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From Sales to Support: How To Improve The Post-Sale Customer Experience

They said YES! Your new customer is all aboard the product train. The digital ink has dried and they are now your fully-fledged customer. #newbestie

As long as the check clears, the salesperson will have a nice little commission coming to them. We can now all move on to the next thing now…

Oh, wait? Who’s that? OH! It’s Customer Success. The neglected elder sibling of the business family.

But let’s not get too comfy just yet. The sale might be done, but the journey is far from over.

Welcome to the wild world of aftercare, where your customer success team (CSM) takes over the reins. With the right insight and secret weapons like access to all the original call recordings, your CSM team can nail the retention and turn customers into fanatical brand ambassadors. All aboard? Let’s go!

The Value of Call Recordings in Post-Sale Experience

Did you know that a whopping 89% of companies proclaim that top-notch customer service is the key player in keeping customers coming back?

Before the digital age, customer success had to rely on notes made, casual throwaway comments from the sales team and pure and utter good luck to keep customers happy. Not an easy task by any stretch, but the lack of information made it akin to fortune telling and predicting the lotto numbers to get it right.

In the sales process, so many pains are raised and things are pledged. It’s the role of after-sales to deliver on every single thing (or at least attempt to) and keep the customer happy.

Thankfully in the digital age, and with wonderful tools like tl;dv recording Zoom video calls, pulling them through automatically into the CRM system, creating libraries of customer data and knowledge (complete with AI meeting summaries and timestamps!) it’s a bit more straightforward.

Capturing the customer’s pains and promises
Remember those promises made by your red-hot sales team? Yeah, the CSM needs to know them all. With call recordings, they can hear firsthand the customer’s concerns and those all important promises.

Time-frames and commitments
The roadmap to customer satisfaction: With the timeline crystal clear, your team can wow that customer by meeting or even exceeding those expectations. There will no longer be a case of wishy washy timelines. The customer has been told a date and you get the team to work to that date or try and manage expectations in advance (while telling off sales again).

Call recordings can improve overall performance
Want to really knock those socks off? By using call recordings to analyze what worked and what didn’t, you can continually improve sales team performance for the future. By CS identifying what sales have done good (yayyy!) and the things that will cause the most headaches in the longrun (booo!) you can find common ground between bending expectations and timeframes to make the sale, but equally not making the CS have a nervous twitch everytime they get a notification from the customer.

CSM Team's Secret Weapon: Access to Original Calls

CS are here to be the customer’s champion. They are the ones that are fighting to make Mr, Ms or Mx Customer happy and forge a lifelong happy partnership. And thus, they need to be their advocate and know all the little things that have been said. By having access to the original calls via tl;dv’s super cool searchable call repository, or even by having it integrated directly with the internal CRM system it’s all there ready to be access.

For example, your customer has just been onboarded and they are asking about when the new messaging feature is going to be added. Rather than ignore their emails, pretend you’re going through a tunnel when they call and rage about how sales have “done it again!” in just a few taps you can find out exactly what was said, when and how to solve it. Sometimes you might even find that the customer has misinterpreted something that the salesperson has said, haha… yeah no, it’s probably the salesperson but miracles do happen.

Keepin' Sales in Check

Let’s be honest here – salespeople can sometimes have a habit of overpromising. I mean, who wouldn’t want to paint a pretty picture with rainbows and unicorns? But alas, when reality hits, those unicorns often turn into donkeys with party hats. That’s where the CSM team swaggers in, with the power of call recordings.

No more “He said, She said” or trying to decode cryptic messages from the sales team’s notes that look like they were written with the feet. Everything’s transparent, and everything’s accountable. You can catch those little “misunderstandings” before they turn into full-blown customer meltdowns.

This isn’t always the case and we know that not all salespeople do this. BUT, and if this is a big BUT, if anybody was making false promises or over-egging what can be offered, the very fact that calls can be viewed (and by anybody who needs to know, hello senior leadership), it may in fact prevent these … embellishments from happening the future.

