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Step into the world of tl;dv integration, where the magic of AI summaries and AI notes effortlessly blends with a variety of essential apps. Elevate your experience by seamlessly connecting tl;dv with CRMS, project management tools, video conferencing platforms, dialers, calendars, and over 5000 other applications.

Take charge of projects! tl;dv turns meeting takeaways into tasks, directly injected into
Automate organization! tl;dv syncs meeting summaries, injecting insights directly into Google Drive.
Automatically record, transcribe and generate AI insights from any of your meetings scheduled via the Outlook Calendar.
Automatically record, transcribe and generate AI insights from any of your meetings scheduled via the Google Calendar.
Empower Teams collaboration! tl;dv integrates insights, refining summaries for a seamless teamwork experience and project advancement
Automatically organize your key meeting outcomes from Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams within Box, streamlining access to insights and making collaboration more effective.
More slacking in Slack! Send AI meeting summaries directly to your teams slack channel, automatically
tl;dv auto-summarizes hiring interviews, automating insights into Greenhouse for decisive hiring choices.
When task management meets conversation clarity. Infuse your Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet insights directly into ClickUp, ensuring every task has a voice.
Directly integrate your Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings into Dropbox, ensuring a seamless workflow where recordings and AI-generated insights enhance every project file.

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Explore beyond our featured apps and unlock a world of possibilities with tl;dv’s integration via Zapier. By seamlessly connection with over 5000 other applications, you can craft custom workflows and discover endless possibilities in optimizing your productivity and collaboration.

Featured workflows

Featured workflows

Bug mentioned? To Do discussed? tl;dv sends these straight to your Trello board, directly from Meet, Teams or Zoom.
Push critical Zoom meeting outcomes directly to Slack channels, fostering immediate collaboration.
Turn every discussion, idea, and feedback into actionable tasks, ensuring project momentum.
Integrate Zoom interviews seamlessly into Greenhouse’s recruitment pipeline.
Merge the spontaneity of Microsoft Teams conversations with the structured world of Google Docs.
Efficiently archive Teams' takeaways into categorized files in Google Drive
Ensure every brainstorming or update session on Teams finds its rightful place as tasks or sprints in Jira
Link Zoom's extensive meeting capabilities with Box's organized storage, ensuring your discussions are preserved and actionable insights are just a click away.
Elevate your project management by automatically saving Microsoft Teams meeting highlights and AI notes in OneDrive, ensuring your team's collaboration is both efficient and insightful.
Transform your Microsoft Teams meetings into actionable insights stored directly in Dropbox, enriching your workflow with easily accessible, organized discussion summaries.
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