Meeting management software for Zoom and Google Meet

tl;dv is the ultimate meeting management tool for busy teams. Timestamp key takeaways during or after live calls so your team can quickly catch up on the moments that matter. Share or edit virtual meeting moments in just a few clicks – or tag a colleague in any part of the call. tl;dv makes it possible to stay in the loop without wasting time or wrestling calendar conflicts. ​

Meeting productivity software for busy teams​

Some meetings could have been an email, but all meetings could have been a tl;dv. Instead of wasting hours in long meetings when only a moment of the call is relevant to you, start catching up on the key takeaways in minutes. Rather than invite ten team members to the same call, let nine of them quickly recap in their own time. tl;dv makes it easier than ever to capture call insights and share them via timestamps, edited clips, tagging, and a shared libraries of past call. Staying in the loop has never been easier – or more effective.

Zoom fatigue? Meetings don't have to suck​

Does any of the following sound familiar?
Half of meeting attendees tend to remain passive. Most managers experience regular scheduling conflicts. Remote teams spread across continents battle time zone differences.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Leverage the virtual nature of modern meetings by turning recordings into bite-size takeaways for anyone who didn’t join. Live attendance is a thing of the past – make way for a meeting culture that prioritizes focus and productivity!

Boost productivity and knowledge-sharing​

As a feature-packed meeting management tool, tl;dv is geared toward helping teams learn from past meetings. Recordings become valuable resources when clipped, timestamped and organized into a library. Empower employees to access insights, learnings and decisions in video-format, and watch how the quality of knowledge sharing, upskilling and onboarding accelerates across your organization. 

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"tl;dv is essential to back up and sell product decisions with emotional evidence from every Sales, Customer, and research meetings within Zapier"


Lars Vedo
Sr. Product Manager, Zapier

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