tl;dv x Sept

Hellooooo meeting pioneers! 📣

Every monthly update, I usually start with the aspiration to make the introduction spicy and always different. Yet, I keep finding myself getting BLOWN AWAY by the growth we’re seeing and the love we’re getting from our users! So let’s go:

👋 We’ve welcomed 1000s of new tl;dviewers in September (Hiii!)

📈 20% more meetings tldviewed than in August 🤩

📈 38% more meeting views than in August 👀

🤩 30+ research calls with our most amazing users! (Your tl;dv mugs are on the way ❤️)

We have more exciting news below, or you can check out the tl;dv!

Product updates

This is our biggest ever month of product updates, too. 🥳 I guess async-first teams simply ship faster 🤓

tl;dv <> Notion (v2.0)

Agenda-lovers, we 👀 you! Thanks to your amazing feedback, you can now highlight pre-written notes directly from Notion. Agendas, interview questions, or pre-existing bullet points – with a single click. Right from Notion. Yes, it’s THAT simple. Try it out now!

Pssst: Which platform should we add next? Jira? GDocs? Hubspot? We’re all ears.

Access your tl;dv instantly (v1.0)

Is it a bird, a plane? No! It’s your tl;dv, now delivered instantly after the meeting! 🙌 Your new meeting superpower: tl;dv the meeting on the fly. Twist & tweak the takeaways immediately. Share it. Amaze your team with the most contextualized wrap-up they have ever seen. 👟

Psst: The transcript will be instant soon, too 😍

tl;dv library search (v1.0)

Your tl;dv meeting libraries are growing, and we love that! With our new library search, this is now 10x easier! Meeting titles, participants – find the meeting you need! In the next iteration, we’re adding highlight and transcript search, too. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think! 👈

From the blog

Engineering serendipity in the remote workplace, by Hrishikesh Pardeshi

Serendipity in the Remote Workplace ~ Creating Chance Meetings. This is a blissful article by Hrishikesh Pardeshi, a prominent advocate in the remote working movement. Find out how to engineer chance and creative encounters online!

Remote onboarding and Customer Success Done Right with Puneet Kataria

Remote Onboarding & Customer Success Done Right w/ Puneet Kataria. In this tooooo long; didn’t interview podcast series we’re joined by a customer success veteran to talk all things mistakes, myths, and agility!

Presenteeism ≠ Unhappy and Unhealthy Employees. Here’s how…

Presenteeism ≠ Unhappy and Unhealthy Employees. With remote work under the microscope, employers are looking at employee-mental and physical health more than ever. But is presenteeism a bad thing??

We have some quick reads too

Customer love

All of this amazing growth we’ve experienced is because of the async-meeting culture which you are all enthusiastically a part of and propelling. Here’s what some of you have to say about tl;dv and async culture.

“What was life like before tl;dv!?”

Ysabel Padin, Project Manager at Symph

Ysabel - a tl;dv happy customer. tl;dv is a Google Meet recording Google Chrome extension.
“Any company looking to move to async communications should check out tl;dv. It’s time for synchronous meetings to get async superpowers”

Scott Markovitz, Founder & CEO at Spontaneousli

Scott - a tl;dv happy customer. tl;dv is a Google Meet recording Google Chrome extension.

Happy async-first meetings and cheers to October 🍻,


tl;dv for Sales
Spend your time where it matters most. Uncover Sales intelligence and track how well your team follows your Playbooks. tl;dv is an AI Meeting Assistant that helps you (finally) get insights from all your meetings, right in your team's favorite tools.
Recordings & Transcripts (+30 languages)
Onboard new reps with ease
Evaluate your meetings against popular frameworks like MEDDIC, BANT and more
Create your own framework
Automatically push your meeting notes to your favourite CRM
Speaker insights to help you keep control of your meetings
  • Joins your meetings, even if you don’t.
  • Records and transcribes in +30 languages.
  • Takes notes in your preferred structure.
  • Summarize one or multiple meetings.
  • Auto updates your favourite tools (Slack, Notion, CRM, etc).
  • Provides coaching insights on your meeting style.
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Send tl;dv instead and get blown away!