How to Record your Google Meet Meetings

How To Record A Google Meet In Seconds ⚡

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Let me get to the point, you can record your Google Meet and Zoom meetings in seconds with tl;dv – a Google Chrome Extension.

Besides our own tool, which we’re rather chuffed about, we’re going to go through some alternative ways to record a Google Meet meeting in seconds! So, let’s get to it!

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Recording a Google Meet: the basics

Before you get started improving your meeting-game, you might want to quickly go over some of the basics. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get, here at tl;dv!

Luckily, recording a Google Meet from the computer isn’t difficult. One of the ways is by Google meet screen recording. However, you can run into issues with compliance and privacy with screen recording tools, such as Loom.

We recommend recording your meetings with tl;dv – The Google Meet recording Google Chrome Extension. Install it here for free!

However, can google meet be recorded by anyone?

No, not everyone can record a Google Meet. Only users within the same organization, the meeting’s organizer, or a professor using Google Meet as a classroom can tape in Google Meet.

Furthermore, recording is normally only available to G-Suite Enterprise users. However, until September 30, 2020, Google has made this feature open to everyone.

Before legal software came into being, most video conference users used screen recording apps to record their sessions. There was a lack of proper knowledge and information about legal meeting recordings.

However, using screen recording apps can land you into legal troubles costing hefty fines. All of this is because such apps and not DGPR complied and have no information about how they use your data.

When you record any meeting with other members present in it, the only possible way to ethically do so is by taking consent. Google Meet recordings are only illegal when the recorder does not comply with the GDPR rules.

Along with understanding how to record a Google Meet, it is also crucial to study all legal aspects of the GDPR compliance and adhere to them to avoid risking a data breach.

Follow the steps for easy Google meet recordings with tl;dv

  • Step 1: Add the chrome extension to your browser, and you will be redirected to the extension page automatically once installed.

  • Step 2: Begin your Google Meet session and click on start recording. The tl;dv bot will join you in the meeting as a participant.

  • Step 3: As the meeting commences, the tl;dv bot will record and transcribe every second with SSL encrypted recordings.

Step 4: Once the meeting is over, you will receive an email with the transcript and recordings as the tl;dv registered.

Another query most frequent users of video conferencing platforms ask is about where do google meet recordings go. It is not an issue with just 3rd party software systems; most people are unable to find their meeting recordings even in the platform they use.

Using tl;dv makes the process of finding and storing your meeting data safe and secure. You get direct access to your recordings, and the software follows all DGPR compliances.

There are 2 places where you can find your meeting recordings when using tl;dv:

Check your registered email

Shortly after the meeting, you will receive an email from tl;dv. All of the highlights are included in this email, along with a link to the whole recording and transcript. Please be aware that this email may take a few minutes to arrive because meeting files are typically huge – and the software needs to process them.

Look into your tl;dv account

All of your tl;dv meetings are linked to the email address you used during the meeting. You can access your previous meetings by logging into tl;dv with that email address.

Google’s premium web conferencing service was made publicly available a few months ago. If you’re already a Google user, it’s tightly connected with the rest of your apps, such as Chat, and it communicates with your Calendar. It also operates on all platforms and the web with no installations or security concerns.

However, those on older G Suite accounts who have not yet been upgraded to the newer Google Workspace plans will continue to be unable to use the recording capability within Google Meet. And if you haven’t used it in the last six months, most probably, your Google Meet has no record option.

There are multiple tools available in the market that assist in recording Google Meet sessions. However, the top 2 are: tl;dv & OBS.

Every corporate professional understands the importance of meeting minutes. Earlier, due to a lack of technology, recording minutes meant jotting down points physically or on an MS Word 2010 version. However, with changing times and video conferencing becoming part and parcel of corporate life, numerous software technologies are here to assist.

Now that we have understood the concept of how to record a Google Meet, it is equally important to recognize the importance of doing so.

Here’s why a Google Meet recording is the best way to establish accurate minutes and solid proof.

  • It is more convenient

Undoubtedly, the most important part of recording Google Meet sessions is that it is more convenient. Not only to the person assigned to take down minutes but also the entire team present there. There will be no interruption for repeating what was said already.

  • Saves more time

Without interruption and constant queries, the meeting will proceed faster, and everyone will get to address their query or doubt with the board members.

