AI Meeting Notes

Maximize company efficiency with AI meeting minutes, ensuring critical information is captured, organized, and shared effortlessly.

Notes that capture
what matters most

Capture key moments with AI-driven notes and summaries, ensuring nothing important is missed.

AI notes auto-delivered to the right people

Automatically route your meetings’ most important takeaways to the people who can act on them, for immediate impact.

Embed insights where decisions happen

Seamlessly feed your meeting summaries into your CRM, Slack, or wherever you turn data into decisions.

Key features

Let AI create the notes that matter the most

Next steps, pain points, objections, whatever you want. Our AI understands the nuances of your discussions and automatically groups your meeting notes into the topics you choose.

Skim easily through topic-clustered notes

Dive into the essence of your meetings. Our AI neatly organizes notes by detected topics, turning a sea of words into islands of insights.

Assign notes to your colleagues

Highlight, note, and tag key moments or assign actions to teammates directly within the transcript.

{keyword} mentioned? Get notified

Next steps, pains, objections, whatever you want. Our AI understands the nuances of your discussions and automatically groups your meeting notes for any topic of your choice.

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"tl;dv is a Customer Superbrain that helps me remember every detail from any customer conversation, and elevate the emotional insights throughout my entire organization"

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CS Director, Loom

Custom prompts for the best summary

Use tl;dv and AI to customize your meeting notes and summaries just the way you want.

Summarize a whole week of meetings?

Use our multi-meeting insights to select multiple meetings from your library and prompt tl;dv for the perfect summary.

Auto-send AI meeting notes

Automatically distribute comprehensive meeting notes to all participants after the call. Opt in or out for each or every meeting.

Loop in your team, by sending them AI notes to Slack

Keep your team in the loop. Automatically dispatch meeting recordings, notes, or AI-generated reports straight to your Slack channel, for immediate discussion and collaboration.

Send AI notes to your CRM, enrich customer profiles

Integrate meeting insights directly into your CRM, enriching client profiles with recordings, notes, or custom reports.

"Skip the meetings: Maybe you don’t need the entire team on your next videoconference, after all..."​

Your questions, explained

tl;dv supports over 30 languages, including major languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and many more, catering to a global user base and facilitating multilingual teams.

AI-generated meeting notes are a transformative approach to capturing and summarizing the contents of meetings using artificial intelligence technology. Unlike traditional note-taking, which requires manual effort and can often miss important details, AI meeting notes automate the process, ensuring comprehensive and accurate documentation of discussions, decisions, and action items.

Using AI to generate meeting minutes offers several compelling benefits that can significantly enhance the productivity and efficiency of your team’s communication and workflow:

Accuracy and Completeness

AI technology captures every word spoken during a meeting, ensuring that the minutes are comprehensive and accurate. Unlike manual note-taking, which can be influenced by the note-taker’s interpretation and attention, AI provides an unbiased and complete record of the discussion.

Time Saving

Generating meeting minutes manually is time-consuming and can detract from active participation in discussions. AI automates this process, allowing team members to focus on the meeting content without worrying about taking notes. This not only saves time during the meeting but also reduces the post-meeting workload.

Enhanced Accessibility

AI-generated minutes are easily searchable and accessible, making it simple for anyone in the organization to find and reference specific points discussed in a meeting. This is particularly useful for team members who were unable to attend the meeting or need to recall specific details at a later time.

Improved Collaboration

Sharing minutes is straightforward and ensures that all stakeholders have access to the same information. This fosters transparency and alignment within teams and across departments, facilitating better collaboration and decision-making.

Actionable Insights

Beyond mere transcription, AI can analyze the content of the discussion to highlight key decisions, action items, and insights. This helps teams to quickly identify and act on the most important outcomes of their meetings, driving forward momentum on projects and initiatives.

Customizable Summaries

With AI, you can tailor the focus of your meeting summaries to highlight the topics and insights most relevant to your team’s needs. Whether it’s tracking specific project milestones, customer feedback, or competitive insights, you can configure tl;dv’s notes to capture and emphasize these elements.

Language and Accessibility Support

For teams operating in a multilingual environment, tl;dv’s AI meeting notes can support a variety of languages, ensuring inclusivity and comprehension for all team members. This breaks down communication barriers and enables a more diverse and global workforce to collaborate effectively.


As your organization grows, the volume and complexity of meetings can increase. AI-driven meeting minutes scale with your needs, providing a consistent and reliable method for documenting and analyzing meetings, regardless of size or frequency.

Yes, AI meeting minutes, particularly through platforms like tl;dv, offer robust integration capabilities with a wide range of tools and platforms commonly used by teams and organizations. This seamless integration ensures that the benefits of AI-generated meeting minutes extend across your entire workflow, enhancing productivity and collaboration without disrupting your established processes.

AI-generated meeting minutes, as provided by platforms like tl;dv, are highly accurate, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology to transcribe, summarize, and analyze meeting discussions. The accuracy of AI-generated minutes is a crucial factor for organizations relying on this technology to capture and utilize meeting insights effectively. Here’s how tl;dv ensures the accuracy of its AI-generated meeting minutes.

Yes, your AI-generated meeting minutes are secure and private with tl;dv. We use strong encryption for data at rest and in transit, adhere to GDPR compliance for data protection, and employ a privacy-first approach to safeguard your information.

They enhance team collaboration and productivity by providing accurate, searchable records of discussions, automating note-taking to save time, highlighting key decisions and action items for quick follow-up, and ensuring all team members have access to important insights, regardless of their meeting attendance.

Step 1: Integration and Setup

First, ensure that tl;dv is integrated with your preferred video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. Set up tl;dv to automatically join your meetings or manually initiate recording for each session.

Step 2: Automatic Recording

Enable the automatic recording feature to ensure that every meeting is captured without the need to start the recording manually. This can be configured at an individual or team level, allowing for seamless capture of all external and internal meetings.

Step 3: Engage in Your Meeting as Usual​

Proceed with your meeting as planned. tl;dv’s AI technology will record, transcribe, and identify key moments in real-time. The AI is designed to recognize each speaker, tag participants’ names accurately, and adapt to the speed and diversity of the conversation.

Step 4: AI-Generated Notes and Summaries​

After the meeting, tl;dv’s AI will automatically generate notes and summaries based on the discussion. It understands the nuances of your conversation and organizes meeting notes by topics you’ve set, such as action items, objections, or key decisions.

Step 5: Review and Edit Meeting Minutes​

Access the meeting transcript and AI-generated notes in your tl;dv dashboard. You can review, edit, or add additional notes as needed. The platform allows you to highlight, note, and tag key moments or assign actions directly within the transcript.

Step 6: Share and Integrate Insights

Easily share meeting minutes with stakeholders, users, clients, or colleagues. Create snippets from recordings or stitch together highlights with tl;dv’s Reels feature. Integrate insights into your workflow with over 5,000 tools like Slack, Notion, Asana, and Trello via Zapier, enhancing collaboration and decision-making.