AI Coaching & Playbooks

Empower everyone in your team to be high-performers – AI coaching brings personalized scorecards to improve their skills and see how everyone’s doing, plus guides to handle tough questions easily,

Optimize Meeting Performance

Elevate your team’s efficacy with data-driven insights and customized strategies.

Refine Engagement & Closing Techniques

Sharpen your team’s engagement strategies with advanced analytics and targeted objection handling guidance.

Accelerate Strategy Adoption & Learning

Drive successful adoption of proven strategies and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Key features

Choose the framework that fits

Optimise performance against a playbook. In Sales? Choose from a library of proven frameworks like BANT or MEDDICC, or craft your unique guidelines.

Improve your team's ability to handle objections

Compare your Sales reps’ responses against your blueprint for the perfect rebuttal, paving the way for personalized coaching sessions that significantly enhance objection-handling skills across your team.

Track how well your team follows the Playbook

Evaluate individual and team performance against each framework, enabling targeted coaching and strategy adjustments to drive peak sales performance.

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See analytics for every voice in your meetings

Dive into a wealth of data points to reveal who’s dominating the dialogue as well as the overall engagement and efficiency of your team’s meetings.

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"tl;dv is a Customer Superbrain that helps me remember every detail from any customer conversation, and elevate the emotional insights throughout my entire organization"

Susana de Sousa
CS Director, Loom

Your questions, explained

AI coaching focuses on enhancing individual and team performance, communication skills, and meeting efficiency through the analysis of meeting-related data.

This innovative approach leverages AI technologies to process various forms of data—such as meeting transcripts, video recordings, participant engagement, and feedback—to provide actionable insights and personalized coaching.

Here’s how it works:

Key Features

  • Speech and Language Analysis: AI can analyze speech patterns, language use, and communication styles to provide feedback on how clearly and effectively participants convey their messages. This includes assessing tone, pace, clarity, and the use of filler words.

  • Engagement and Participation Tracking: AI tools can evaluate the level of engagement and participation of meeting attendees, identifying who contributes most frequently and who might need encouragement to speak up more often.

  • Action Item and Decision Tracking: AI can automatically identify and compile action items, key decisions, and highlights from meetings, ensuring that important information is captured and followed up on.

AI Coaching offers several benefits to individuals and organizations, such as personalised feedback for improvement, of meeting outcomes, enhancing meeting efficiency or improve collaboration and team dynamics.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Personalized Feedback for Improvement: Individuals can receive personalized suggestions on how to improve their communication skills, engagement levels, and how effectively they contribute to meetings.

  • Enhanced Meeting Efficiency: Teams can learn how to conduct meetings more efficiently, reducing time spent on unnecessary topics and ensuring that meetings are productive and goal-oriented.

  • Improved Collaboration and Team Dynamics: Insights into team interactions and dynamics can lead to better understanding among team members, improved collaboration, and more effective conflict resolution.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: By analyzing meeting outcomes and discussions, teams can make more informed decisions, ensuring that they are based on a comprehensive understanding of the discussions and consensus reached during meetings.

Within an organization, AI coaching can serve both teams and managers by offering tailored guidance and insights designed to optimize performance, enhance communication, and streamline processes.

Here’s how different teams can benefit, along with the dual advantages for both teams and managers:

Sales Teams

  • AI Coaching Applications: Analyze sales calls and sales meetings.
  • Benefits: Enhances sales techniques – objection handling and negotiation skills, boosts conversion rates, and personalizes customer interactions, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Customer Success Teams

  • AI Coaching Applications: Customer success calls (customer onboarding, business reviews, upsell/cross sell).
  • Benefits: Improves customer handling and negotiation skills. Enhances service delivery, and ensures customers achieve their desired outcomes with the product or service, fostering long-term customer relationships.

Marketing Teams

  • AI Coaching Applications: Analysing meeting data from customer interview calls.
  • Benefits: Increases efficacy of customer research calls.

Product Teams

  • AI Coaching Applications: Analysing meeting data from customer research calls.
  • Benefits: Improves User Research efficiency while conducting customer interviews.

Leadership Teams

  • AI Coaching Applications: Customer calls from Sales and CS teams.
  • Benefits: Improves leadership oversight, decision-making, enhances organizational agility and resilience, and fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation across the organization.

Serving Equally Across Teams

  • Personalized Insights and Development: Tailors coaching to the unique needs and objectives of each team, supporting skill development and performance improvement at both the individual and team levels.
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Synergy: Identifies opportunities for cross-functional collaboration, ensuring that teams are aligned in their goals and strategies, which is particularly important for Product, Marketing, and Sales teams.
  • Objective Performance Metrics: Offers a neutral, data-driven perspective on performance, helping teams set realistic goals and measure progress effectively.
  • Strategic Alignment: Ensures that all teams are aligned with the overarching organizational strategy, facilitating a cohesive approach to achieving business objectives.
  • Continuous Learning and Adaptation: Encourages a culture of learning and innovation, with AI coaching providing ongoing feedback and insights, allowing teams to adapt quickly to market changes and internal challenges.

AI coaching can significantly contribute to the efficiency, effectiveness, and success of Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, Product, and Leadership teams by providing personalized, data-driven insights and recommendations. This approach not only enhances individual and team performance but also aligns efforts towards achieving the strategic goals of the organization.