tl;dv and Notta logos on a side by side comparison

tl;dv vs Notta – The Ultimate Showdown for the Best AI Notetaker

This is it, the ultimate showdown; tl;dv vs Notta. Which one should you be using for your business?

For starters, both tools are great meeting recorders that offer a comprehensive suite of features, including transcription, note-taking, and AI insights. We’ll be diving into all the features here, comparing them side by side, as well as taking a look at each tool’s security measures and more advanced features.

In 2021, it was reported that 80% of teams are using collaborative tools to communicate and stay in touch, up more than 40% since pre-pandemic levels. It’s no surprise that this number is on the rise. 67% of tech employees are working remotely and they still need to be able to communicate and work effectively as a team. AI meeting assistants are there to streamline your workflow and automate once-tedious tasks for juicy insights.

But which is the best for your business? Let’s find out!

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tl;dv Notta
Transcription 19 21 🟢
Recording 17 🟢 8
Conversational Intelligence 14 🟢 4
Automation & Integrations 10 🟢 4
Note-taking 10 🟢 6
Security 19 🟢 9
Coaching 8 🟢 0
Admin 10 🟢 2
Organizational 12 🟢 8
Support 4 🟢 2
Revenue Intelligence 0 0
Other 7 🟢 5
Total 130 🟢 69

In this head-to-head, tl;dv is the clear winner with 130 points to Notta’s 69. tl;dv leads the charge with phenomenal recording capabilities, top-of-the-range conversational intelligence, and excellent security measures. It also separates itself from Notta with its sales coaching features, dialect support, and multi-meeting intelligence. tl;dv is mostly for SMB sales teams.

Notta, on the other hand, is more of a global marketing tool, specializing in its multi-lingual localized platform. It has over 50 translation languages for its transcripts, automatically removes filler words, and even offers real-time transcriptions.

As for AI, Notta offers summaries and even templates that allow you to break up your transcript into sections, but tl;dv goes far beyond what is now “expected” in the AI note-taking ecosystem.

With tl;dv, all users can improve their meeting skills. Speaker insights reveal where speech technique can be improved, but you can also measure your meeting performance against popular or custom-made playbooks. You can even review your objection-handling strategies with quantifiable results, all within the platform.

tl;dv AI meeting assistant homepage
Notta homepage

tl;dv vs Notta: 12 Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best AI Notetaker

How do we rank?
  • We give 2 points to a platform once it is the clear winner or when the capability is equally met by the other.
  • We give 1 point when the capability is present, but it’s not a winner.
  • We give 0 points when the capability is not present.

Transcription Capabilities

tl;dv (19) Notta (21)
Transcriptions included 🟢 Unlimited (free) 🟠  120 mins per month (free)
Real-time transcriptions 🔴 🟢 
Languages supported 🟠 +40 🟢 50+
Dialects supported 🟢 🔴
Filler word removal 🔴 soon 🟢
Speaker recognition 🟢 🟢
Speaker names 🟢 🟢
Transcribe video/audio uploads 🟢 🟢 
Export transcripts 🟢 🟢
Clips from transcript 🟢 🔴
Custom vocabulary 🔴 soon 🟢 (Japanese only)
Full-Transcript search 🟢 🟢
Edit transcription 🟢 🟢
AI Notes and transcripts - tldv screenshot
tl;dv transcript and notes
Notta Invite bot to meeting
Notta makes it easy to transcribe any meeting.

Transcriptions Included

tl;dv’s transcripts are free forever and you can transcribe as many meetings as you want. There are no limits. Notta, on the other hand, allows you to transcribe just 120 minutes per month in its free plan, and only reaches unlimited mins in its Business plan.  This can feel quite restrictive if you want to give the platform a proper go before committing to it.

Real-Time Transcriptions

Notta offers real-time transcription capabilities, a feature especially useful for live note-taking. This real-time functionality is not yet available on tl;dv, highlighting a major difference for users who prioritize instant transcription access.

Custom Vocabulary

Notta offers custom vocabulary in its native Japanese language, but not in English or any other languages. The feature is there, but it won’t be very useful to non-Japanese speakers. tl;dv doesn’t have this feature at all, but not for long! Custom vocabulary (in English) is coming soon for those that want to add their own specialized vocab for the AI to pick out during the call.

