tl;dv vs – The Final Verdict

In this tl;dv vs showdown, both stand out as remarkable AI notetakers, excelling in providing detailed transcriptions, concise summaries and a vast range of integrations.

However, despite their similarities, there are distinct differences that set them apart.

In this battle, we will look into these differences across multiple dimensions, including transcription accuracy, security measures, integration options, and beyond.

By the end of this analysis, you will understand the unique characteristics that set one apart from the other. Keep reading to discover more.

Table of Contents


Β tl;dvFireflies
Recording16 🟒9
Conversational Intelligence14 🟒10
Automation & Integrations10 🟒5
Note-taking10 🟒9
Security19 🟒16
Coaching10 🟒0
Support4 🟒2
Revenue Intelligence00
Other8 🟒3
Total130 🟒93

When we put tl;dv and Fireflies head to head, tl;dv comes out on top with a whopping 130 points, outshining Fireflies’ 93. It particularly shines in recording, conversational intelligence, automation & integrations, note-taking, security, and coaching.

This makes tl;dv a fantastic pick for organizations that want a comprehensive meeting management solution to boost team performance. It’s a real game-changer, especially for sales and leadership teams. tl;dv’s cleaner UI and generous free plan make it easier to start testing things out, premium features included too.

That’s not to say Fireflies doesn’t have its perks, although it doesn’t really stand out in any area…

tl;dv vs 12 Factors to consider while choosing an AI Notetaker

How do we rank?

  • We give 2 points to a platform once it is the clear winner or when the capability is equally met by the other.
  • We give 1 point when the capability is present, but it’s not a winner.
  • We give 0 points when the capability is not present.

Transcription capabilities

Β tl;dv (19) (19)
Transcriptions included🟒
(only 3 in free plan)
Real-time transcriptionsπŸ”΄πŸ”΄
Languages supported🟠
Dialects supportedπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Filler word removalπŸ”΄
Speaker recognition🟒🟒
Speaker names🟒🟒
Transcribe video/audio uploads🟒🟒
Export transcripts🟒🟒
Clips from transcriptπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
(just soundbites)
Custom vocabularyπŸ”΄
Full-Transcript search🟒🟒
Edit transcription🟒🟒
tl;dv transcript and notes
tl;dv transcript and notes transcribing
Fireflies transcribing

Unlimited Transcriptions

When comparing tl;dv vs Fireflies, tl;dv offers unlimited transcriptions across all its plans, providing users with the freedom to transcribe extensively without concern for limits. On the other hand, also provides unlimited transcriptions but limits users on its free plan to only three transcriptions, which may affect those with higher transcription needs who are not ready to subscribe to a paid plan.

Languages Supported

tl;dv supports transcriptions in more than 40 languages, accommodating a wide range of users with diverse linguistic needs. goes a step further by supporting over 60 languages, making it the preferable option for teams that require transcription services in an even wider variety of languages.

Dialects Supported

tl;dv shines with its support for various dialects, ensuring accurate transcriptions for users speaking in diverse dialects, a feature not offered by This lack of dialect support in may lead to less precise transcriptions for users speaking regional variants.

Filler Word Removal

tl;dv plans to introduce filler word removal soon to improve transcript readability by eliminating unnecessary verbiage, whereas already offers this feature. This makes ideal for users who prioritize cleaner and more concise transcripts immediately.

Clips from Transcript

When comparing tl;dv vs Fireflies, it becomes clear the tl;dv’s bet on video from the start as it enables the creation of video clips directly from transcripts, allowing for the sharing of specific visual segments of meetings, a feature not mirrored by, which only offers audio soundbites. This distinction makes tl;dv more versatile for users looking to share visual highlights from their meetings.

Custom Vocabulary

With custom vocabulary support on the horizon for tl;dv, users will soon be able to tailor transcriptions with specific terminologies, enhancing the platform’s utility for specialized or technical discussions. already incorporates custom vocabulary, providing an immediate advantage for users with specialized transcription needs.

