A Product Research tool for smarter insights sharing

tl;dv records and transcribes your Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet meetings. We summarize the most important insights with AI, so you can focus on understanding your customers pain points better. Leverage recorded sales calls, UX research sessions and clip the critical moments to tell your customers story authentically. 

GPT generated notes from all user meetings

Undestanding your customers is hard enough, Product Managers shouldn’t have to also hastily take notes while meeting them. Luckily, with our AI meeting notes for Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom, multitasking is a thing of the past! Simply hit a button to get a GPT summary from your meeting insights, linked to the recording and transcript. Focus on understanding your customers, then generate a clip and tell a compelling story in the voice of your customer to get buy-in from your team on what to build next! Good luck!

Get the most out of product research

tl;dv is a Product Managers’ best friend. Highlight and assess valuable information shared by your prospects, customers, investors or stakeholders in online meetings. By recording and transcribing all your Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom calls, our product research tool will empower you to build upon a video library of knowledge. Single out key takeaways, select moments to share, create clips of learnings, and take notes for easy recaps. The result? A robust and de-risked product roadmap.

Amplify the Voice of the Customer

Who better to describe a user’s pain points, favorite features, and biggest needs – than the user themselves? Capture the personality of your customers and don’t let any expressive nuances go overlooked. Let your product team hear real emotion, and plan roadmaps with their user voices in mind. tl;dv has become an essential product management tool because of how it brings customer input closer to development. Share clips and timestamped recordings to showcase the key insights from any Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom session.

Exchange knowledge with accessible insights

No matter your role or experience, bite-size and shareable insights will help elevate your skills. Marketing teams use tl;dv to better understand customer perceptions of their product. Sales teams use tl;dv to learn from user research sessions which features are most appreciated. Product teams use tl;dv to prioritize developments based on user needs – adapting their roadmap to best serve their customers. As for Product Managers? They rely on tl;dv to skip back-to-backs and catch up on what really matters – faster than ever.
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"tl;dv is essential to back up and sell product decisions with emotional evidence from every Sales, Customer, and research meetings within Zapier."


Lars Vedo
Sr. Product Manager, Zapier

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