The user interview tool for UX researchers

Looking to capture insights from your user research calls? tl;dv records and transcribes your UX interviews for easy recaps and sharing – but that’s just the beginning. With our Chat GPT meeting notes you can stay focused on the conversation without missing any important detail. Clip the most compelling insights into video highlight reels that convince your team to act on the insights.  

ChatGPT notes for your UX Research calls

Still requiring two people to join your UX research calls? One listens, the other person takes notes to capture all details? Good news, one of you can go on holidays now! tl;dv not only records and transcribes your meetings on Meet and Zoom, you can now summarize important insights with one single click or short-cut. Focus on asking the right questions and generating the insights, we do the rest. And after, share the insights with your team to convince them to act on what your customers really need! 

Record UX research sessions in one click

With tl;dv, you’ll create a library of snippets from user research sessions that are easy to revisit and simple to share. There’s no better way to illustrate a user feedback than in the user’s own voice! Skip the Word document of text-based bullet points which merely summarize a customer’s pain points, preferences and needs. Start capturing real emotion with video clips, or pluck great statements straight from the transcript. Our UX research interview tool brings user voices closer to your organization.

Share key moments in user research calls

Let everyone in on the learnings! Clip out key takeaways from longer UX calls to share with your team. During and after your research session, you can take notes of the best moments and most important input. Tag a colleague the second a user shares something which is relevant to them!  By reviews of UX insights, you can reach actionable decisions faster. Amplifying the user’s voice has never been easier!

Teach new employees to conduct UX interviews

What’s better than a great example? Capture great moments from UX research calls to better highlight key learnings and best practices. New recruits can benefit from a rich and insightful onboarding experiences that immediately introduces them to real user voices. As a remote user research tool, tl;dv helps you turn online calls into amazing resources.

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"tl;dv is essential to back up and sell product decisions with emotional evidence from every Sales, Customer, and research meetings within Zapier."


Lars Vedo
Sr. Product Manager, Zapier

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