Create timestamped notes on your Google Meet recordings

Mark the important moments in Google Meet calls as they happen – or afterwards. Timestamps let you highlight the parts of a recording worth revisiting, so you can quickly catch up on meetings and allow others recap faster than ever. Use timestamps to tag individual colleagues for their awareness or input. Watching a tl;dv is 10x faster than attending a live call. Save your organization hours of time every week!

Highlight meeting moments to revisit

We’re wasting hours of time in meetings. Often, only a a fraction of a call is relevant to us. Why attend every Google Meet live, when you could save time by catching up on just the key takeaways? With timestamped recordings, you and your team can easily skim-watch a call or jump straight to the most relevant parts of a recording. Timestamps double up as meeting minutes that track the agenda progression of your Google Meet call, and can be automatically emailed to call attendees.

Collaborative note taking made easy

Meeting minutes are due a revolution in the remote and hybrid world. With tl;dv, any call participant can mark moments they want to revisit. Absent team mates can be tagged when a discussion becomes relevant to them. Since anyone can create timestamps during a Google Meet call, you can trust your team to mark the moments relevant to them. Missed an important highlight during the call? No problem – you can add, edit or remove timestamps to your tl;dv recording at any time! It’s the easiest way to enable fast recaps, quick catch-ups, and effective reviews of past calls.

Effective remote and async collaboration

Make live meeting attendance voluntary, and watch productivity soar across your organization. When teams can catch up on calls in minutes, they’ll spend that saved time focusing on the work that really matters.
 ‘Time zone differences’, ‘scheduling conflicts’ and ‘meeting fatigue’ can be problems of the past. Create an effective meetings culture with tl;dv – one timestamp at a time.

Summarize and share key moments with AI​

Recording a Google Meet call has never been easier. It doesn’t matter if you’re the host or an attendee – with tl;dv, a bot will join your meeting the moment you’re ready to record and transcribe. Type notes in the tl;dv interface during or after the call – these will turn into handy timestamps that allow you to retrace the agenda and jump to specific moments in the recording. Need to cut out the small talk for a smoother video? Our editing tool helps you create clips in seconds.  Learn more about tl;dv AI.

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