Meet the tl;dv AI Meeting Recorder

The Ultimate AI Meeting Recorder for Product, UX Research, Sales and Customer Success teams

Flawless AI meeting transcription

Ever had a complex meeting with multilingual participants? You need an AI meeting transcript that can match the pace of your conversation and the diversity of your team. tl;dv offers automatic, highly accurate and speaker-recognizing transcripts with speaker labels and speaker tags for Google Meet and Zoom – in more than 25 languages. For free. Delivered alongside your video recording just moments after a call, these GPT transcripts can be instantly translated, and allow you to search your past conversations using keywords.
Get instant, automatic and speaker-recognizing transcripts in 25+ languages for free​
Easily highlight part of any transcript to turn the corresponding moment into a shareable clip
Keyword alerts coming soon! Get notified when a topic is mentioned in a meeting

One-click to generate automated AI meeting notes of any important moment

Whether it’s a product meeting or a user interview, online calls are packed full of insights. With GPT-3 summarization you can focus on your conversations and let AI do the meeting note-taking. AI notes use GPT-3 to enhance the manual notes functionality and automatically summarize the moments you pinpoint during a meeting. Share these highlights in clip or timestamp format across any channel thanks to our handy integrations.
Automatic detection of key meeting moments based on AI labeling
Manual notes to ensure no insight is overlooked
Meeting notes become transparent, collaborative and efficient

Generate GPT-powered insights across meetings

Generate instant AI meeting summaries in multiple, unique formats. When you define a keyword – like a project or competitor name – tl;dv will clip together moments from past recordings where this topic is discussed. The result? A handy summary of all relevant insights. Alternatively, jump to specific meeting moments and clips where this keyword was mentioned. Scale and simplify your meetings insights like never before.
Instantly access important insights through powerful search and generated reels
Save time by sharing bite-size snippets across CRMs, documentation tools and IMs
Create a repository of user insights, product development and meeting documentation

Automatically assign AI tags to specific parts of the conversation

Sort out specific parts of the conversations with users into categories with one-click. Save time organising data and easily identify pattern across themes for your user insights reports.
Try tl;dv AI for User Insights
Frequent Questions
You can use tl;dv AI during your live meeting to generate AI-summaries of moments of your choice. You can also use tl;dv AI on your meeting library and on your meeting recording pages, to generate smart AI insights accross meetings. For more information on how each of the tl;dv AI features work, check out our complete tl;dv AI guide.