Dialects Supported

Dialect recognition is a feature that separates tl;dv from Notta. It offers enhanced transcription accuracy for users of diverse dialects, empowering diverse teams to get accurate transcripts. The nuances of regional accents are accurately captured by tl;dv, but Notta doesn’t offer any similar feature. This can lead to inaccurate transcripts (and frustration) for speakers of different dialects. 

Filler Word Removal

Notta has the upper hand here, automatically removing filler words from the live transcript. This makes your transcriptions clear and easy to present as soon as you’re finished with your call. tl;dv doesn’t yet have filler word removal, but it is working on it! For teams that require clean transcripts immediately, Notta is the way to go.

Recording Capabilities

tl;dv (17) Notta (8)
Video platforms 🟠  Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet 🟢 Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, Webex
Storage 🟢 Unlimited 🟠 
Records video 🟢 Unlimited  🟠 Business Plan and above
Concurrent meetings 🟢 Unlimited 🔴
Download recordings 🟢 🟢
Capture slides 🟢 🔴
Viewing analytics 🟢 🔴
Integrated Calendar 🟢 🟢
Recording Editing 🔴 🔴
Reels 🟢 🔴
Multi meeting insights screenshot
tl;dv multi-meeting report creation

Video Platforms

Notta is available on four video conferencing platforms: Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams, and Webex. tl;dv, on the other hand, is only available on the first three. If Webex is where you hold all your calls, Notta might be the more obvious choice for you. 

Records Video

tl;dv records video as part of its Free Forever plan. You can record unlimited video calls which makes it stand in sharp contrast to Notta’s video recording, which is only unlocked with the Business plan and above. If rewatching your videos is important to you, both tools have it but only tl;dv lets you try before you buy.

Concurrent Meetings

tl;dv supports the recording of unlimited concurrent meetings, regardless of the meeting platform. This positions it as the perfect choice for large organizations or busy teams with multiple simultaneous meetings. This capability ensures that no meeting goes unrecorded, regardless of how many are happening at once. Notta doesn’t offer support for concurrent meetings, dramatically reducing its value to users with extensive simultaneous recording needs (e.g. virtually being present in multiple meetings at the same time via the recorder).


tl;dv stands out with its ability to turn snippets of the transcript or recording into reels. These short reels can be shared easily and contain key info from the overall sales call. While you can share the transcript or recording on Notta, you can’t create bite-sized reels.

Conversation Intelligence Capabilities

tl;dv (14) Notta (4)
Single Meeting AI Insights 🟢 🟠 (Beta in Enterprise plan)
Multi Meeting AI Insights 🟢 🔴
Keyword tracking 🟢 🔴
Sentiment Analysis 🔴 No, as per EU AI Act 🔴
Key Topic detection 🟢 🟢
Speech Analytics 🟢 🔴
Action item detection 🟢 (Free) 🟠 (Pro plan)
Question detection 🟢 🔴
Multi-meeting summaries output screenshot
tl;dv Multi-meeting AI Report on 21 meetings

Single Meeting AI Insights

tl;dv provides AI insights for single meetings across all its plans, offering users valuable analysis and actionable insights from any individual meeting available in the meeting library. Notta, on the other hand, offers a beta-mode Customer AI Templates and Prompts which allows you to generate summaries on a meeting-to-meeting basis based on your specific wants and needs. Essentially, you can ask the AI what you want to know about the meeting and get instant answers. However, this feature is only available for those on Enterprise plans. If your team isn’t ready to dive into an Enterprise-level commitment, but still wants single meeting AI insights, tl;dv is the tool to choose.

Multi-Meeting AI Insights

tl;dv stands head and shoulders above Notta here by offering AI insights across multiple meetings at the same time! This empowers organizations to track trends, continuously gather insights, and make informed decisions based on comprehensive data analysis. If you’re looking to compile all the topics discussed, action items stated, and key takeaways over the course of several meetings into an easy-to-scan report, then tl;dv is your best option here. This is useful for individuals wanting to catch up, but it’s also there to give managers a huge advantage; they can see how top clients are being handled across all their interactions in one streamlined report. This feature is non-existent for Notta, leaving a gaping hole of missing potential. Teams looking to perform in-depth analyses and derive insights from a series of meetings will have to turn to tl;dv for this.

Speech Analytics

tl;dv’s speaker insights offer up speech analytics that can help teams understand the effectiveness of their meetings. For sales teams in particular, this feature enables you to track talk time as well as questions per hour, words per minute, and even filler words per minute. All in all, it helps you take a deeper look at your meetings so that you can use hard data to highlight what works well and what needs to be improved. Notta does not offer speech analytics, limiting the ability to analyze meeting engagement and effectiveness.

