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How to Record on Google Meet

Wanna know how to record a Google Meet session?

To record a Google Meet call, you can use Google Meet’s built-in recording feature.

Here are the steps to record a Google Meet session using Google Meet’s built-in recording feature

1. Start or join a Google Meet session.
2. Click on the “More” button (three dots) in the bottom right corner of the screen.
3. Click on “Record meeting.”
4. A notification will appear on the screen saying that the meeting is being recorded.
5. To stop the recording, click on the “More” button and select “Stop recording.”

screenshot showing how to record on google meet

However, there are some limitations on this.

You will need a Business Standard License to do so.

Not sure if you have one?

Head onto the three dots at the bottom of your Google Meet screen. In the menu there should be a option to RECORD GOOGLE MEET.

Don’t have it? Then you don’t have the license to do it.

Waaah waaah waaahhh.

In theory, you COULD sign up for this. It typically costs 11 EUR per Google Workspace member every month.

However this can can get super expensive for your entire business at large. 

If you only have a few lead people you want to record meetings between, then are other other more affordable options.

You may find it to be easier (and wayyyyy more fun) to use another tool to do this such as tl;dv.

Why would you need to record a video call on Google Meet?

How good is your memory?

Pretty good?

Or more like a strainer with bits of data falling out here and there?

Even if your memory is top-notch, it’s probably not as good as you think. And it’s almost certain that the chances of you remembering every single word uttered in the last meeting you attended are, well, ZILCH.

That’s ok. The human brain, as powerful as it is, is only designed to remember a certain number of things. This is fine if you want to remember specific meeting highlights, but equally, our memory can trick us into thinking we remember more than we do. 

Things can be misconstrued, our lived experiences can skew our recall of events, and by simply trying to remember things, they can get… well, forgotten.

It’s also a symptom of what other people think meetings SHOULD be. Tom highlights this perfectly (honestly, if you didn’t laugh you’d cry).

Even by taking written notes, you’re totally reliant on the person taking the notes to keep up or be able actually to decipher them afterward. That’s why recording meetings can be so beneficial.

By recording your meetings, you can remove any of these issues. The content will be captured accurately and entirely from start to finish. At the end of a meeting, there’ll be no need for guesswork or trying to fill in blanks. All the information will be there for you to review, and with the advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and with the launches of GPT-3 and GPT-4, the analysis of these meetings by machines is becoming easier than ever before.

And that is where tl;dv absolutely smashes it out of the park every time. One happy little extension that can be used by with little fuss.  No more Googling “how to record a google meet” or “how to record on google meet.” No more begging the system admin to let you have the ability to record.  The tl;dv Google Meet extension does it all.

What is tl;dv?

Good question! tl;dv is an AI meeting recorder that allows you to effortlessly record your meetings, transcribe them and generate previously impossible insights. tl;dv ensures all of your meetings are captured accurately, with all that additional detail and nuance from video – allowing you to make far better decisions in the future.

In addition to never forgetting a single thing ever again, tl;dv also harnesses the power of AI to make sure that you don’t even have to attend all the meetings. Catch up at a later date by reviewing the meetings in your own time, invite people only when they need to be attending, send the automatically generated transcription in multiple languages (over 20!), or even search the entire saved repository of recorded meetings by keyword to create a smart reel to bring everybody up to speed on a specific topic.

tl;dv elevates the concept of simple recording — it’s a powerful note taker to make sure you get the most out of your meeting time. Both during AND after. Way, WAY after.

How To Record A Meeting With tl;dv

tl;dv is so much more than a meeting recorder (although at its core, that’s precisely what it is, a video meeting recorder). With the advances of super cool AI intelligence (thank you, GPT-3 and GPT-4), it allows users to capture and share meeting highlights, offers a note taker for Google Meet, generate reports, and more.

The first step is to set up tl;dv for Google Meet (although it does come in Zoom flavor too!) by downloading the Google Meet extension

Once you’ve done that, all meetings can be recorded with just a click or even automatically—no extra hardware needed! 

