10 Interview Questions for Remote Workers in 2022

When you’re hiring employees for a remote workplace, there are questions you can ask for insight into their remote work habits, experience, attitudes and abilities. Jump straight to the questions that will help you determine a candidate’s suitability for your organization’s remote work culture. Alternatively, keep reading to learn more about what a remote candidate […]

How to Blur Your Background in Zoom (On Any Device)

What a mess! Your kidโ€™s taken a crayon to the wall, channeling their inner Picasso. Your bookshelf is overflowing with files and folders that should have been sorted five years ago. The stacks of cereal bowls and coffee cups on your desk are beginning to resemble the Tower of Pisa. We all experience mess from […]

How To Write A User Interview Discussion Guide That Works

How To Write A User Interview Discussion Guide

The most important component of your testing strategy is without a doubt the discussion guide for user interviews. It will be a route map that leads you to the discoveries you need and ensures that your research interview sessions are successful. There are many different discussion guides available, some of which may be rigid scripts […]

Getting More Done: How to Be Productive and Live Your Best Life

How to Be Productive and Live Your Best Life

Most of us want to live productive lives. You want to be able to get the most from your day and achieve all of your goals. But sometimes it is difficult to figure out how to achieve this objective. There are so many productivity strategies and ideas available that deciding which will work for you […]

Strategies On How To Improve Efficiency At Work

Improve Efficiency At Work

Do you think you could be more effective at work? If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to be productive, especially in a corporate environment. But don’t worry, there are solutions available to help you become more efficient. We’ll go through 20 of them in this blog post. So keep reading to […]

How to Write Great Meeting Minutes; A Short Guide

What Are Meeting Notes

The amount of information available to us today is far more than ever before, and in meetings, we get to hear even more information which can be overwhelming that taking meeting minutes becomes necessary most of the time. Meeting minutes are not a mere formality. The amount of information alone coming from meetings can make […]

How To Take Better Meeting Notes; A Short Guide

How To Take Better Meeting Notes

Taking meeting notes is a crucial way to ensure that you can remember what happened during a meeting and capture any action items. The 4 A’s of taking meeting notes can help you make sure your notes are accurate, actionable, and easy to find. Please choose the format for your notes that works best for you and makes them easy to understand. Use tl;dv to record and take notes that automatically match timestamps to your meeting video.

Top 10 User Experience (UX) Research Interview Questions To Ask Users

What questions to ask during the interview session

Asking the right questions is essential for user interview success. In this blog post, we’ve outlined the top 10 user experience research questions that you should ask users in order to gather valuable data. We’ve also provided tips on how to prepare for user interviews and how to take good notes. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start conducting user interviews. Remember to record all sessions with tl;dv for free!