Recording capabilities

Β tl;dv (16) (9)
Video platforms🟒
Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet
Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet
from 800 min / seat
Records video🟒🟠
Only on Pro
Concurrent meetings🟒
Up to 3 (Business Plan)
Download recordings🟒🟒
Capture slidesπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Viewing analyticsπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Integrated CalendarπŸ”΄πŸŸ’
tl;dv recording
tl;dv recording


tl;dv provides unlimited storage on all its plans, including Free, catering perfectly to teams with heavy recording needs. Conversely, offers storage starting at 800 minutes per seat, potentially necessitating careful management for teams with substantial recording volumes.

Records Video

Video recording is enabled on tl;dv across all tiers, from Free to Enterprise, ensuring all users can capture their meetings without restrictions., however, offers video recording starting from its Pro plan ($10), potentially excluding users on its Free plan from this capability.

Concurrent Meetings

With tl;dv, there’s no limit to the number of meetings you can record simultaneously, even on the Free plan, ideal for large teams or organizations. sets a limit of up to 3 concurrent meetings for its Business plan ($19) subscribers, which might be a constraint for larger teams. On top of that, it seems that Fireflies doesn’t let you record meetings that are less than 10 minutes apart.

Capture Slides

tl;dv includes slide capture in all its plans, from Free to Enterprise, allowing for the easy referencing of visual content shown during meetings. This functionality is missing from, which could be a significant limitation for users who value visual meeting elements.

Recording Viewers Tracker

A recording viewers tracker is featured in tl;dv, even on the Free plan, offering insights into who has viewed meeting recordings and thus understanding engagement levels. lacks this feature, providing less visibility into how recordings are engaged with post-meeting.

Integrated Calendar integrates a calendar starting from its Free plan, streamlining the scheduling and management of meetings within the platform itself. tl;dv does not offer an integrated calendar, possibly necessitating the use of external scheduling tools for some users.


tl;dv, from its Free plan upwards, enables the creation of reels from meeting recordings, allowing for the innovative sharing of meeting highlights and key moments. This creative sharing option is not available with, potentially limiting the presentation of meeting snippets.

Conversation Intelligence capabilities

Β tl;dv (14) (10)
Single Meeting AI Insights🟒🟒
Multi Meeting AI InsightsπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Keyword tracking🟒🟠
in Pro plan
Sentiment AnalysisπŸ”΄
No, as per EU AI Act
in Pro plan
Key Topic detection🟒🟠
in Pro plan
Speaker talk-time analytics🟒
in Pro plan
in Pro plan
Action item detection🟒🟒
Question detection🟒🟠
in Pro plan
tl;dv multi meeting report
tl;dv multi meeting report creation
tl;dv's speaker analytics screenshot
tl;dv speaker analytics

Multi Meeting AI Insights

tl;dv offers AI insights across multiple meetings at no additional cost, empowering organizations to analyze long-term trends and patterns. This feature, unavailable on, limits its users to insights from single meetings, hindering comprehensive trend analysis.

Keyword Tracking

Keyword tracking is accessible on tl;dv without a subscription, allowing for the monitoring of specific terms seamlessly. Conversely, restricts this valuable feature to its Pro plan ($10) subscribers, limiting functionality for those not on this paid tier.

Sentiment Analysis

tl;dv does not provide sentiment analysis, upholding its commitment to privacy and ethical AI use in compliance with the EU AI Act. This approach emphasizes tl;dv’s dedication to high data protection standards., offering sentiment analysis in its Pro plan ($10), caters to teams in regions where such analysis aligns with local laws.

Key Topic Detection

Both tl;dv and feature key topic detection, but requires a Pro plan ($10) for access, limiting some users. tl;dv makes this feature widely available even on its Free plan, ensuring all users can benefit from enhanced content analysis without incurring extra costs.

Speaker Talk-Time Analytics

This feature is provided by tl;dv in its Business plan ($59) and by in its Pro plan ($10). It offers valuable insights into the dynamics of meeting participation, though tl;dv positions it at a higher pricing tier compared to’s more accessible Pro plan.

Question Detection

tl;dv includes question detection across all its offerings, including the Free plan, enhancing meetings by easily identifying and addressing queries. limits this capability to its Pro plan ($10), potentially excluding those on its Free plan from leveraging this feature for better meeting engagement and clarity.