Action Item Detection

tl;dv and Notta both have action item detection, but tl;dv offers their AI features for free whereas Notta only allows Pro members and above to make use of their basic AI summaries.  It’s worth noting too that tl;dv’s action item detection is a little more advanced than Notta’s. Where Notta provides simple AI summaries that can be divided into sections (including action items) based on various templates, tl;dv takes conversational intelligence to the next level, allowing users to interact with the AI to find the specific information they seek for themselves.

Automation & Integration Capabilities

tl;dv (10) Notta (4)
CRM Integrations 🟢 🟠 (Salesforce only)
Email Integrations 🟢 🟠 (Outlook only)
Zapier Integrations 🟢  🟢 
Post-Meeting summary email 🟢 🔴
Schedule Reports 🟢 🔴
tl;dv integrations
tl;dv integrates directly with over 5,000 work apps!
Notta integrations.
Notta has a total of 6 direct integrations.

CRM Integrations

While Notta allows you to integrate directly with CRMs, you’re limited to one: Salesforce. You can also integrate your Notta with Zapier and connect to other CRMs through there, but in terms of direct integrations, they’re pretty thin on the ground. It’s also worth mentioning that both Salesforce and Zapier integrations require the Business plan. tl;dv, however, integrates with 5,000+ different work apps, including dozens of CRMs. From Salesforce to Hubspot, Pipedrive to CRMGrow, tl;dv makes integrating easy. The last thing you want to do is switch up your entire team’s CRM system just because of integration issues. With Notta, you might have to (unless you’re using Salesforce). With tl;dv, you definitely won’t.

Email Integrations

tl;dv allows you to integrate your email for free. This means you can get your video recording and transcript sent straight to your email after every call – even those you recorded but didn’t physically attend. This streamlines your workflow and enables you to automate the task without even thinking about it. Notta also allows for email integrations, but only with Microsoft Outlook. You can, of course, send recordings from other email accounts, but this has to be done manually. If your team would benefit from AI meeting summaries  delivered straight to everyone’s inbox, then tl;dv is your only option. Notta simply doesn’t offer this feature.

Schedule Reports

tl;dv’s multi-meeting intelligence empowers you to schedule reports about any topic of your choice over multiple meetings at once. Simply set up the date and frequency of when you’d like to receive your AI-generated reports, and get summaries, insights, analysis, and timestamped notes directly to your inbox on a regular basis. Notta lacks this feature, causing it to fall behind with its lackluster automation capabilities.

Note-Taking Capabilities

tl;dv (10) Notta (6)
AI Notes 🟢 🟢
Manual notes during calls 🟢 needs app 🟢 needs app
Tag people in notes 🟢 🔴
Assign tasks 🔴 🔴
AI Tags / Bookmarks 🟢 🟢
Comments 🟢 🔴
Gather real insights on your customers illustrations
tl;dv AI note taking

Manual Notes During Calls

Both Notta and tl;dv offer manual note-taking during the call. Notta has a slight benefit here in that it has real-time transcriptions. This means you can leave notes directly on the transcript. However, if you’re on the free plan, Notta doesn’t allow video recording so your in-meeting notes won’t be as valuable as tl;dv’s, which have the video to go with them.

Tag People in Notes

tl;dv lets you tag your colleagues in notes which prompts them with an email or Slack message. From there, they can click on a timestamp and jump immediately to the relevant part of the meeting. This saves tons of time and helps your team stay on top of things, even in a hectic meeting culture.  Notta doesn’t let you tag individuals, meaning you’ll have to share the entire transcript manually and tell them where to go. It might not seem like too much hassle, but once you’ve experienced the automated life, you won’t want to go back.


You’re able to add comments on notes or transcripts using tl;dv, enhancing its collaborative features by enabling team members to clarify meeting outcomes within the platform.  Notta doesn’t support comments, which may affect the platform’s utility for teams that rely on collaborative reviews. If they want to discuss meeting content, Notta users will have to use another communication channel.