However, this isn’t just about putting out fires. It’s about turning customers into passionate crusaders for your brand. How? By actually LISTENING to them. Thanks to those trusty call recordings, you can really get inside their heads and understand their needs and pains. In the world of financial services, boosting customer retention by just 5% can skyrocket profits by over 25%. That’s because returning customers tend to loosen the purse strings more over time.

Build trust by keeping promises, exceeding expectations, and maybe even throwing in a surprise or two. Your CSMs aren’t just firefighters; they’re also party planners, creating memorable experiences that turn customers into lifelong friends. You can even begin to pre-empt your customers’ needs, wowing them long after the credit card swipe.

Collaboration, Baby!

what's gonna work? Teamwork cute animals riding in a toy car

And what’s a party without a team? The CSMs can’t do it alone, and with tools like tl;dv, you’ll have seamless communication between sales, customer support, and the folks in the mysterious back-office. Think of it as a giant virtual party where everyone’s invited, and everyone knows what’s going on. It’s like a digital conference room filled with high-fives, and occasional cake fights (virtually, of course).

A Few Tips:

  • Communication is Key: Keep everyone on the same page, so nobody’s left scrambling.
  • Embrace Technology: Use tools that make your life easier, not harder (lookin’ at you, tl;dv).
  • Customer First, Always: They’re not just numbers; they’re people with needs, dreams, and sometimes, a penchant for cat GIFs.
  • Keep Learning: Analyze those call recordings, learn from the good and the bad, and keep on improving.

Continuing to Enhance the Customer Journey

We’ve explored the essential role of the Customer Success team and the wonders of call recordings, but we haven’t even scratched the surface of what it takes to really win over your customers. It’s more than just keeping promises; it’s about creating memorable experiences that resonate.

1. Understanding the Customer’s Journey
Don’t just satisfy customers; delight them! Mapping out the customer’s journey and identifying key touchpoints can turn a simple customer into a brand advocate. Customer success doesn’t end at onboarding; it’s just the beginning.

2. Feedback Loops
Engage with customers, ask for their feedback, and ACT on it. This isn’t just for show; it’s vital intel. They might even have some stellar product improvement ideas. Plus, who doesn’t like feeling heard?

3. Personalizing the Experience
Leverage data (like those handy call recordings) to understand your customers’ unique needs and preferences. That way, you can tailor content, tone, offers, and interactions to each customer. Imagine remembering someone’s pet’s name and birthday and using it in your interactions. Instant connection!

4. Educate & Empower the Customer:
Provide customers with resources, tutorials, webinars, or even virtual cake decorating classes (okay, maybe not that last one). The more they know, the more they grow – with your product!

5. Engage Through Content Marketing
Offer content that resonates with your customers’ pain points. Regular blog posts, video tutorials, and those adorable cat GIFs can enhance the relationship. After all, content is king, queen, and the royal corgis. Also, note the word MARKETING, you need to dispel of the notion that marketing is only to win customers in the first place, it’s about winning customers consistently through your communication.

6. Collaboration and Transparency Across Teams
Ensure that sales, support, marketing, and even Fred from accounting understand the customer’s status, concerns, and needs. Tools like tl;dv’s call recordings can break down those silos. After all, nobody puts Customer Success in the corner.

Their Success? YOUR Success!

Customer success is like a delicate soufflé – handle it with care, or it might collapse. It’s an ongoing relationship that requires nurturing, innovation, and a sprinkle of fun. With the right approach, tools like tl;dv, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, you can create lasting relationships that benefit both parties.

Remember, a happy customer doesn’t just stick around; they sing your praises from the rooftops. So grab your virtual party hats, keep those call recordings handy, and let’s turn those once-off sales into lifelong brand crusaders. And don’t forget the cake (virtually, of course)!

Now, who’s ready to party with some customers? 🎉 How about celebrating by downloading tl;dv TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE. Woo, party favors!

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