Automation & Integration capabilitiesΒ 

Β tl;dv (10) (5)
CRM Integrations🟒
in Pro plan
in Pro plan
Email Integrations🟒🟠
in Pro plan
Zapier Integrations🟒
in Pro plan
in Pro plan
Post-Meeting summary emailπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Schedule ReportsπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
tl;dv integrations integrations
Fireflies integrations

CRM Integrations

CRM integrations are featured in the Pro plan for both tl;dv ($18) and ($10). This positions as a slightly more affordable option for users looking to integrate their meeting insights with CRM platforms.

Email Integrations

tl;dv includes email integrations across all its plans, including the Free tier, offering seamless email workflow integration at no additional cost., on the other hand, starts offering email integrations from its Pro plan ($10), introducing an expense for users needing this feature.

Zapier Integrations

Zapier integrations are available within the Pro plans of both platforms, priced at $18 for tl;dv and $10 for provides a more budget-friendly solution for users aiming to automate their workflows by connecting their meeting tools with over 2,000 apps.

Post-Meeting Summary Email

tl;dv offers the post-meeting summary email feature across all plans, including Free, enhancing the post-meeting follow-up process without incurring extra costs. lacks this feature, which may require manual summarization and distribution efforts from its users.

Schedule Reports

The schedule reports feature is unique to tl;dv and is available from the Free tier, facilitating the automated generation and dissemination of insights from meetings. This automated reporting capability is not available in, possibly limiting the platform’s utility for users requiring consistent, automated insight reporting across all pricing tiers, including Enterprise ($39).Β 

Note-taking capabilities

Β tl;dv (10) (9)
AI Notes🟒🟠
in Pro plan
Tag people in notes🟒🟒
Assign tasksπŸ”΄πŸ”΄
AI Tags / Bookmarks🟒🟒
Custom AI Prompts/Chat🟒🟒
tl;dv call out feature
Fireflies topic tracker
Fireflies topic tracker

AI Notes

AI-generated notes are offered by both tl;dv and, providing a streamlined way to capture meeting highlights. However, restricts this feature to its Pro plan ($10), whereas tl;dv includes it across all plans, including Free, enhancing accessibility for all users.

Tag People in Notes

tl;dv allows users to tag people in notes, facilitating easier collaboration and reference. This feature is not available on, which may limit the ability for teams to directly link discussions or action items to specific individuals within meeting notes.

Assign Tasks

Neither tl;dv nor offers the ability to assign tasks directly within the platform, representing a common limitation in terms of workflow integration directly from meeting notes.

AI Tags / Bookmarks

Both platforms support AI tags or bookmarks, enabling users to easily mark and revisit important parts of a meeting. This feature is available across all plans on tl;dv, including Free, and also on, enhancing the usability and efficiency of reviewing meeting recordings and notes.

Custom AI Prompts/Chat

Custom AI prompts or chat features are available on both tl;dv and, allowing users to interact with the AI for more tailored insights and summaries. This capability is included in all plans for tl;dv, including Free, offering a highly customizable and interactive way to manage and extract value from meeting content.


The ability to add comments on notes or transcripts is provided by both tl;dv and, supporting collaborative review and discussion. This feature is accessible to all users on tl;dv, including those on the Free plan, and also available on, facilitating team engagement with meeting outcomes.

Security capabilities

Β tl;dv (19) (16)
Data retention🟠
6 months on FREE plan Unlimited on all paid plans
12 months on FREE plan Customisable on Enterprise plan
SOC2 CompliantπŸ”΄
(certification underway)
Β Yes
SAML-based SSO🟒
Only on Enterprise
Only on Enterprise
GDPR Compliant🟒🟒
EU AI Act CompliantπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Uses your data to train AI🟒
No, your data is kept private
No, your data is kept private
Private storage🟒
Only on Enterprise
Only on Enterprise
Anonymised sensitive data sent to LLMsπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Meeting data chunking and randomizingπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
BAA with LLM providers🟒🟒
0-day data retention policy with vendors🟒🟒

Data Retention

tl;dv provides a data retention period of 6 months for users on its Free plan and offers unlimited data retention across all paid plans. In contrast, offers a longer retention period of 12 months for Free plan users, with customizable options available on the Enterprise plan, allowing for tailored data management solutions.