Security Capabilities

tl;dv (19) Notta (9)
Data retention 🟠 6 months on FREE plan Unlimited on all paid plans 🟢 Permanent
SOC2 Compliant 🔴 (certification underway) 🟢
SAML-based SSO 🟢 Only on Enterprise 🟢 Only on Enterprise
GDPR Compliant 🟢 🟢
EU AI Act Compliant 🟢 🔴 not disclosed
Uses your data to train AI 🟢 (No, your data is kept private) 🟠 (only on Enterprise)
Private storage 🟢 Only on Enterprise 🔴 not disclosed
Anonymised sensitive data sent to LLMs 🟢 🔴 not disclosed
Meeting data chunking and randomizing 🟢 🔴 not disclosed
BAA with LLM providers 🟢 🔴 not disclosed
0-day data retention policy with vendors 🟢 🔴 not disclosed

Data Retention

tl;dv has a clear data retention policy: Free plan users get 6 months of data retention, while all paid plans have unlimited. Notta does not have clear data retention guidelines. They have, however, responded to a recent customer support query claiming that data retention is permanent, even for free members.  The data retention policy is crucial for organizations managing sensitive information. Those with specific data requirements may wish to contact Notta themselves to confirm this policy. 

SOC2 Compliance

tl;dv is in the process of becoming SOC2 compliant, showing its commitment to achieving high standards of security and data protection. Notta, on the other hand, is already SOC2 compliant. This certification ensures Notta’s user base can relax in the knowledge that they’re employing strict security practices and protocols, bringing an additional layer of trust and reliability.

SAML-based SSO

SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO) is available on both tl;dv and Notta for Enterprise plan users only. It ensures a secure and streamlined access management for large organizations.

EU AI Act Compliance

tl;dv is an EU-based company with servers in Europe. As such, it’s compliant with the EU AI Act, highlighting its dedication to ethical AI practices and regulatory adherence. Whether or not Notta is compliant with the EU AI Act remains unknown, which may be a consideration for users operating within the EU or concerned with EU regulations.

Private Storage

Private storage is a critical feature for businesses that prioritize data sovereignty and security. It’s available on tl;dv for all Enterprise users. Notta hasn’t announced or advertised its private storage feature – if it has one at all. This can impact the decision-making process for larger organizations with specific storage needs.

Anonymized Sensitive Data Sent to LLMs

tl;dv anonymizes sensitive data before sending it to large language models (LLMs), a practice that enhances privacy and data protection. Notta hasn’t disclosed its process of anonymizing sensitive data for LLMs, leaving its data handling practices on the vague side

Meeting Data Chunking and Randomizing

To avoid the risk of reconstructing full conversations from LLM-processed data, tl;dv implements meeting data chunking and randomizing. This is an essential feature for privacy-focused organizations. Notta hasn’t made their practices clear. Without knowing whether they implement meeting data chunking and randomizing, you’re risking your private data.

BAA with LLM Providers

tl;dv has a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with LLM providers, ensuring that data handling and processing are in compliance with legal and regulatory standards. Notta hasn’t disclosed their status regarding BAAs with LLM providers. If your organization requires documented assurances of data protection and compliance, this could be a gamechanger.

0-day Data Retention Policy with Vendors

Again, tl;dv has clear data retention guidelines regarding its 0-day policy. It deletes or anonymizes data immediately after its purpose was served. This emphasizes tl;dv’s stance on minimizing data exposure. Notta has no such policy disclosed, leading to potential problems for users with strict data governance policies.

Coaching Capabilities

tl;dv (8) Notta (0)
Playbooks Scorecards 🟢 🔴
Custom Playbooks 🟢 🔴
Template Playbooks 🟢 🔴
Objection Handling 🟢 🔴
If you’re looking for a meeting recorder with coaching capabilities, tl;dv excels here. It offers a comprehensive and ever-growing suite of coaching capabilities that simply aren’t available on Notta, including:
  • Playbooks Scorecards: These scorecards help track and evaluate individual or team performance during meetings, providing insights for personal improvement. Users can create a performance scorecard for any selected group of meetings, allowing them to monitor and analyze performance across multiple sessions.
  • Custom Playbooks: Users can develop their own sets of guidelines and best practices for conducting effective meetings. Apply these custom playbooks to guide and assess the execution of any meeting (or series of meetings), ensuring consistency and adherence to proven strategies.
  • Template Playbooks: There are a host of ready-made templates that teams can adapt to their coaching strategies.
    • Product (Research Interview, User testing).
    • Project (Sprint planning, Stand-up meeting, Brainstorming, Kick-off)
    • HR (Job Interview, Exit Interview, Entry Interview).
    • Customer Success (Retrospective meeting, Business Review, Customer onboarding meetings, Customer check-in meetings, Feedback call).
    • Sales (Demo call, MEDDIC, SPICED, BANT, Discovery call, GPCT, CHAMP, ANUM, BEBEDC, SPIN).
    • Management (Performance Improvement Plan, 1:1 meeting, Offboarding 1:1, Performance Review).
Objection Handling: This feature provides sales and CS teams with detailed performance evaluations specifically focused on how they respond to objections from prospects. The scorecards highlight strengths and areas for improvement in objection-handling skills, helping teams refine their techniques – all within the platform.

