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Step into the world of tl;dv integration, where the magic of AI summaries and AI notes effortlessly blends with a variety of essential apps. Elevate your experience by seamlessly connecting tl;dv with CRMS, project management tools, video conferencing platforms, dialers, calendars, and over 5000 other applications.

Share knowledge effortlessly! tl;dv auto-summarizes your meetings, magically syncing them to your Notion wiki for the team.
Enhance documentation fluidly! tl;dv auto-summarizes meetings, injecting insights directly for collaborative editing.

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Explore beyond our featured apps and unlock a world of possibilities with tl;dv’s integration via Zapier. By seamlessly connection with over 5000 other applications, you can craft custom workflows and discover endless possibilities in optimizing your productivity and collaboration.

Featured workflows

Featured workflows

Automatically share AI meeting notes and recordings into Miro​
Every discussion, brainstorm, and decision on Zoom finds its visual representation on Trello.
Seamlessly transform every client interaction on Microsoft Teams into actionable insights on Hubspot.
Create tasks and pages from AI meeting notes and recording files
Transform Zoom conversations into neatly formatted notes, pages, or databases in Notion.
Elevate your project management by automatically saving Microsoft Teams meeting highlights and AI notes in OneDrive, ensuring your team's collaboration is both efficient and insightful.
Create tasks and pages from AI meeting notes and recording files
Propel meeting summaries and action items straight to your Slack channels.
Update Salesforce contacts with AI meeting notes and recording files
Convert every discussion point from your Zoom calls into actionable workflows on Monday.
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