Топ-5 бесплатных альтернатив Notta.ai на 2024 год (№1 поразит ваше воображение!)

Notta.ai alternatives are cropping up all over the place. But do they offer something Notta doesn’t? You might be surprised. Despite Notta’s suite of powerful tech, it comes up short compared to some other great online meeting transcribers.

Здесь мы рассмотрим 5 основных альтернатив Notta.ai и их преимущества. Мы перечислим цены, включения бесплатного плана и наш окончательный вердикт.

Вы хотите получить максимальную выгоду, независимо от того, приобретаете ли вы новый автомобиль или инструмент для расшифровки онлайн-встреч. Мы здесь, чтобы сэкономить ваше время на сравнение всех этих инструментов. Таким образом, вы не окажетесь, как бедный Том.


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Но прежде всего, что такое Notta.ai?

Что такое Notta.ai?

По сути, Notta.ai - это инструмент транскрипции. Его девиз: "Вы говорите, мы печатаем", и вы сразу понимаете, во что ввязываетесь. Он позволяет сосредоточиться на разговоре, освободить руки от необходимости набирать заметки и мгновенно упорядочить информацию.

While it primarily targets Japanese audiences, Notta.ai is taking the global market by storm with its 19 localized platform languages. It’s arguably the best tool for multinational teams that speak lots of different languages, and it aims to improve such a team’s productivity by automating transcripts and translating them into more than 50 languages!

However, it’s not the only transcription tool to offer lots of translation support. How can we be sure it’s the best at what it does?

What Do You Get?

Notta's pricing as of June 2024.

For Free

You can see the above image for a glance at Notta.ai’s pricing. Their free plan is for one person only and allows up to 120 minutes of transcription per month. This might be enough to test out the software once or twice, but by no means is it possible to use it as a free transcription tool. That’s just two measly hours. 

It’s available in 50+ languages, which is pretty impressive, and it also includes their native filler word removal, as well as screen recording and speaker identification. All in all, there’s enough features to try them out once. But once those minutes are up, you’re back to square one.

For $9 Per Month

The first paid option will set you back $9 per month (when billed annually) for up to 1,800 minutes per month. You’ll also unlock the ability to create custom vocabulary, though only if you’re using it in Japanese.

This subscription tier also provides real-time transcriptions which is great for keeping track of what was said as it happens and taking notes on the go. With the Pro plan, you can also import audio or video files for transcription.

For $16.67 Per Month

For businesses, you can pay $16.67 per month and finally unlock unlimited transcriptions. For a tool that prides itself on its transcript capabilities, this unlimited feature is buried deep in their paid plans. It’s also only here that Notta unlocks its video recording. Everything before is audio-only. 

There are some other perks to this tier, but the most useful for businesses are the Salesforce and Zapier integration. 

For Enterprises

If you’ve got 51 seats or more ready to use Notta’s transcription services, you can contact their sales team to get a quote for your exact needs. 

This plan includes SAML SSO, ensuring a secure and streamlined access management for large organizations. It also unlocks custom AI templates and prompts, audit logs, and priority support.

Overall, the prices are competitive, but far from the best. 

Ниже мы собрали 5 конкурентов Notta.ai, которые включают те же или лучшие функции за меньшую цену. Место номер один, в частности, пошатнуло бесплатный план Notta.

5 лучших альтернатив Notta.ai

1. tl;dv

tl;dv is a behemoth when it comes to transcribing meetings, videos, or other files. It’s a Notta.ai alternative that truly breaks ground with its industry-leading free plan and its collection of mind-blowing features. From state-of-the-art multi-meeting intelligence to its AI sales coaching, tl;dv is a force to be reckoned with.

Firstly, tl;dv is for those that aren’t content with Notta’s audio-only transcripts in the lower plans. tl;dv records both video and audio without limits for free. It translates in over 40 languages, offers top of the range speaker identification, and can even detect different dialects, making it crucial for dialect-heavy teams that want to experience accurate transcriptions.

Multi-Meeting Intelligence

However, transcripts are basic to tl;dv. That’s why they’re giving them away! The real value comes from what you can do with them. For example, tl;dv empowers sales managers (or any other manager) to schedule recurring reports across all their team’s meetings, filtering them by keyword or specific person. See the example below for an idea of how this looks.

Макет повторяющихся отчетов AI

Of course, tl;dv comes with the full range of standard features that AI notetakers are expected to have – timestamping, tagging, clip reels, notes, AI-based summaries, and a powerful search engine for finding past meeting moments. But tl;dv takes it all to the next level.

Коучинг по продажам

For instance, you can use tl;dv’s AI to train your sales team to become better at selling. It analyzes your sales calls, checking your talk-to-listen ratio and providing playbook scorecards, custom playbooks, and template playbooks for you to adapt to your specific coaching strategies. It can even highlight strengths and weaknesses for the way your team handles objections, helping sales teams refine their techniques and close more deals.

