Distracted boyfriend meme Zoom background

30 Funny Zoom Backgrounds You Need in Your Life!

Looking for a way to spice up your next Zoom call? We’ve searched the whole wide web and selected our favorite Zoom background images for your use! We’ve even created a few ourselves! 😉

Everything from funny, weird, and even serious Zoom backgrounds can be found in this list. So let’s make haste and get to it.

Pssst: All of these Zoom background images are 1920×1080 – so no re-sizing is needed.

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All the amazing and funny backgrounds for Zoom in one slider!

Check out all of our good, funny, cute, Christmas, Holidays, snow, summer, beach, The Office, the office, the Oval Office, meme, fancy, business, weird and wacky Zoom backgrounds in the one slider below. Phew, that was a sentence!

Basically, even background for Zoom except for the kitchen sink!

Funny Zoom Backgrounds​

Funny Zoom backgrounds are hotly requested! Clearly, people are looking for creative ways to express their personalities online. Not one to displease the people, we’re kicking of our list of Zoom backgrounds with our collection of what we think are the funniest background images for Zoom. 

Rick and Morty Zoom background

Rick and morty background for funny zoom meetings-min
Download this funny Zoom background here!

The Oval Office - Zoom background

Oval Office Zoom background for zoom meetings the white house-min
Like our funny backgrounds for Zoom? Click here to downloas this Oval Office Zoom backiground!

The Oval Office - Zoom background

This is my Ted Talk Background for Zoom
Download this funny Tiger King Zoom background here!

The Oval Office - Zoom background

This is my Ted Talk Background for Zoom
Hilarious Zoom background? We think so! Download here.

Weird but funny Zoom background

Weird Zoom background
Want to download our funny backgrounds for Zoom? Click here!

Awesome Queen Zoom background

Queen funny zoom background for meetings-min
Want to download our funny backgrounds for Zoom? Click here!

Friends Zoom background

Joey's apartment on Friends Zoom background-min
Download this Friends Zoom background and look like you're attending a meeting via Joey's lazyboy!

Sponge Bob Square Pants Zoom background

Spongebob squarepant zoom background
Want to download our funny backgrounds for Zoom? Click here!

Among Us, impooster Zoom background

Among us background for zoom calls-min
Download this Among Us Zoom background here!

Casting couch Zoom background

Casting couch zoom meeting background-min
Download this Casting Couch Zoom background here!

Breakinng news Zoom background

Breaking News and newsroom background for Zoom-min
Download this Newsroom Zoom background here!

The funniest of all - Memes!

We all know you’re here for the memes! Here are some of our favorite meme-esque Zoom background images!

Everything is fine - meme Zoom background

Everything is fine meme hilarious zoom background-min
Download this "Everything is fine" funny meme background here!

Me waiting patiently to talk - meme Zoom background

funny zoom meme background hilarious-min
Download this "partiently waiting" funny meme background for Zoom.

"That photo" - Zoom meme background

Famous Selfie Background for Zoom-min
Download this funny meme background here!

The Office Zoom backgrounds

I can almost heae the theme song in my head! For whatever your reason, here are two nice “The Office” zoom backgrounds!

Dunder Mifflin Zoom background

Dunder Mifflin The Office Zoom Background-min
Be a part of Dunder Mifflin by downloading this Dunder Mifflin Zoom background here!

The Office Zoom background

The office funny zoom background
Watch out! Michael is leering at you! Download this The Office Zoom background here!

Actual legit Zoom backgrounds

Holidays and Christmas Zoom background

Christmas Zoom Background for the holidays-min
Download this Holidays & Christmas themed Zoom background here!

Nice and professional Zoom background

Professional zoom background-min
Download our Nice and professional Zoom background​ here!

Library Zoom background

Library Zoom meeting background-min
Want this fancy library Zoomn background? Grab it here!

Zoom background for teachers

Background zoom for teachers-min
This Zoom background for teachers can be downloaded here!

Star Trek Zoom background - that's serious right!?

Star trek funniest zoom background hilarious
Download this super serious background - you know where!

Cute & beautiful Zoom backgrounds

Howl's Moiving Castle Anime background for Zoom

Howl's Moving Castle Japanese Anime Zoom meeting background-min
Awwwww! My favorite anime scene can be download in a anime Zoom background here!

Animal Crossing background for Zoom

Animal crossing game zoom background-min
Animal Crossing Zoom background? Yes! Download it here.

Summer Zoom background

Summer background for a zoom meeting call
Download this summer Zoom background here.

Winter wonderland & snow zoom background

Weird Zoom background
Love snow Zoom backgrounds? One of our many good backgrounds can be downloaded here!

Summery beach background

Beach summer holiday background for zoom on the beach-min
Grab this beach Zoom background here!

Offices, offices and more office backgrounds!

Fancy office background for Zoom

Fancy Office Zoom Background-min
Fancy office background for Zoom​

Virtual office zoom background

Virtual office background for Zoom
This virtual office zoom background​ can be yours too!

Fancy home office Zoom background

Fancy Zoom background meeting-min
Fancy home office Zoom background ​can be download here!

Super serious business zoom background

Serious business meeting zoom background
This Fancy home office Zoom background ​is obtainable here!

Last but not least, my fave (& funniest) Zoom background!

Stupid and funny background for meetings zoom-min
We think this is one of the funniest Zoom backgrounds! Download by clicking on the image.

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