Product Marketing: The A-Z of Being a PMM

What is this article about? Product marketing is an incredibly complex topic with a huge amount of information. So, we decided to dedicate an entire article to the art of product marketing and how it differs greatly from product management.

Are you ready product people?

Kick-Off Meeting: Launch Your Next Project w/ Our Agenda, Checklist & Template!

So, we’re here to talk about kick-off meetings and calls! A kick-off meeting is crucial to the success of any new project. A rocky kick-off meeting does not bode well for any newly started campaign.

So, we’re going to cover exactly what is a kick-off meeting or call and what makes a successful one. We’ve also got some handy kick-off meeting templates, agendas, and action items to make your next kick-off call super smooth!

Customer Sentiment Analysis: Examples, Definition and Strategies!

Sentiment analysis is becoming increasingly popular. It is a powerful tool or mechanism that is used in business and marketing. Sentiment analysis involves the use of computer algorithms to identify and extract sentiments from a text, especially opinionated texts. But that’s the helicopter view.

In this article, we’re going to discuss what exactly is sentiment analysis and why it is important, some of the best sentiment analyzers and algorithms, and different sentiment analysis’ scores and classifications.

Don’t gooooo 😒100+ Stay Interview Questions

Stay interviews – what are they and how to run one successfully. This is exactly what we’ll be covering. We’ll also discuss why they’re so integral to employee retention and overall company culture and happiness.

Trust us, this is one interview you don’t want to skip!

BOFU Marketing – the Sister of TOFU and MOFU!

BOFU MOFU TOFU! No, I didn’t just bang my head on the keyboard. We’re talking of course about the Bottom of the Funnel, the Middle of the Funnel, and the Top of the Funnel.

Basically the whole funnel.

In this article, we’re going to be pleading the case for BOFU – or Bottom of the Funnel as the often forgotten about sister of MOFU and TOFO. The Bottom of the Funnel is an integral part of any customer journey, and we’re going to show you how and why.

Subscription Marketing: How to Make Waves in the subscription Economy

Subscription is the word in the tech industry, and especially in SaaS. It is no longer about buying a product. Now customers are buying your product every single month, and they expect value over that subscription.

So, what exactly is the new subscription economy and what does it mean for your marketing plans, your customer lifetime value, and the customer lifecycle? We’re going to get into all of the implications of the subscription economy of the 21st century and how this will likely impact your bottom line!

The A-Z of ATDD

It is time to talk about ATDD! So, you want to know about ATDD, or you want to brush up on this concept. No worries! In this article, we’ll cover exactly what is ATDD, and how it relates to BDD and TDD. We’ll also cover best practices and go over the full methodology in a step-by-step fashion!

Decode and Conquer by Lewis Lin [Free PDF Download]

Decode and Conquer is a book by Lewis Lin. We’ll be taking a look at the main highlights of Decode and Conquer by Lewis Lin, as well as distilling the key product management takeaways.

We also have everything in a handy, free-to-download PDF!