Remote Teamwork Tools Magic: How To Say Bye to ‘Reply All’ Nightmares

Remote teamwork tools have become absolutely essential for any business aiming to enhance collaboration across distances. As teams grow, become async, and spread out geographically, the demand for effective team communication tools rises – particularly as they increase productivity by 30%. However, with increased communication comes its quirks and foibles. Who hasn’t been caught in […]

What Is A Bot? AND How Video Meeting Bots Can Help Your Entire Team

what is a bot

Welcome to the digital age! This is a place where bots are not just a futuristic concept but an integral part of our everyday lives. However, if you’re starting to panic and picturing a robot uprising, don’t worryβ€”we’re not there… yet. Instead, bots are becoming indispensable tools in various sectors, including the business world. They’re […]

What Is Customer Engagement Analysis?

May I have your retention please

Have you ever wondered how businesses figure out just how we, as customers, really feel about their products or services? Enter Customer Engagement Analysis. At its core, it’s about understanding those digital handshakes, clicks, likes, shares, and even those video chats and meetings (like the ones you might have on tl;dv). In today’s interconnected world, […]

How Can AI Improve Customer Success Follow-Ups? (WITH PROMPTS!)


AI-driven user research is transforming our understanding of consumer behaviors and preferences, paving the way for more targeted and personalized user experiences. An exciting manifestation of this transformation is the realm of customer success. Have you noticed AI popping up in the most unexpected places lately? From recommending your next binge-worthy series to acting like […]

What Is A Virtual Sales Assistant? And Do You Need Them?

Image of Wall-E as a Virtual Sale Assistant

In the ever-twisting tango of the corporate world, sales have been leading the dance. Remember the old days when sealing a deal meant suave men in sleek suits, smoke-filled rooms, and hearty handshakes? Yuk. Anyway, wave them goodbye as they ride into the sunset, because the sales landscape has swapped its Oxfords for digital sneakers, […]

Sentiment Analysis Tools For Video Calls – More Hype Than Help?

sentiment analysis faces on eggs

Trying to β€œread” people can be incredibly difficult. Honestly, it’s easier to decipher a cat’s mood, and they’re experts at the poker face. Even knowing what your partner wants to have for dinner tonight involves questions, second-guessing and total analysis of their body language. I mean, it’s either pizza or fried chicken, why does it […]

How to Balance Sales Targets With Customer Needs

image of a scales to show balance customers and sales like scales

While we would absolutely love to say that sales should ALWAYS be easy, and the customers will fall into your lap for the β€œperfect” solution, it’s never ever going to happen. Sales can be kind of tough and requires skill, practice and knowledge to do well. We would also love to say that every business […]

The Benefits of ChatGPT to Remote Teams

Is working from home driving you a bit mad these days? Take heartβ€”help has arrived in the form of an AI bot named ChatGPT. This virtual assistant is here to make remote work not just survivable but actually (gasp!) highly productive and efficient. Remote work has become widely adopted, with many teams now operating fully […]

The Advantages of Data-Driven Recruitment

we want you sign with a finger pointing

With the state of the job market today, attracting top talent and building high-performing teams have become even more imperative. Relatedly, recruiters have found that traditional methods fall short, and “gut feelings” don’t quite cut it anymore. Round 2 of the interviews continue this week #productmanagement #marketing #uxdesign #hr #tech #startup #corporatehumor #aitools ♬ […]