Notta doesn’t come close to this level of usability.


Another feature where tl;dv excels is integrations. When sales, customer support, or user research teams want a meeting recorder, they tend to want to integrate their call recorder with all their other work apps. 

Whether that’s a central hub like a CRM, work productivity tools like Notion or Trello, or even specific sales software. With Notta, you’re limited to creating connections through Zapier (which isn’t unlocked until the Business plan). It has a pitiful 6 native integrations. tl;dv, on the other hand, has more than 5,000. Yes, you read that right. Five thousand.

All tl;dv’s integrations are unlocked together in the Pro plan, giving you earlier access to almost one thousand times more integrations than Notta.


tl;dv takes just a few minutes to get set up too. You can be recording your first meeting in mere moments. Notta is similarly quick to get started with, but its free plan makes it more stressful as you don’t want to waste those limited transcription minutes.

For a more comprehensive overview, see our article on tl;dv vs Notta.ai.

tl;dv Плюсы

  • Бесплатная интеграция искусственного интеллекта: tl;dv использует высококлассный искусственный интеллект для составления резюме, заметок и автоматического определения выступающих.
  • Free and Instant Translations: Live transcriptions in more than 40 languages for Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet.
  • Incredible Free Plan: Unlimited free recordings and transcriptions of Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet calls.
  • Простота использования: tl;dv имеет интуитивно понятный дизайн, что делает его очень простым в использовании.
  • Multi-Meeting Intelligence. Schedule recurring reports to get insights from multiple meetings at once, delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Sales Coaching. Upgrade your sales team using insights from your sales calls. Improve objection handling and use templates or custom playbooks to personalize your coaching strategy.
  • Метки времени и метки: Поставьте временные метки на основные моменты совещания, чтобы быстро вернуться к определенным моментам разговора. Кроме того, в программе предусмотрена возможность пометить коллег в определенные моменты совещания, чтобы они получили электронное письмо со ссылкой прямо в свой почтовый ящик.
  • Integrates With All Your Favorite Work Apps: Push timestamps and meeting clips directly to Notion, Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, and 5,000+ more via third-party integrations.
  • Создание клипов и роликов: Сканируйте свою библиотеку и создавайте клипы и ролики с яркими моментами для сжатия информации.
  • Интуитивно понятная библиотека: Поиск в библиотеке заседаний по ключевым словам в стенограммах позволяет быстро найти то, что вы ищете.

tl;dv Cons

  • Compatibility: Not yet available for Webex or BlueJeans.


tl;dvБесплатный тарифный план - еще одна причина, по которой эта компания стоит на голову выше остальных. Вы можете начать работу уже сегодня без каких-либо условий. Кроме того, в зависимости от того, в каком регионе мира вы находитесь, вы можете получить скидку до 40% на платные тарифные планы!

Особенности бесплатного плана
  • Unlimited video recordings and transcripts.
  • Record Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams calls.
  • Transcribe in 40+ languages
  • Unlimited AI moment summaries
  • 10x AI Meeting Notes
  • 10x Ask tl;dv AI
  • 10x AI Multi-Meeting Reports 
  • Slack, Email, and Calendar integrations
  • Установка временных меток и выделения
  • Создание и обмен клипами
  • Автоматическое распознавание диктора
  • 3 monthly uploads

The paid plans unlock 5,000+ integrations, sales coaching playbooks, limitless multi-meeting intelligence and recurring reports, analytics, downloadable recordings, customizable share settings, priority customer support, and more.

This is recommended if you’re using tl;dv for business-related things. See more here.

2. Fireflies.ai

FirefliesСтраница героя в формате .ai

Another standout Notta.ai competitor is Fireflies.ai. Like Notta, Fireflies specializes in its AI software and all the benefits that it brings to the meeting recorder table. Preferred by industry giants like Netflix, Uber, Nike, and Expedia, Fireflies.ai has a proven track record of being a top quality meeting and interview transcription software.

Like tl;dv, Fireflies focuses on what you can actually do with the transcript more than Notta does. It empowers users to review a one hour meeting in just five minutes. Fireflies also lets you create a library of recorded meetings that can act as a ‘hub of knowledge’. Collaborate with co-workers, analyze meetings, and automate your workflow all with this fantastic tool.

FirefliesПрофессионалы .ai

  • Good integrations. Fireflies has a bunch of good integrations, including Salesforce and other popular CRMs.
  • Custom Vocabulary. Fireflies enables users to customize their vocabulary and add industry-specific jargon to the AI’s dictionary (in English).
  • Great AI. It has a fantastic AI-powered search function.
  • Collaboration. It’s great for team collaboration and has plenty of features built to improve teamwork.
  • Compatibility. Fireflies is available on Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams, and more…
  • Translations. Translates into more than 60 languages!

