Sales call recording software for closing deals faster

When you bring tl;dv to your sales calls, your team can follow-up faster, collaborate better, and identify the perfect moment to close. Leverage AI generated meeting notes that sync with Salesforce and Hubspot. Review sales calls at lightning speed to learn from the best. Enter follow-up calls utterly prepared. Turn full recordings into teachable snippets for new Sales recruits, or clip out value-highlighting moments to share with prospects. 

The AI Meeting note taker for Sales

What do the LinkedIn sales gurus say?! ‘Sales is all about listening’. Right, we got that by now. But who signed you up for note taking while doing so?! Well, no more! With our GPT Meeting summarizer you can simply hit a button or press a short-cut to generate a summary of your Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom insights. And the best? It automatically syncs with your Salesforce and Hubspot, saving you and your SalesOps team a lot of grey hair. And the best? It’s linked to the recording & transcript, so that you can generate bite-sized clips and never lose context. 

Record sales calls on Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet

Hey, sales person! Are you a fan of knowledge sharing, ease of collaboration, fast recaps and effective follow-ups? Then you’re a fan of tl;dv. Our sales call recording software will capture insights from your sales calls in one click. Any notes you type into the tl;dv text box during the call will transform into timestamped notes that allow you to easily revisit specific moments. Recordings are instantly accessible in your library, alongside a top quality transcript and editing tool. 

Follow-up on sales calls effectively

Catch up on the key takeaways of any sales call – in minutes. Timestamped notes added during or after the call will take you straight to the parts of the recording that matter. Need input from a team mate? No problem – timestamped notes can be shared across all collaborative sales platforms thanks to our handy integrations. Recordings are automatically sent to all participants (unless share settings are adjusted) meaning you’ll get instantly notified when a prospect is revisiting your call.

Train new Sales employees faster

When it comes to onboarding Sales team members – why not let them learn from the best? With tl;dv you can highlight moments of excellence among your top performers, meaning new recruits learn from talented team members without demanding their time. Easily clip out great sales moments to create a library of educational snippets, or use timestamped notes to help new employees scan through past calls for immediate context on prospects, clients, and sales strategy.

Hubspot and Salesforce integration

Share customer insights by video across your favourite CRMs with our seamless integrations. We work where you work – bringing valuable insights and rich context to your customer profiles in Hubspot, Salesforce, and other major platforms. Push links to important meeting moments directly to your customer’s profile – it takes only a second to set up!

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"tl;dv is a Customer Superbrain that helps me remember every detail from any customer conversation, and elevate the emotional insights throughout my entire organization"

Susana Loom

Susana de Sousa

Director of Support, Loom

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