Admin Capabilities

tl;dv (8) Notta (2)
Apply auto-record of all meetings in the team members’ calendar 🟢 🔴
Apply auto-share of meetings recorded by team members 🟢 🔴
Prevent Deletion 🟢 🔴
Admin rights over all recordings 🟢 🟢
tl;dv admin settings
tl;dv admin settings
Notta admin access
Notta's Owner, Admin, and Member permissions

Apply Auto-Record of All Meetings in the Team Members’ Calendar

tl;dv allows admins to arrange for all meetings scheduled in team members’ calendars to automatically be recorded.  This guarantees a comprehensive overview of discussions and decisions (which can then be turned into reports). This feature is essential for accountability and knowledge sharing. However, Notta doesn’t grant admins this power, leaving it down to the users to manually do. This can be a big problem for managers who want to ensure that no meeting is left unrecorded.

Apply Auto-Share of Meetings Recorded by Team Members

Similarly, tl;dv admins can automatically share meetings recorded by team members, making the meeting distribution process as streamlined as possible, enhancing collaboration over the entire organization. By automatically sharing meetings, stakeholders gain instant access to recordings, saving time and energy. Notta lacks this feature, preventing teams from maximizing their productivity.

Prevent Deletion

While this feature might seem fairly innocuous, the ability for admins to prevent deletion provides a huge reassurance to sales teams. tl;dv gives admins this access, while Notta does not. Without it, a hypothetical rogue sales rep could delete an incriminating sales call (by being the Owner) before a sales manager gets the chance to see the video. However, with admin permissions to prevent deletion, the admin (sales manager) has the final say on what gets deleted and what doesn’t.

Organizational Capabilities

tl;dv (12) Notta (8)
Team Workspaces 🟢 (All plans) 🟠 (Business +)
Meetings Library 🟢 🟢
Smart Filters 🟢 🔴
Global Search 🟢 (meetings, notes, and more) 🟠 (meetings only)
Search within meetings 🟢 🟢
Folders 🟢 🟢
tl;dv meeting library
tl;dv meeting library
Notta meeting dashboard.
Notta's meeting dashboard.

Team Workspaces

tl;dv includes Team Workspaces on all of its plans. This empowers teams to seamlessly collaborate and share content within their own dedicated space. Notta limits access to Team Workspaces until you get the Business plan or above. This can be irritating for teams looking to collaborate on other plans.

Smart Filters

tl;dv enhances the user’s ability to efficiently sort through meeting criteria with Smart Filters. With this functionality, the platform becomes a lot easier to organize, helping you and your team keep on top of your meetings. Notta doesn’t offer Smart Filters, reducing its organizational capabilities and making it more difficult for users to sort and retrieve information.

Global Search

Both platforms allow you to search through your entire meeting library but tl;dv lets you search for more than just your meeting file name. You can search for specific words or phrases from the transcript, meeting participants, or even notes. Notta’s global search is far more limited. You can search for the file name of the recording, but not much else. This can be quite restrictive if you’re looking to streamline as many processes as possible.

Support Capabilities

tl;dv (4) Notta (2)
Support in Free Plan 🟢 Chat & email 🟠 email in Free plan
Priority Support 🟢 in Pro plan 🟠  Only in Enterprise plan

Support in Free Plan

On the Free plan, tl;dv offers comprehensive support through both online chat and email. This ensures that users have multiple channels to find the help they need to resolve their issues. This is great because users can get swift support regardless of their subscription level. Notta does offer free support, but only in email form. This leads to longer response times compared to the instant assistance available via online chat with tl;dv.

Priority Support

tl;dv’s priority support starts with the Pro plan, offering a faster and more comprehensive customer service experience. Notta offers priority support too, but reserves it for those on the Enterprise plan. All other subscribers must wait for support via email, which can be quite frustrating, especially over weekends or busy periods.

