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How to Set Up a CRM Meeting Integration with Explained

If you’re using as your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system of choice, then it’s time to take things to the next level. A CRM meeting integration allows you to maximize your sales and customer support calls, funneling the insights gained directly to your CRM and keeping all your customer data in one easy-to-reach place. Sounds perfect, right?

So how do you set up a integration with your favorite video conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams? It’s easier than you might think – and we’re going to show you how here. 

We’ll also let you in on a pro secret… There’s a better way to set up your CRM meeting integration. One that will save you countless hours of time, maximize your meeting insights, and automate your workflow like never before. Stick around to find out what it is! 😉 

tl;dv: our little secret ;)

But first, let’s take a deeper look at why a CRM meeting integration is essential in today’s day and age.

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5 Perks of a Integration

1. Enhanced Customer Insights

Back in the day, it was a trade to remember as much as you could in relation to customer and client information. Now we have a software that tracks all your customer relations and conversations in one centralized space. The time and energy you spent putting into remembering these details personally can be spent elsewhere.

Every recorded interaction is stored in the same place, providing you with detailed insights into your clients thoughts and building a specific sales profile for each customer. This gives you the upper hand when dealing with upselling opportunities. Having a general understanding of your clients’ thoughts, needs, likes and dislikes is something a integration will ensure you have, without the hassle of racking your memory for important information.

2. Training and Onboarding

Employee training is one of the most important reasons for recording your calls. Being able to record and then analyze the calls of your leading sales reps sounds like the perfect way to ensure that successful sales strategies are being implemented. Rinse and repeat with your new employees and watch them hit the ground running. 

3. Boosted Team Communication 

With a CRM meeting integration, reviewing long, jaunting meetings is a thing of the past. The integration ensures every domain of your team aligns and has a shared understanding of common goals and aims. 

To take this type of integration higher, you can make use of tl;dv’s powerful AI summaries. tl;dv will join any meeting you want, record, transcribe, take notes, and generate summaries on your behalf, leaving you with a handy list of timestamps that you can quickly and easily jump to whenever you want. This keeps misunderstandings between teammates to a minimum – but also prevents miscommunication during sales calls and customer support calls. It keeps a verifiable source of truth for all to see.

If this isn’t enough, tl;dv’s super smart search function allows you to type in a keyword or subject and get instant results from all your combined transcripts. Being able to draw important data and information effortlessly improves collaboration within your team as everything is stored in one centralized database. It also means you can schedule recurring reports based on specific library filters you’d like to hear regular updates on.

4. Increased Sales Opportunities

Being a successful sales company, you need to have your core attributes nailed down. A strong customer relationship is essential – they want to feel like you care. If you make them feel like more than just a number, they are more likely to be open to improved plans and upselling opportunities when you make follow up calls

This becomes easier to do when you have a good CRM meeting integration. All the previous data from your initial sales call is stored in the same database as all your other customer data. It makes it super easy to reconnect with each customer on a personal level, enhancing your communication and manoeuvering one step closer to a done deal.

5. Personalized Marketing Campaigns

A CRM integration gives you the upper-hand when it comes to promoting and marketing your business. It lets you spread your wings and reach your target audience while also being flexible and having the ability to adapt your marketing to reach different consumers. With a integration, you can optimize your marketing aims to be in line with customer interests using data-driven decisions.

Being able to compartmentalize clients based on their location, their ad-responses, purchase history, and all other factors which contribute to a demographic profile, helps you stay up to date with the latest trends.

We Could Be Here All Day…

The benefits of a CRM integration are endless. However, we’re not here to discuss every single perk. What we really want to know is how to actually integrate our favorite video conferencing platforms with…

Let’s get started!

Integrations with

To be honest, doesn’t integrate with many video conferencing platforms. It only has one native integration in this category and that is with Zoom. This might not be ideal if you’re already set up with Google or Microsoft. 

However, it’s not the end of the world. While it’s not as simple as other CRMs that have built-in native integrations, can still integrate with Google Meet and MS Teams through third party apps like Zapier. Several of the big CRMs do natively integrate with all three of the top video conferencing platforms. These include Salesforce, Hubspot, and even Pipedrive.

How to Integrate with Zoom

Zoom homescreen
Source: Zoom

Zoom is one of the leading video conferencing platforms on the planet and’s native integration is an absolute walk in the park to get set up. allows us to set up triggers to connect both apps seamlessly and effectively. Just FYI, to install the Zoom app on Close, the account admin will need to pre-approve the application by clicking the toggle to pre-approve close.

The first steps to the integration are as follows:

  1. Sign in to your Zoom account.
  2. Then under settings on your profile, head to connect and then accounts and apps.
  3. Press add account and then select Zoom.
  4. Sign in and once the account is connected, it will appear on the list of Connected Accounts and away you go. You can start to review your Zoom calls directly from

How to Integrate Microsoft 365 & MS Teams with

Source: Microsoft

Whilst has a native integration with Microsoft 365, this does not apply to MS Teams. The Microsoft 365 integration is directly connected to your calendar, syncing up seamlessly and ensuring a consistent workflow within your company. The integration will then provide a feed of various tasks and meetings to remind you to always follow up. 

