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9 Fun Google Meet Visual Effects & Filters to Try Today

During peak Covid, Google Meet was accessed by upwards of 100 million people per day! It’s number of users rose by a factor of 30 in just four months. Almost three years on, Google Meet remains one of the biggest virtual conferencing platforms in the world. And what makes it so special? The fun Google Meet filters, of course!

But they weren’t always there. After video calls became the norm, and Zoom suffered from a privacy scandal, many turned to the platform’s natural competitor: Google Meet. Capitalizing on their new popularity, Google decided to make things more interesting for their users by introducing visual effects for Google Meet.

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To this day, Google Meet’s visual effects are hilarious. So if you want to explore some adventurous Google Meet visual effects, you’re in the right place! Our list features awesome Google Chrome extensions that will spice up any Google Meet experience. Browse through filters, backgrounds, features and “styles” to find the visual effect of your dreams.

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What are Visual Effects on Google Meet?

One may wonder what these special effects on Google actually are. Well, Google Meet visual effects simply refer to the various filters and Google effects extensions offered on the Google Chrome Web Store.

While we’re in a better situation than we were a few years ago, many things are still held online, from business meetings to classes. These visual effects and filters help break that monotony and make the online interaction between people more fun.

Now, there are no in-built features in the Google Meet app or website application. However, there are various other developers that have made visual effects for Google Meet that can be used by adding their extension to your internet browser. It’s super easy to do and means you can have entirely different Google effects to your friends.

Google Meet has New Visual Effects, Filters and Stickers! 🥳

Ever since Google added filters for mobile, they’ve been releasing more and more. Most recently, they launched some new fun filters that MSN dubbed “nightmare-fuel”. 

What do you wish to be in your next meeting? A massive ugly strawberry? Boy, are you in for a treat! If that didn’t sound fun enough for you, you can also be a giant tree trunk or a weird-looking rabbit.

How to Install a Google Meet Visual Effects Chrome Extension

If you want to add visual effects to your Meet, you will have to add a particular extension. First, let’s look at the easy steps involved in adding an extension to your browser:

Step 1: In order to apply any Google Meet visual effects, you will have to add your chosen extension on your internet browser.

Step 2: On the Google Chrome Web Store, search for visual effects on Google Meet. You may come across some of the following extensions:

  • Visual Effects Google Meet
  • Google Meet virtual backgrounds
  • Visual Effects for Google Meetvisual effects for google meet chrome extensions
Source: Chrome Web Store.

Step 3: After choosing your favorite extension, click on the “Add to Chrome” button to add the extension to your browser.

Step 4: Join a meeting or try a dummy meeting with yourself in order to test out the newly added extension.

Step 5: Once in the meeting, click on your chosen extension to enjoy visual effects during your meeting.

The Best Google Chrome Extensions for Visual Effects

When you search for visual effects, there are currently different types of extensions available on the Chrome Webstore in order to make your meetings more fun and interactive. But in case you search for specific features like virtual backgrounds or blur effects, there are many more extensions that may pop up. Mentioned below are some of them.

#1 Virtual Backgrounds for Google Meet

Google Meet Green Screem
Source: Google Cloud.

Virtual Backgrounds for Google Meet gives you a wide variety of virtual backgrounds to choose from. It allows you to adjust the backdrop of a real-time meeting on Google Meet. You can choose from the regular set or upload your own personalized pictures as backgrounds and save it for future meetings. 

Users can choose a Hawaii theme for a get-together with friends or an office wall for business discussions. Virtual Backgrounds for Google Meet allows you to make and save as many background images as you can. In addition to all this, it also has a feature of picture-in-picture (floating window), which users can enable in case they want.

Main feature: Users can add a virtual background by uploading images from their computer or using the standard images available in the extension. For business meetings, users can add an office backdrop. For online classes, teachers can add the background of a classroom. For informal meetings with friends, parties and travel backgrounds from different countries can be used.

#2 Visual Effects for Google Meet

google-meet-visual-effects with bluring options
Source: Nerds Chalk

With over 3 million users, Visual Effects for Google Meet gives you a wide variety of filters and effects to choose from. Once you click on the extension, after having opened Google Meet, a box with all the features appears on the left when you hover your cursor over it.

Users can tick the box to select the filter and move the scroll bar leftward and rightward in order to change the intensity of the effect.

Some of the visual effects offered by Visual Effects for Google Meet are AR Halo, AR Sunglasses, Inverse, Pixelate, Blur Background, Freeze, Cube, 3-D Movie, and many more…

Main Feature: The blur effect is the most popular feature and is often used by viewers when they want to blur the background behind them. This is used when someone is out and about or in a backdrop that can prove to be disturbing for the eyes and take the attention away from the main purpose of the meeting.

#3 Visual Effects Google Meet Chrome Extension

Visual Effects for Google Meet Filters
Source: Visual effects Google Meet.

In comparison to the other extensions, Visual Effects Google Meet offers relatively fewer features. It only has four features: firework, dog ears, black and white contrast, and few AR filters. The firework feature allows you to add fireworks all over your window, while the dog ears feature provides you with brown dog ears and noses. Lastly, the black and white contrast feature provides contrast and makes your window black and white, leading to a fun meeting.

