GEE WHIZ! 20+ Google Meet Games to Play with the Team

Woohoo! You’ve made a huge decision and signed up with Google Meet!

BUT WAIT!!! Now what? That’s right, now it’s time to play some games on Google meet!! 🙌🏼

From icebreakers, games to get to know each other better and name that tune – Google Meet has them all.  So let’s jump into the list of 20+ awesome Google meet games you can play with your team ASAP! 🔥 #GameON

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Firstly, what is Google Meet!

Well, justtttt in case you didn’t know, Google Meet is a video conferencing app by Google. It’s one of the best and FREE tools out there to get your team together, in a voice or video call. Currently, there are over 100 million active monthly users on Google meet!

And if you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for! After all, it’s free! Head over to and create yourself an account today!

Best Google Meet Games to play with the team!

Now, to the games! Here are 20+ awesome Google Meet Games for your team. So open up a Google Meet call and get hosting one of these amazing games! 🎉

List of Games To Play on Google Meet:

1. Name That Tune – “Name that tune” is great for those who love music, singing or just having fun! Simply play a short clip from any song within the group channel and see how quickly people can guess it. You can choose to play once or do it as many times as you like with different songs each time. Whoever gets the most points wins!  (The best bit? The fastest players will all be able to see what the other players guessed correctly!)

2. Say What?! – “Say what?!” is another awesome game that you can play in a Google Meet Call! Simply pick one person to be the leader and they will choose something for everyone to say. The aim is simple – try and get through your phrase without laughing or pausing for more than 5 seconds. You can either set a timer or have someone else do it so there are no distractions when playing this game!

3. Icebreaker – An Icebreaker Google Meet Game is one of the best ways to really get to know each other, but also help bring the team together! Choose people in turns to go up against each other in an ice breaker question about themselves. The first person might be asked something like “what is your favourite food?” and the next person would ask them “What was their answer?”. If the question thrown back is right, they keep going. But if it’s wrong then it goes to the last person who guessed correctly! You can choose how many questions each person gets asked or set a timer instead!

4. Google Docs – This game is completely different from all of the other Google Meet Games for teams as you will be using one of Google’s FREE tools to play with your group!  You’ll need everyone on a google doc and ready to go before starting this game. Ask everyone in the team to write down something they FEAR and then read out an item at random. The first person that names something that someone else has already said, then they have to drink!

6. Google Meet bingo! – If you’re not into ice breaking or getting to know each other games, Google Meet Bingo is the best way to go! Simply play as normal and fill up all of your boxes by answering questions correctly. The aim is obviously to get a full bingo first and whoever does it shouts “BINGO!” and wins! 🙌🏼

7. Trivia Game – Do you have some super smart players in your group?! Try challenging them with this trivia game on Google Meet! This can be played in multiple rounds so no one loses interest easily.  Simply pick someone to start answering a question after they spin the wheel. It’s simple but it’ll have everyone puzzled for who will win 🤔

8. Villagers and the wolf – A classic party game that everyone loves. Villagers and the wolf is great fun when you have a really competitive group! One player is chosen as the villagers and one player is the wolf in the middle.  The villagers will need to stand in a circle around anyone who is playing as “the wolf”, forming a big mob of villagers surrounding them. Once everyone has their hands up, someone from outside will shout “FREEZE!” but it’s important that nobody moves at all during this time. If they do, then they’re out! The only way to save yourself from being eaten by the wolf is to sit down with your knees bent and feet on top of each other.

9. Google Meet Charades – Who doesn’t love acting out the words to try and get their teammates to guess? Charades is a classic game that can be played with Google Meet as well! Everyone has to pick someone else out of the group who they have to act out. The players need to get their teammates to guess what they are acting out, but if anyone watched them do it knows what it is – when they lose a point. You can choose how long each round will last or play more than one round at a time!

10. Twenty Questions – I wanted to include something really simple for this list of Google Meet games so everyone could join in straight away, which is why Twenty questions made the cut!  Choose someone to go first asking “Am I an animal?” for example. They cannot ask yes or no questions, they can either answer them or say “Pass” which means someone else has a go instead. If the person guesses what they are on their third turn then they win!

