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Provide the ultimate onboarding experience for remote employees. With tl;dv, you can create a library of onboarding video resources that will help newcomers get up to speed in the most engaging and effective way possible. Collect recorded tutorials, presentations, or meeting highlights to share with new recruits!​

Enjoy onboarding your hires. AI takes your meeting notes.

Onboarding new hires has historically been one thing: inefficient and stressful. For the Onboarding Managers, and the new hires. We’ve worked hard to change that. tl;dv not only records and transcribes your Onboarding meetings so you don’t have to repeat yourself over and over again, it also uses ChatGPT meeting summaries to help you, your team, and your hires catch up on the important bits in minutes. All it takes is a simple keyboard short-cut to summarize the moment, timestamped in the meeting recording and transcript. Learn more about tl;dv AI.

Speed up remote employee onboarding

Why host the same onboarding session for all new employees, when you could record it just once with tl;dv? Whether it’s a presentation on company culture or a software tutorial – recording your Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom call will give you a shareable video resource for your onboarding library. Is the recording too long? Clip your video into bite-size snippets! Timestamped notes, meanwhile, help new employees jump straight to specific call moments, saving them tons of time in the process. 

Build a knowledge hub for new employees

What better way to teach new employees, than by showing them a good example? When you record sales, user research or customer success calls with your high performers, you’ll give newcomers an instant glimpse into what ‘excellent’ looks like. Clip and edit longer calls into bite-size snippets to highlight the key take-aways and learnings. Create a library of insights, tutorials and demos that will bring new employees up to speed faster than ever.

Give remote onboarding a personal touch

Which would you prefer as a new employee; learning about company culture through a five-page Word document, or by watching a video rich with emotion? When you give remote employees access to past calls and onboarding videos, they’ll see the personalities of their new colleagues shine through. Let them watch how meetings are run and decisions are reached. A picture paints a thousand words, and a tl;dv paints a thousand more.

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"Any company looking to move to asynchronous communications should get tl;dv. It’s time for synchronous meetings to get async superpowers"

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