FirefliesКонсоли .ai

  • Paid video recording. To record video, you’ll need to sign up to the $19 per month plan.
  • Limited free plan. The free plan isn’t the best.


The paid plans for Fireflies.ai start at $10 per month per user (when billed annually). They offer a free plan too. Unfortunately though, for video recording, you need the Business Plan at $19 per month.

Особенности бесплатного плана
  • Unlimited transcription
  • Limited AI Summaries
  • 800 минут хранения на сиденье
  • Запись на Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams и др.
  • Transcriptions in 69+ languages.
  • Поиск внутри собраний
  • Воспроизведение (1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x)
  • Комментарии и реакции
  • Clip моменты как звуковые фрагменты
  • Global search
  • Загрузка
  • 3 общественных канала
  • API access
  • Domain capture (Auto-add)
  • Fireflies mobile app

Fireflies’ free plan has improved in recent months, but it still limits the user by not allowing video recording. It also hinders the user’s ability to interact with the AI before paying for the full version. The free plan blows Notta’s out of the water, but falls short of tl;dv’s.

For a full breakdown of how Fireflies fares against tl;dv, see our article: tl;dv vs Fireflies.

3. Fathom

Fathom's homepage

Fathom еще одна отличная альтернатива Notta.ai, имеющая конкурентоспособный бесплатный тарифный план. Считающийся одним из лучших помощников по проведению совещаний GPT, Fathom быстро завоевал репутацию отличного инструмента для расшифровки совещаний с помощью искусственного интеллекта. Он может быстро и автоматически создавать резюме совещаний, включая резюме пунктов действий, чтобы вы могли быстрее и эффективнее принимать решения.

Вы также можете использовать Fathom для удобной организации своих выводов в популярных инструментах документирования, таких как Google Docs, Notion или Asana. Создавая основные моменты во время разговора, вы можете попросить мощный искусственный интеллект обобщить их простым щелчком мыши. Делайте заметки во время разговора, и вы сможете мгновенно синхронизировать их с остальными вашими исследовательскими заметками, оптимизируя рабочий процесс.

Как и в случае с основным конкурентом Notta.ai, tl;dv, ваша встреча будет готова к загрузке сразу после окончания разговора, включая все основные моменты, клипы и заметки.

Fathom Плюсы

  • Automatic summaries. Fathom automatically generates summaries of meetings, including action items.
  • Easily Shareable. It’s super convenient to share data across multiple platforms.
  • Powerful AI. Generate highlights mid-call and then get Fathom’s AI to summarize them with a simple click.
  • Download instantly. Meetings and transcripts are available to download instantly.
  • Good free options. It’s free for personal use and has a 2 week free trial for the team version.

Fathom Cons

  • Compatibility. Fathom is only available with Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet.
  • Limited Translations. Only available in 6 languages.
  • Complicated Pricing. The pricing for Fathom can be quite confusing compared to other Notta.ai alternatives. 


Fathom is completely free for personal use, making it one of the top free plans out of all the Notta alternatives. For use in teams, which is important for user researchers and product managers, Fathom requires you to get a paid plan. There is a free trial for this plan, but after the trial runs out, you’re left without any options. This paid plan starts at $50 per month and is priced on a “per company” basis.

For a detailed overview of how Fathom fares against the number one on this list, tl;dv, see our comprehensive post: tl;dv vs Fathom.

4. Avoma

Avoma homepage.

Avoma is the self-proclaimed only AI meeting assistant and conversation intelligence solution you need. Big words, but can they back them up?

Well, like tl;dv, Avoma has taken basic AI meeting assistants up a notch and started delving into the realm of conversational intelligence. Users of Avoma get access to a free scheduler, AI scorecards, and in the top-end plans you’ll even get cutting edge revenue intelligence.

Avoma encourages users to concentrate on the conversation rather than waste time making notes. As with tl;dv and Fireflies, notes are searchable so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in your meeting library.

Avoma Pros

  • Sales Coaching and Playbooks. Avoma offers playbooks, templates, and dashboards to enhance sales reps’ abilities.
  • Revenue Intelligence. It offers deal intelligence, deal risk alerts, and trend analytics.
  • Conversation Intelligence. Avoma lets users analyze their calls in-depth, tracking keywords, questions, and speaking patterns.
  • Note-taking. Take notes in real-time on both video and audio calls.
  • Search function. Easily search your transcripts and notes to find what you’re looking for.
  • Compatibility. Works with Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams, and more

Avoma Cons

  • Limited integrations. Avoma has more integrations than Notta, but they’re fairly limited in the grand scheme of things.
  • Weak free plan. The free plan is weaker than its competitors.