SOC2 Compliant is SOC2 compliant, demonstrating its adherence to high standards for security, privacy, and data management. tl;dv is in the process of becoming SOC2 compliant, signaling its commitment to achieving and maintaining these critical security standards soon.

SAML-based SSO

Both tl;dv and provide SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, but this feature is exclusive to their Enterprise plan users. SAML-based SSO enhances security and streamlines the login process for large organizations, ensuring efficient and secure access control.

GDPR Compliant is GDPR compliant, ensuring it follows the European Union’s strict regulations on data protection and privacy. tl;dv aims to become GDPR compliant soon, highlighting its dedication to protecting user data and privacy in accordance with these regulations.

EU AI Act Compliant

Both platforms are not yet compliant with the EU AI Act but are moving towards compliance. The EU AI Act sets forth requirements to ensure the safety, transparency, and accountability of AI systems, underscoring the importance of ethical AI development and usage.

Uses Your Data to Train AI

Both tl;dv and prioritize user privacy, stating explicitly that user data is not used to train their AI models. This commitment ensures that all meeting data, notes, and recordings are kept private and secure, aligning with best practices for data protection and user trust.

Private Storage

Private storage options are available on both platforms but are limited to Enterprise plan users. This feature offers enhanced data security and control, allowing organizations to meet specific storage requirements and compliance standards with dedicated storage solutions.

Coaching capabilities

Β tl;dv (10) (0)
Team Playbooks ScorecardsπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Individual Playbooks ScorecardsπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Custom PlaybooksπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Template PlaybooksπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Objection HandlingπŸŸ’πŸ”΄

tl;dv offers a comprehensive suite of coaching capabilities not available on, including:

  • Playbooks Scorecards: Allows for personalized performance tracking and development. Generate a playbook scorecard against any set of meetings.
  • Custom Playbooks: Enables the creation of tailored coaching strategies to address specific team needs. You can create your custom playbook and then run any meeting against your playbook.
  • Template Playbooks: Provides ready-made frameworks that teams can adapt to their coaching strategies.
  • Objection Handling: Equips teams with techniques and strategies for addressing customer objections effectively.

Admin Capabilities

Β tl;dv (8) (8)
Apply auto-record of all meetings in the team members’ calendar🟒🟒
Apply auto-share of meetings recorded by team members🟒🟒
Prevent Deletion🟒🟒
Admin rights over all recordings🟒🟒
tl;dv admin settings
tl;dv admin settings
fireflies admin settings
Fireflies admin settings

Both tl;dv and offer a comprehensive set of administrative settings to enhance meeting management and security within teams. These include:

  • Apply Auto-record of All Meetings in the Team Members’ Calendar: Enables automatic recording of all scheduled meetings, ensuring no critical discussion is missed.
  • Apply Auto-share of Meetings Recorded by Team Members: Automates the sharing of recorded meetings, streamlining access and collaboration across the team.
  • Prevent Deletion: Offers the option to prevent the deletion of recorded meetings, preserving important information for compliance and review.
  • Admin Rights Over All Recordings: Grants administrators full control over all meeting recordings, enhancing oversight and data management capabilities.


These capabilities are identical across both platforms, providing teams with the tools needed to manage their meeting recordings effectively and securely.

Organizational Capabilities

Organizational tl;dv (12) (12)
Team Workspaces🟒🟒
Meetings Library🟒🟒
Smart Filters🟒🟒
Global Search🟒🟒
Search within meetings🟒🟒
tl;dv meeting library
tl;dv meeting library

Both tl;dv and offer a robust suite of organizational features designed to streamline meeting management and accessibility for teams. These features include:

  • Team Workspaces: Allows teams to collaborate in dedicated spaces, organizing meetings and related content efficiently.
  • Meetings Library: Provides a centralized repository for all meeting recordings, making it easy to access and review past discussions.
  • Smart Filters: Enhances the ability to navigate the meetings library by applying filters for quick content discovery.
  • Global Search: Offers the capability to search across the entire platform for meetings, notes, and more, ensuring users can find the information they need rapidly.
  • Search within Meetings: Enables detailed search capabilities within individual meetings, allowing users to pinpoint specific discussions or topics.
  • Folders: Facilitates the organization of meetings and documents into folders, supporting a tidy and structured approach to meeting management.