  • Nothing is missed out

It is practically impossible for anyone to note down any non-verbal actions in a meeting which often play an important role in the meeting. By arranging for a Google Meet recording, you get to record every little aspect of the meeting, and nothing is gone unnoticed.

  • Solid factual evidence

If your meeting is full of details and you’d like to keep them safe, recording is the best option to go for. In case you wish to share the meeting minutes with potential investors and shareholders, a saved recording allows you to easily do so.

How to record a Google Meet in seconds!?

Get ready to have all of your “How to record a Google Meet” questions answered, as we’re about to give you everything you need to know!

Record your Google Meet with tl;dv

tl;dv empowers teams to record, transcribe and timestamp their Google Meets easily. To record your Google Meet is as simple as inviting our Google Meet bot to the meeting, or inviting the bot, with a click of a button on the fly! Let’s take a look at what a Google Meet recorded in seconds, looks like with tl;dv!

To get started recording your Google Meets in seconds, simply install our Google Chrome Extension!

Screen recording tools

Another way to record meetings is to use a screen recorder. Common tools include Loom, ScreenCastify, and ScreenApp.

It must be noted that recording meetings with screen recordings has the potential to run into privacy or GDPR issues, as there are many different rules globally about screen recordings. A best practise is to always make obtain conscent to record by everyone in the Google Meet meeting.

Google Meet transcription tools

Maybe you’d like to only record the audio, or perhaps get a transcription? Then you’re in luck, because there is a lot more option in that department. Here are some of our faves!

tl;dv - instant Google Meet transcription

How to record and transcribe a Google Meet in seconds

When you record your meeting with tl;dv, you also get an instant meeting trancription. So, you can catch up in meeting in minutes via the video, transcription or our timestamps! Install the free Google Chrome Extension here.

Otter is a very popular meeting transcription tool for those who only want a meeting transcription without the recording.

Use Google Meet's own caption function

There are a lot of 3rd party transcription tools available, such as Gong, Chorus and Fireflies. However, have you considered using Google Meet’s own native live captioning function? Perhaps you want to layer this functionality on top of your Google Meet recording or transcription. According to Google Meet live captions are available globally in English. For other languages, they’ve limited it according to region:

If you are located in the Asia Pacific or European region, you can use captions in: English, French, Spanish (Mexico), German, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain).

If you are located in North America or Latin America, you can use captions in: German, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico).

Google Meet’s instructions on how to enable live captioning are:

  1. On your computer, go to Google Meet.
  2. Join a video call.
  3. At the bottom, click Turn on captions or Turn off captions .

Which are the Best Google Meet meetings to record?

Here’s our quick list of the best Google Meet meetings to record. Where applicable, we’ve linked what a recorded meeting of that type would look like!

Recruitment and HR - best Google Meets to record

  • Cultural interview – this is excellent to share with the team.
  • Competancy interview
  • First round interview
  • Post hiring onboarding meetings – by recording these meetings you give your new candidate the chance to review critical information discussed during onboarding!

Sales - best Google Meets to record

  • Panel discussions and manager strategies
  • Employee inputs and new ideas
  • Sales growth infographics
  • Company goals
  • Employee retention
  • Client satisfaction and response

Customer Success – best Google Meets to record

  • Customer interviews – through recording these meetings, you can share and maximize the insights gained from customer interviews.
  • Team meetings and syncs
  • Customer succcess workshops
  • Customer onboarding sessions – be recording these you give your customer’s the chance to review important information.

Product and Dev - best Google Meets to record

  • Team sprints
  • Team retros and reviews
  • Dev and agile workshops

UX - best Google Meets to record

Final thoughts on how to record a Google Meet meeting in seconds!
How to record a Google Meet in seconds

Google meet has no record option in-built. You can opt to record your Google Meet with the tl;dv Google Chrome extension, or your can transcribe your meetings with some of the tools mentioned above. Alternatively, you can activate Google Meet’s native live captioning service too!

We’ve discussed compliance and privacy above a few times, however, as it is an important topic, we wanted to conclude with this point again.

Google Meet recordings are gaining more and more prominence; however, doing so with screen recording apps can become a GDPR compliance risk.

In general, we always encourage people to let everybody in the meeting know they’re being recorded or the meeting is being transcribed and to seek permission to do so.