where tl;dv is mentioned or tagged. For Twitter threads this means the first post in the thread where tl;dv is mentioned.
    • The total is capped at $700 for posts that are only about tl;dv. Multi-tool posts are capped at $200.
    • To qualify, your audience should be in Product Management, UXR, AI/GPT, Sales or Customer Success.
    • Please apply for the program before posting and share your personal information (name, full postal address, company name if applicable) + links to your social channels via [email protected].
      (We only start compensating for posts once you officially joined our program after aligning with our team)
  • You must have been officially accepted to our ambassador program 🙂 
  • tl;dv is embedded in a context where it makes sense. Such as:
    Posting about new AI Tools
    Posting about meeting documentation & efficiency
    Posting about productivity
  • It clearly shows core features of tl;dv like AI summaries, timestamped notes, or our clips & clip reels.
  • In multi-tool posts, tl;dv must be mentioned among the first 3 positions
  • No competitors to tl;dv are mentioned
  • It’s authentic and shows how tl;dv helps your audience
  • Your post must be original. Please don’t copy & paste images and copy from other creators
  • The views are organic. For example, if your post has far more views than comments or likes, we will investigate how those views were gathered
  • The time between each of your posts about tl;dv must be at least 7 days
  • For posts that are only about tl;dv please always align with [email protected] for approval before posting.

We compensate 2 of your posts about tl;dv per month. Those can be multi-tool posts or a post only about tl;dv. We accept 1 post only about tl;dv per month. For posts that are only about tl;dv please always align with [email protected]

You can also do more posts and decide at the end of the month which post you would like to invoice.

We only compensate for one account per creator.

  • Most creators wait for a couple of days to let the post gather impressions.
  • Once you feel ready, please send us the post and proof of gathered impressions (screenshot) to [email protected].
  • Together we will align on the final compensation based on our $100 per 20k impressions model.

    Example: a post with 50k impressions will get compensated with $200 USD


  • Please send us a PDF invoice directly to Paypal or via email to [email protected]. We accept: Paypal, Wise, Wire Transfer.

    The invoice must be in PDF and include the following info:

    Your information:
    Your personal name
    Your company name (if applicable)

    Your full address
    Your email

    Your service:
    Link to the post
    Accumulated views
    Final price

    tl;dv company information:

    tldx Solutions GmbH
    Kaiser-Friedrich-Allee 51
    52074 Aachen

  • We pay for every post once and accept one invoice per post.
  • We will pay invoices every Friday.
Important: We must receive an official invoice with all required information to be able to process your payment. If you have questions, we are happy to help!

For trusted colleagues & Smaller Creators
Offer your network 
a 30% discount & earn up to $10,000 on their monthly subscription
  • For every new tl;dv Pro customer you refer, you’ll receive 25% of their monthly subscription compounding every month. Earn up to $10,000.
  • Your network will also get 30% off on their tl;dv Pro plan.
  • To participate you simply need to login to tl;dv and click on the Gift Icon to generate your unique link. Once you have the link, share it with your friends, on Slack groups, LinkedIn, or place it in your link-in-bio on Instagram and TikTok.

It totally depends on you and the platforms you are active on. We do have a few tips for you:

  • If you are active on a lot of Slack groups, search in these Slack groups for keywords that tl;dv can help with. “Record meetings”, “Record Google Meet”, “Record Zoom”, or something more specifically such as “Record Customer Conversations” can be great keywords. Recommend tl;dv and paste your unique link into the thread.
  • If you are active on LinkedIn or Twitter, recommend tl;dv to your network as a post. Also pay attention to conversations in your network around the problems that tl;dv can solve and recommend tl;dv as a tool to explore.
  • If you are active on Instagram and TikTok, make a video about how tl;dv helps you with your specific use cases. Also, make sure to add tl;dv to your link-in-bio so that your new and existing followers can discover tl;dv continuously.
  • Additionally, it never hurts to promote it to your friends and family via Whatsapp 🙂

No! It is valid forever.

No, even if they will only become Pro customers after months, it will still count as your referral.

As soon as your first referee becomes a Pro customer, we will notify you proactively and provide further instructions. Our most popular reward earn-out method is PayPal.