Who or what is tl;dv?

Who or What is tl;dv!?

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You’ve installed our chrome extension, watched our Jack Nicholson launch video, and have even have enjoyed your daily coffee-hit from our bespoke tl;dv mug. Although many of you are enjoying tl;dv, some of you are still wondering – what on earth does tl;dv stand for? Well, we’re glad you asked!

tl;dv stands for the new meeting culture.

tl;dv stands for declining non-essential meeting invites.

tl;dv stands for the symbiosis of live collaboration and asynchronous knowledge exchange.

tl;dv stands for instantly shareable meeting insights.

tl;dv stands for leaner, smaller meetings that drive decisions and outputs.

tl;dv stands for catching up on meetings in minutes.

But mostly, tl;dv stands for “too long; didn’t view”.

Urban dictionary and tl;dv

The folks at Urban Dictionary also think so. Thank you Street_Poet! You’re doing a great service to the video conferencing industry… more than you know!

Welcome to the new meeting culture with tl;dv ✌️