Transcribe Google Meet
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With instant meeting transcripts that can be translated into 20+ major languages, tl;dv simplifies insights sharing across mutlilingual organizations. Take your international business to the next level. Language barriers need never get in the way of an effective meeting again!​

Google Meet transcripts with every recording

Need a top quality Google Meet transcriber for your meetings? Look no further than tl;dv, the Google Meet transcript extension for Chrome. tl;dv joins your call as a bot. The moment you’re ready to hit ‘record’, a transcription will follow. Speaker recognition makes it easy to see who says what. Access the full transcript file alongside your video immediately after the call. From thereon, you can translate the transcript, copy out quotes, or highlight segments to create video clips.

Communication is key

Remote and hybrid teams are increasingly international. With tl;dv, diversity of language is an asset – not a barrier. Want to speak with a sales prospect in their own language? Simply make the meeting accessible to your team with a transcript translation. Hoping to impress a client by speaking their native tongue, but your manager wants the call report in English? Once again, tl;dv transcripts provide the perfect solution. Maybe you have a customer who would like to participate in a user research call, but who struggles to express themselves in English. Easy – just translate the major insights after the call. tl;dv is the ultimate speech-to-text tool for Google Meet – and it’s free!

Create video clips with Google Meet transcriptions

tl;dv Google Meet transcripts come with an incredible bonus. By selecting text in your transcript, you can instantly create a clip of the call moment in which those words were spoken. In other words, your transcript doubles up as a handy editing tool that lets you easily turn text into shareable video clips. Save your team mates time by showing them only select moments of longer recordings.

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"tl;dv is essential to back up and sell product decisions with emotional evidence from every Sales, Customer, and research meetings within Zapier"


Lars Vedo
Sr. Product Manager, Zapier

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