The No-Bullsh*t Guide on How to Conduct User Interviews

image of an individual sitting at a desk conducting a user interview with a whiteboard in the background

Has your mind drawn a blank on how to conduct user interviews? We guess you’ve been furiously typing it into Google to have landed here. Woo, check you out being all proactive! Now, you obviously know that bad UX research is even worse than no research at all. So getting it right is really key. […]

Product Management Books to Read in 2023

hand holding books to represent product management books to read

“Libraries gave us power” is a lyric from The Manic Street Preachers’ rather apt song “Design For Life” – and they’re right. Books really do give us power. Even in this modern age, whether you prefer your books analog or digital, they hold a wealth of knowledge and insights that allow us to grow.Β  We’re […]

‘Jobs-to-be-done’ Is Revolutionizing Product Management

image of the word want written on a reflective surface

β€˜Jobs-to-be-done’ is our absolute favorite product management framework. Out of all the many ways teams can structure, initiate and facilitate their product development, JTBD is the bee’s knees. If we had to pick just one tool at a PM’s disposal, this would be it. We wouldn’t even trade this framework for a lightsaber (and that’s […]

The Benefits of Product Roadmaps Are Overrated. Here’s Why

image of a hand pointing to a whiteboard that has a product roadmap and a sketched image of a rocket on

Yes, you read that right – the benefits of product roadmaps are overrated. That’s our controversial view, and we are sticking to it. The product roadmap is often viewed as the overarching gospel of product development. Dare we even say it… but the CULT of the roadmap? And sure, it guides your way and tells […]

Reduce Bias in User Research In 10 Simple Steps

Image of a woman with a cup of tea, looking at a screen with a man wearing glasses and suit smiling on it

You can be the hottest stuff UX researcher in all the land, but no matter what, no matter how hard you try, bias in user research is an inevitability. It’s simply going to happen every single time. Sorry! You can try to be as impartial, neutral, and super chill as possible, but humans are literally […]

Effective Meeting Strategies to Make Every Meeting Count

graphic of six people video conferencing

Effective meeting strategies for remote and hybrid teams, when primed and ready to go, are key to minimizing time wastage. While the remote revolution continues (and at tl;dv WE.ARE.HERE.FOR.IT πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘), there is a slight assumption that remote meetings are held in a slightly different time-space continuum compared to on-premises. While yes, there is […]

Best Product Management Tools in 2023

man sat in front of three computers

Product managers face an ever-evolving industry – and the same is true for the product management tools they use to support the process. If you’re in the business of researching, creating, developing, and rolling out brand-spanking new products, you need to be up-to-date on both your industry and tools. If there is a new tool […]

Essential UX Research Tools in 2023

Group of people standing around a laptop watching a presentatition

There are many UX research tools out there for UX researchers to utilize. Essentially these tools’ main functions are to allow UX researchers and designers to better understand their customers and optimize the user experience through collecting, processing, and aggregating data. On the surface, a UX researcher appears to have a single purpose: to deep […]

The Ultimate Virtual Employee Onboarding Checklist

image of a woman wearing glasses and a pink blazer, holding a coffee and sitting at a desk looking at a laptop

You’ve got a new hire and it’s time to sort out some virtual employee onboarding. Creating and implementing the virtual onboarding experience is now a lot easier than it would have been several years ago. With the advent of new technology, the rise of video conferencing, and the development of tools and apps to support […]