When recording begins, tl;dv uses its intelligent systems to recognize participants and start taking detailed notes on the conversation. This ensures that all important points are captured without any need for manual transcription. Google Meet transcription is automatically sorted.

After the meeting, you will have access to a transcript of the conversation and a summary of the key takeaways. You can also use tl; dv’s AI-powered note-taking features to capture and share highlights. Additionally, tl;dv makes it easy to generate comprehensive reports from meetings so you can quickly distill the most critical points and action items for everyone in attendance.

It is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to help streamline meetings. It doesn’t matter if you are in a meeting with 2 or 20 people. It can make sure that all participants are heard and have their points recorded accurately. It also doesn’t matter if they are all speaking a different language to the rest of the company or if they work in sales, customer success, or product. Everybody can benefit from using tl;dv. 

What’s more, it has a free tier that includes all these great capabilities.

What You Should Know Before Recording Your Meeting

Before you begin recording your meeting, there are some important things to consider.

First and foremost, be sure to obtain consent from all participants before you start the meeting recording. Make sure that everyone is aware of the fact that the conversation is being recorded, as this will help ensure they’re comfortable with it.

Additionally, check if there are any local restrictions or prohibit recording meetings, as this could have legal implications depending on where you live.

It’s also a good idea to make sure everyone has access to a good-quality microphone so that their voices can be heard clearly during the recordings.

Try to ensure that everybody is in an environment free of distractions such as noise or background conversations which can interfere with the audio quality.

Also, try to ensure everybody has access to high-quality internet. While this may be trickier for anybody on the move, checking connections beforehand can save people from dropping in and out of the call. However, by using tl;dv, if anybody cannot get to the meeting because of internet issues, there will be copy they can catch up on.

Knowing these considerations beforehand, you can record your meetings without legal or technical issues. Taking the time to prepare for recording sessions now could save you a lot of hassle down the line!

How To Store and Back Up Your Recorded Meetings

Previously, if you wanted to store and back up your recorded meetings, you would need to choose from local recordings or Cloud recordings.

These were the only options available, and each had drawbacks and limitations.
However, with the help of tl;dv, you can store and back up your recorded meetings in dedicated, secure cloud storage. This means that all your valuable recordings are always safe and secure, no matter what happens. And what’s more, you’re not needing to worry about space either. With tl;dv, you can securely store an unlimited amount of recordings.

Equally, trying to find a particular snippet of a meeting used to be a total nightmare. However, with tl; dv’s incredible smart search capabilities, it’s incredibly easy to search through your recordings and find exactly what you’re looking for. All you need to do is type in a keyword, and it will find that utterance from all the meetings. You can also use timestamps if you know a particular meeting point will be needed for recall, making it easy to find later.

Top Tips For Recording Google Meet Meetings

meetings even more effective. Here are some of our top tips:

  • Set up a reminder to record the meeting. This will ensure you don’t forget and are always prepared for recording. However, the beauty of tl;dv means you can automatically set this up!
  • Leverage tl;dv to capture key points from the meeting using timestamps. This can help make sure all decisions taken during the meeting are referenced quickly and easily.
  • Have a dedicated storage space for all recordings. This will make it easier to find what you need. Again, tl;dv provides an automated solution that makes this even faster and simpler!
  • Once again, always ensure consent is given before recording a meeting – this is an essential legal requirement.
  • Only invite the people that really need to be there. While it can be tempting to have lots of people involved in meetings, having too many can make it hard to stay on track. The beauty of using tl;dv is that you can loop everybody in later.
  • Have a plan beforehand and do some preparation. Having an agenda can make any meeting run smoother and more efficiently.

Happy Recordings

How does it feel knowing you never need to remember anything in a meeting ever again! What will you use that extra brain space for? Learning Mandarin? Crocheting tiny dinosaurs? Fermenting your own beer?

With tl;dv, you can confidently record meetings and use that extra mental energy for what you want to do. You can be safe knowing that all your meetings will be recorded and stored securely, allowing you to focus on the important things.

So take back some of your precious bandwidth, and start recording with tl;dv today!

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