Revenue Intelligence Capabilities

tl;dv (0) Notta (0)
Forecasting 🔴 🔴
Deal execution 🔴 🔴
Neither tl;dv nor Notta offer features related to Revenue Intelligence such as Forecasting and Deal Execution.  Users searching for specialized sales tools would have to acquire additional or alternative solutions. The problem then becomes cost. Revenue intelligence tools are often $1,000+ per user and can rise steeply depending on extra features.  If you’re looking to improve sales skills, then tl;dv already provides a quality and innovative coaching solution that won’t break the bank.

Who is it For?

tl;dv (7) Notta (5)
G2 Rating 🟢 4.8 🔴 4.6
Ease of set up 🟢 Generous free plan + Clean UI 🟠 Easy, but limited free plan.
Localized platform 🟠  (7 languages) 🟢 (19 languages)
Best suited for whom 🟢 SMB Sales 🟢 Global Marketing
tl;dv and Notta cater to somewhat similar audiences, but Notta has a bit more of a focus on global marketing, whereas tl;dv is better suited to SMB sales teams. As a Japanese company, Notta provides its localized platform in 19 different languages, offers custom vocabulary (in Japanese), and translates transcripts into more than 50 languages. In short, languages are Notta’s specialty. As such, a sprawling worldwide organization with bases in multiple countries may prefer to use Notta for its superior language-based features. Non-English speaking businesses may also prefer Notta for this reason, although tl;dv is still available as a localized platform in 7 languages. Both platforms are easy to set up and you can be recording your first meeting in mere moments. However, Notta’s free plan is rather limited from the standpoint of an organization. tl;dv, on the other hand, has one of the best freemium plans on the market, offering unlimited recordings and transcripts, as well as several AI features. Finally, tl;dv’s user rating score is a solid .2 higher than Notta’s, showing that customers are more satisfied with tl;dv as a platform. Although Notta’s 4.6 rating is more than respectable too.

Verdict: tl;dv vs Notta – Which One is the Best?

Transcription1921 🟢
Recording17 🟢8
Conversational Intelligence14 🟢4
Automation & Integrations10 🟢4
Note-taking10 🟢6
Security19 🟢9
Coaching8 🟢0
Admin10 🟢2
Organizational12 🟢8
Support4 🟢2
Revenue Intelligence00
Other7 🟢5
Total130 🟢69

In the showdown between tl;dv and Notta, it’s tl;dv that comes out on top. A clear winner, tl;dv pushes things in its favor with its impressive conversational intelligence, innovative sales coaching, and state-of-the-art multi-meeting reports and insights. On top of all this, it offers an unbeatable free plan and enough integrations to last a lifetime.

Notta is no pushover though. It pipped tl;dv in the transcription area, and for good reason. It has more languages supported, real-time transcriptions, and custom vocabulary, albeit only for the Japanese language.

Notta’s language specialty also ensures it’s the best choice for multinational teams of diverse backgrounds. While tl;dv’s platform is available in an impressive 7 different languages, Notta’s 19 is a massive improvement, including many more Asian languages.

Still, tl;dv shines as the best on making use of AI capabilities to power meeting insights and turning knowledge uncovered from multiple meetings into coachable moments. If you care about continuous improvement for your team, tl;dv is the must-have tool for you.

As you weigh up your options regarding tl;dv vs Notta, reflect on what your organization needs, how important it is for your team to be ahead of the game and capitalise on AI advantages to improve, and let your business needs guide your choice.

tl;dv for Sales
Spend your time where it matters most. Uncover Sales intelligence and track how well your team follows your Playbooks. tl;dv is an AI Meeting Assistant that helps you (finally) get insights from all your meetings, right in your team's favorite tools.
Recordings & Transcripts (+30 languages)
Onboard new reps with ease
Evaluate your meetings against popular frameworks like MEDDIC, BANT and more
Create your own framework
Automatically push your meeting notes to your favourite CRM
Speaker insights to help you keep control of your meetings
  • Joins your meetings, even if you don’t.
  • Records and transcribes in +30 languages.
  • Takes notes in your preferred structure.
  • Summarize one or multiple meetings.
  • Auto updates your favourite tools (Slack, Notion, CRM, etc).
  • Provides coaching insights on your meeting style.
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