11. My favorite Google Meet Game – Pictionary! One of my personal favorite games to play on Google Meet is Pictionary! You need a big whiteboard and everyone needs a marker pen. Then, one person will start drawing something while everyone else watches and tries to guess what it is! The only way they can win points is if the drawer says “pass” after someone already guessed what they were drawing. They get a point for each time that happens.

12. Google Art Project – Art projects are always great fun when it comes to working on your team skills because you’ll have a chance to show off some of your best creative thinking skills in front of the rest of the group!  If you don’t have an artistic bone in your body then never fear – simply pick someone from the group who you think will do the best job. Google Art project has a huge selection of art pieces to choose from, which is great if you’re struggling for inspiration!

13. Guess Who – This is another classic party game that’s bound to get competitive with your teammates. Each player gets two sticky notes and writes down an answer about themselves on each one, making sure they don’t show their teammates what they are writing. Everyone holds up their answers at the same time so everyone else can see them but the person giving clues can only give yes or no questions. Whoever guesses all of their teammates first wins! 🏆

14. Millionaire – Do you have someone in your group that likes to boast about how much they know about a topic? If so, you need to play this Google Meet game with them as the expert!  Everyone will have to ask them one question that will have a yes or no answer. The person who is being asked the questions can only answer by either nodding, shaking their head or saying “I don’t know.” If they give another response then it’s out of the question and someone else gets a go instead.

15. Truth or Lie – This is great fun when you have a competitive team because it’ll lighten the mood and get everyone talking more! Everyone needs a few tokens between them, which they can give away if they want their team mates to pick truth over lie for what they say. The winner is whoever has the most tokens by the end so it’s super simple and everyone can join in – not just the people who usually like to enter discussions.

16. Google Treasure Hunt – If you want something that feels a little more high energy then try Google Treasure hunt! It works best when you split into pairs or smaller groups of three, with each person taking turns giving clues. The aim is to get your other half/group one step closer to where the treasure is hidden before anyone else does! Everyone needs a phone because they’ll have to use Google Maps to navigate their way there but you don’t need anything else at all which is great for a Google Meet game!

17. Sum Fun – Sum fun is a solitaire style number puzzle where you have to get the number in the center of the screen down to zero. The only way you can do this is by adding or subtracting numbers that are next to each other on the board so it’s a really good idea to try and get them grouped together!  You might want to play this with someone who is an expert at logic games so they can really help your team out 💪

18. Google Slide Puzzle – All you need for this game is Google Slides, which most people will already have downloaded onto their phone or laptop! Just pick some images that are related in any way – whether it be photos of landmarks, famous people or animals. You then give everyone on your team one slide each and tell them how many rows and columns the final image is. The aim of the game is to put all their slides in order without any mistakes, such as placing one slide on top of another or going over a certain amount with your clues 🎲

19. Guess Who’s Voice – This is a super simple Google Meet game that everyone can play at the same time! You’re in groups so you have people there with whom you work closely, but don’t know super well.  The first player from each group has to record themselves saying something silly when they think no one else can hear them – it could be anything from “I’m really good at picking up subtle hints” to “Who wants lunch?” Your job is to guess who said each thing and put their name on the whiteboard! When you get it right, make a mark next to their name and when everyone has guessed who said what, whoever has the most squares is the winner 👏

20. Draw & Guess – This Google Meet game is all about getting creative and having some fun with your teammates! Split into pairs and then one person from each group needs to pick an image that they like (doesn’t matter so long as both people can see it) which they’ll draw on their computer while the other person describes it in detail without saying any of its features. Once you’ve drawn it up together, swap over so they get a turn to try and guess what you drew! 📽

Did we miss your fave Google Meet game!?

The good thing about all of these games is that most of them can be played IRL with a few fixed, but they’re all designed to be Google Meet games!

When you’re trying to figure out what activities or icebreakers are best for your team, it often helps to start with the most simple ideas and work your way up to more challenging ones if necessary.  The reason is that you don’t want players who are less familiar with the games to feel intimidated by an activity – team cohesion comes from everyone getting involved even if they aren’t as confident.  Remember too that the aim of these Google Meet games is not just keeping people entertained but also encouraging them to interact more so try and pick fun Google Meet games that have a chatty element!