A third party tool such as Zapier allows an integration between and MS Teams, unlocking a variety of benefits. It gives you the ability to streamline your workflows and stay on top of your duties. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Make a Zapier account if you do not have one already.
  2. Connect your MS Teams and accounts with Zapier.
  3. Create a new Zap, then select MS Teams as the “trigger app”.  Select the trigger event, such as New Call Recording.
  4. Set up the action that will perform when your zap is triggered. For example: Create Lead or Update Lead.

This allows you to automatically funnel customer data into the correct place.

How to Integrate with Google Meet & Google Calendar

Source: Google

Again, very similar to MS 365 and Teams, has a native CRM integration with Google Calendar but there’s no direct integration with Google Meet. Integrating directly with Google Calendar, will automatically sync your scheduled meetings. You can start, run, and track all your meetings using this CRM integration. 

To unlock the true power of a integration with Google Meet, however, we have to turn once again to Zapier. It’s a fairly routine set up:

  1. Make a Zapier account if you do not have one already.
  2. Connect your Google Meet and accounts with Zapier.
  3. Create a new Zap, then select Google Meet as the “trigger app”. Select the trigger event from their list of options, including: New Meeting Started or New Attendee Joined.
  4. Set up the action you want to perform when your Zap is triggered. For example: Create Lead or Update Lead.

This process really streamlines your workflow and automates time-consuming tasks.

tl;dv: The God Version of CRM Meeting Integrations

Earlier on, we mentioned that there is a better way to set up your CRM meeting integration – one that automates your workflow on a whole new level and maximizes your meeting insights. Here it is! Meet tl;dv.

In a nutshell, tl;dv summarizes sales meetings from all of the platforms discussed above. But that’s just the beginning. It empowers you to schedule recurring AI-generated reports based on any keyword/s of your choice. This means you can get AI notes and summaries sent regularly to your inbox about the specific call highlights from your entire company.

Let’s say you have a team of sales reps using tl;dv, you can now get regular updates on what’s holding the prospect back from buying. Let’s say that “pricing” is a common concern. Now you can get every mention of pricing from ALL your sales calls sent to your inbox in a combined clip for you to breeze through at your leisure. Even better, you set how often you want to receive them! 

You can be as specific as you want, even choosing to highlight or eliminate inputs from certain people (as tl;dv automatically detects who’s speaking at any given time).

Recurring AI reports: the future is here

The Perfect CRM Meeting Integration

tl;dv goes above and beyond recording and transcribing. AI meeting summaries were just the start. Imagine having everything listed above – a tool that summarizes meetings based on an array of preset library filters – but having that delivered instantly to, storing your customer’s choices, preferences, likes and dislikes all under each individual customer’s data. 

It’s all done automatically. Wave goodbye to wasted hours manually transporting data across (even more if you had to manually make notes, too!). This enables you to make data-driven decisions like never before. And the more you use tl;dv, the more data you have and the stronger your decision-making process will become. It’s an exponential improvement. 

Although tl;dv does not have a native integration with, tl;dv does have native integration with Zapier. Zapier is a third party app designed to bridge the gap between different platforms, and with it, you can integrate the two. You set the triggers and events, so it’s fully customizable. Just follow these instructions.

  1. Make a Zapier account if you do not have one already.
  2. Connect your tl;dv and accounts with Zapier.
  3. Create a new Zap, then select tl;dv as the “trigger app”. Choose the trigger event from Zapier’s list, including: Recording Added or Note Added.
  4. Set up the action you want to perform when your Zap is triggered. This could be Create Note or Update Lead Status. 

Want to know the best part about tl;dv? You can start using the tool today without spending a single cent. Check out our free and pro plans today and get ready to turbocharge the data inputted into your CRMs.

Integrate With Today is getting a reputation for being one of the top user-friendly CRM systems on the market right now. This is especially true for smaller start-up sales businesses. It gleefully claims the company is trusted by the world’s fastest scaling teams and it’s not hard to see why. 

Integrating it with your video recording platform of choice – or tl;dv for those who want more than just basic recordings, transcripts, and summaries – takes your relationship with your customer to the next level. 

Make the most of your time and really mine your online calls for all they’re worth with a tl;dv integration. You won’t regret it.

tl;dv for Sales
Spend your time where it matters most. Uncover Sales intelligence and track how well your team follows your Playbooks. tl;dv is an AI Meeting Assistant that helps you (finally) get insights from all your meetings, right in your team's favorite tools.
Recordings & Transcripts (+30 languages)
Onboard new reps with ease
Evaluate your meetings against popular frameworks like MEDDIC, BANT and more
Create your own framework
Automatically push your meeting notes to your favourite CRM
Speaker insights to help you keep control of your meetings

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