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Hubspot integration with tl;dv

In the marketing whirlwind, every interaction counts. tl;dv channels your Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet dialogues directly into Hubspot, ensuring your CRM pulsates with real-time data.

Marketing Automation Reimagined.

Leverage our AI Meeting Template crafted for marketers and beam precise meeting data into Hubspot. No more manual entries. Let your team review accounts in Hubspot and comprehend them rapidly with tl;dv’s AI-powered summaries. What’s more, reconnect with the conversation’s essence through clickable recording segments.

Setting up your integrations is easy

On the tl;dv side menu, click on the integrations tab

Select from our featured templates or create your own custom workflows.

Off you go! Sit back and relax, your data will flow seamlessly between apps.

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Record, transcribe, clip and share with Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams

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