Avoma’s Starter Plan starts at $19 per user per month which is still offering just 2,400 minutes of transcription per month. The Plus Plan is $49 per month, unlocking CRM integrations and unlimited transcription (something tl;dv offers in its Pro Plan). The Business Plan will set you back $79 per month and unlocks AI scorecards as well as advanced conversation and revenue intelligence. 

Avoma also has an Enterprise Plan, priced at $129 per month.

Особенности бесплатного плана
  • Recording & Transcription (300 mins per month)
  • Limited AI-generated Notes
  • Collaborative Note-taking
  • Agenda Preparation
  • Unlimited 1:1 Scheduler

Avoma does offer free 14-day trials for all its plans so you can test out the advanced features to your heart’s content within any 2-week period. As for the free plan itself, it’s not that different to Notta’s, but the more advanced features overall make Avoma a stronger pick, particularly for sales teams.

5. Otter.ai

Otter.ai homepage.

Otter.ai specializes in text-to-speech transcription. It’s a Notta.ai alternative that’s mostly known in the West by journalists, media teams, and universities. Having said that, if your team is remote or async, then Otter.ai may not be the top choice for you.

It’s a great tool for transcribing audio from virtual meetings in real-time. Like Notta, it offers live transcriptions. It does offer sales-specific features like the ability to extract sales insights and push meeting notes directly to Salesforce, but these features are only available on the Enterprise plan. tl;dv and Notta both push notes to Salesforce without needing the Enterprise tier plan. With tl;dv, you can do this to practically any CRM you like.

One stark contrast between Notta and Otter is that Notta is built for international teams, while Otter is limited to English-only and has no translation features whatsoever.

Otter Плюсы

  • Easy to use. Otter.ai is intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Standard meeting features. It includes timestamps, highlights, edits and transcription services.
  • Keyword search. Search Otter’s transcripts by keyword, like tl;dv.

Otter Cons

  • No translations. Transcriptions are only available in English.
  • Low transcription accuracy. Despite targets of 90% accuracy, it’s been reported that Otter’s transcription accuracy is as low as 83%.
  • Compatibility. Otter is not yet available on WebEx or BlueJeans.
  • Limited free plan. The free plan isn’t the best.


Платные тарифные планы для Otter.ai начинаются от $10 в месяц при использовании годового тарифа. Есть также бизнес-план за 20 долл. в месяц. Оба тарифных плана оснащены широким набором функций, кроме того, существует бесплатный тарифный план для всех желающих:

Особенности бесплатного плана
  • Запись и расшифровка ваших встреч в режиме реального времени
  • Chat live with Otter’s live AI chat service and get answers to meeting questions
  • Add teammates to your workspaces
  • Joins Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet calls to automatically take and share notes, even if you can’t join the meeting
  • 300 ежемесячных минут транскрипции; 30 минут на разговор
  • Import and transcribe 3* audio or video files lifetime per user

Compared to Notta, Otter.ai’s free plan is quite similar. Its live chat option is definitely something that separates the two as Notta’s support is email-only until Enterprise. 

However, it’s worth noting that both Notta and Otter’s free plans feel a little lackluster in comparison to tl;dv’s. 


There is only one real winner here. While Notta.ai is a fantastic meeting transcription tool in its own right, especially for multilingual teams that have branches across the globe, it simply lacks the advanced features to compete with tl;dv. 

Fathom’s free plan comes close to tl;dv’s, but they fall short when standing side by side for numerous reasons: integrations, complexity, and sales coaching features to name just a few.

Avoma is a great pick for the higher end features like revenue intelligence and sales coaching, but it’s also one of the weaker free plans so you’re forced into a purchasing decision quite quickly. It’s also the priciest tool on this list, charging more than double tl;dv’s Pro Plan just to get unlimited transcriptions (which tl;dv offers for free) and CRM integrations (of which tl;dv offers hundreds more for less than half the price).  

Get set up with tl;dv now and you’ll be recording your first meeting in mere moments. Why not give it a try?

tl;dv для продаж
Spend your time where it matters most. Uncover Sales intelligence and track how well your team follows your Playbooks. tl;dv is an AI Meeting Assistant that helps you (finally) get insights from all your meetings, right in your team's favorite tools.
Recordings & Transcripts (+30 languages)
Onboard new reps with ease
Evaluate your meetings against popular frameworks like MEDDIC, BANT and more
Create your own framework
Automatically push your meeting notes to your favourite CRM
Speaker insights to help you keep control of your meetings
Популярные статьи по теме
  • Joins your meetings, even if you don’t.
  • Records and transcribes in +30 languages.
  • Takes notes in your preferred structure.
  • Summarize one or multiple meetings.
  • Auto updates your favourite tools (Slack, Notion, CRM, etc).
  • Provides coaching insights on your meeting style.
Running late to your next meeting?
Send tl;dv instead and get blown away!