Main feature: Apart from the three features mentioned above, the most popular feature is the AR Filter. People can also use AR filters in case they want to have fun and put on sunglasses or, if they’re attending a virtual birthday, add a party hat. These filters are usually used in informal settings. 

#4 Google Meet Party Button

Google Meet Visual Effects with Party Button
Source: Chrome Web Store.

People may use the Google Meet Party button to be festive and celebrate during their Google Meet sessions. When you want to celebrate a huge accomplishment, such as concluding a contract or gaining a new customer, use this extension to create a party effect on the Google Meet screen. 

Main Feature: It gives a very interesting effect to the screen as if someone had thrown confetti all around. It is a virtual party popper in a sense. Users love to use this effect spontaneously to celebrate a happy moment.

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#5 Reactions for Google Meet

Reactions for Google Meet a Google Meet visual effect
Source: Meetric.app.

One of the issues people have with online meetings is that it’s difficult to gain feedback during presentations. When you start your virtual presentation, you won’t be able to see the faces of the people in the room. Therefore you won’t be able to determine how effective your presentation is. 

With Reactions for Google Meet, the presenter will have a real-time method of receiving feedback on their presentations and will know if they need to slow down after installing this extension.

Main Feature: You can now ‘raise your hand’ (figuratively) to let the host know you wish to speak with this feature. You can also submit real-time reactions like “laugh”, “wow”, “hmm”, and “thumbs up” that appear on the conference screen.

Bonus: if you like neat little extensions like these that spice up your Google Meet and Zooms, why not check out our awesome list of Zoom Icebreaker games, such as virtual escape room. Or check out our Google Meet Cheat Sheet with loads of Google Meet hacks and Chrome extensions!

#6 Grid View for Google Meet

How to see everyone on Google Meet and grid view
Source: Gridview.

The Google Meet Grid View extension adds a button to the top right bar (next to chat and participant list) to enable the participants of the meeting to see every participant in a grid-view. 

In meetings without a lead speaker, grid view provides each member with an equal-sized video (such as working from home silent meetings). It has a number of features to help you improve your meeting, including the ability to add your own video, highlight who is speaking, and hide individuals without video!

Main Feature: In Google Meets, this extension adds a toggle to adopt a grid layout. When grid view is enabled, this plugin forces every participant’s video to load, which may cause performance concerns in large meetings.

#7 Mercator Studio

Mercator extension for Google Meet

This Google Chrome Extension uses adjustable exposure, viginettes, and emojis to spice up your Google Meet calls! You can use their presets, or adjust the temperature, tint, exposure or contrast yourself.

With a 4/5 rating, the extension is well-received but hasn’t been updated since May 2021 unfortunately. Check the most recent reviews for more up-to-date information.

#8 Snapchat filters for Google Meet?

Snap Camera google meet visual effects tool
Source: Snap Camera. If you're interested in Snapchat-like visual effects for Google Meet, then you must check them out!

Let’s be honest, you’re here for the Facetune, aren’t you! Using a tool called Snap Camera (which I have not tried), it is apparently possible. It is downloadable from snapcamera.snapchat.com

Here’s the detailed instructions on how to download Snap Camera for Snapchat-like visual effects on your next Google Meet!

  1. To download Snap Camera, open your internet browser and go snapcamera.snapchat.com
  2. Then download the file. You’ll need to agree to their terms and conditions first. 
  3. When downloading, select whether you are using a PC or a Mac. 
  4. Open up the file and follow the installation instructions. 

#9 Live & moving Google Meet avatars!

Google Meet avatars google meet visual effect
Source: Google Meet Classic Impersonator.

This Google Meet Classic Impersonator is a cute and fun twist you can add to your Google meetings to appear on camera with a cartoon version of yourself! The Google Meet Classic Impersonator includes different characters you can choose from, ranging from different people and nationalities, famous movie characters and superheroes, to cute animals. This Google Meet filter extension also lets you change characters while in the middle of a video call, so you can go from being a cartoon frog to Batman. 

A very appreciated feature of this Google meet visual effect extension is the availability of light and dark modes. After staring at the screen for long periods, your eyes might need to take a break from your bright screen, in which case switching to dark mode is a ready option for you. It certainly makes meetings more bearable, entertaining, and even productive as everyone gets to enjoy discussions and exchanges. 

If you want to stay mysterious and hidden, you can launch this Google Meet visual effect Chrome extension before you join the meeting. This way, you will automatically appear in your chosen Google Meet face effect as soon as you enter the virtual meeting room. This is also a very nice icebreaker as you encourage your team to try fun camera effects on Google Meet. 

Remember this when using Google Meet visual effects

Using filters and visual effects is a fantastic way to lighten the mood and make a meeting more interactive. In team calls or casual meetings between close colleagues, there’s no reason to not have some fun! 

One thing to keep in mind is that some effects are not always appropriate in professional settings. Although extremely cute, we don’t recommend attending your Google Meet interview with the face of a puppy. Similarly, your lecturer might not appreciate the thumbs down reaction feature in their class.

That being said, it’s a free country. You do you.

Final thoughts on Google Meet visual effects

Installing a free extension from the Chrome Web Store will allow you to add visual effects to your Google Meet. Anything is achievable with its vast array of available results, from altering your virtual backdrop to setting the mood of your online parties. The only thing to remember is to use it when it’s necessary to optimize its impact on your ability. When holding simulated meetings, professionalism should still come first. 

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