These organizational tools are equally available on both platforms, providing users with comprehensive options for managing their meetings and enhancing team productivity.

Support Capabilities

tl;dv (4) (2)
Support in Free Plan 🟒 πŸ”΄
Priority Support 🟒 🟒 Only on Business $28

Support in Free Plan

tl;dv distinguishes itself by offering support to users on its Free plan, ensuring that all users have access to assistance when needed. This contrasts with, which does not provide support for users on its Free plan.

Priority Support

Both tl;dv and offer priority support, but limits this service to users on its Business plan ($28), providing them with faster and more direct access to support services. tl;dv offers priority support as well, though the details regarding plan restrictions were not specified, suggesting it may be more broadly available.

Revenue Intelligence Capabilities

Revenue Intelligencetl;dv (0) (0)
Deal executionπŸ”΄πŸ”΄

Neither tl;dv and offer features related to Revenue Intelligence such as Forecasting and Deal Execution.Β 

This indicates that users looking for specialized tools to assist with sales forecasting or deal execution processes would need to seek additional or alternative solutions beyond what these platforms currently provide.

Who is it for?

Β tl;dv (8) (3)
G2 Rating🟒
Ease of set up🟒
Generous free plan + Clean UI
Localised platform🟒
7 languages
Best suited for whom🟒
SMB Sales
SMB Sales

Both tl;dv and Fireflies cater a similar audience, although tl;dv with it’s coaching offering cat provide extra value to Managers, more specifically Sales Managers.

tl;dv also seems to receive the favor of the the audience, although it’s pretty neck and neck here.

Where tl;dv seems to be a clear winner is on the Ease of Setup. It has an extremely generous free plan that lets anyone try it out as well as explore it’s paid features, without even the need for a credit card.

The fact that it’s localised to 7 languages also makes it a winner choice for a non-English speaking audience.

Verdict: tl;dv vs Fireflies – which one is the best?


Β tl;dvFireflies
Recording16 🟒9
Conversational Intelligence14 🟒10
Automation & Integrations10 🟒5
Note-taking10 🟒9
Security19 🟒16
Coaching10 🟒0
Support4 🟒2
Revenue Intelligence00
Other8 🟒3
Total130 🟒93


This tl;dv vs Fireflies showdown ends with hats off to tl;dv, as it truly shines in most categories, especially in recording, conversational intelligence, automation & integrations, note-taking, security, coaching, and support, racking up an impressive total of 130 points.

This sizable lead suggests that tl;dv is a fantastic fit for organizations that put a premium on thorough and secure meeting capture, advanced analysis through conversational intelligence, and broad automation and integration capabilities. Its hefty advantage in coaching points to a keen interest in boosting team performance, making it a gem for sales teams and leadership who are keen on refining strategies and outcomes through precise insights and feedback.

On top of everything, tl;dv boasts a slick UI and a pretty generous free plan, letting anyone take their premium features for a spin, making it a cinch to get started with.

While Fireflies takes the cake in transcription, it proves its mettle in handling a vast array of languages and dialects, an essential feature for worldwide teams with diverse linguistic needs. Even though it’s a bit behind in the total comparison with 95 points, Fireflies delivers sturdy transcription capabilities and is a great match for organizations that need dependable, expansive language support in their transcription services, without the comprehensive coaching and conversational intelligence features that tl;dv brings to the table.

All things considered, tl;dv is the go-to platform for teams in search of an all-encompassing solution that not just captures and organizes meeting content but also proactively uses it to boost performance, security, and productivity. Meanwhile, Fireflies is a sound choice for businesses that put transcription accuracy and language diversity front and center, catering to global teams with straightforward transcription and meeting analysis needs.

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