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Jira integration with tl;dv

Software development thrives on clarity. tl;dv ensures your Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet sessions shape your sprint cycles in Jira, turning discussions into actionable tasks.

Sprints Sprinting on AI-driven Summaries.

Harness our AI Meeting Template customized for developers and route distilled meeting knowledge right into Jira. Developers can now decode sprints and issues in Jira faster, with tl;dv’s summaries, and revisit any meeting segment directly for enhanced clarity.

Setting up your integrations is easy

On the tl;dv side menu, click on the integrations tab

Select from our featured templates or create your own custom workflows.

Off you go! Sit back and relax, your data will flow seamlessly between apps.

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Record, transcribe, clip and share with Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams

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