90 Things To Do When You’re Bored at Work

If you’ve found this content by Googling ‘bored at work’ (like thousands of others do every month) then the situation must be serious. We’re sorry. It should never have gotten so bad that you had to turn to the internet for inspiration on how to cure your mind-numbing, work-induced boredom. But here you are! You’re massaging your temples, knowing that many, many hours remain until you can with good conscience close your laptop for the day.

And here we are, with a long list of boredom-obliterating ideas! We’ll list ideas on what you can do during work hours to regain focus, motivation, or simply the will to live. Keep in mind that this list is especially suitable for remote works. Not working from home? Hmm, your boredom is going to be trickier to cure – but plenty of the following ideas can still be executed with great success in a corporate office.

Oh, and if you’re trapped in a tedious online meeting, there’s a relevant section below just for you. (Pro tip: tell your colleagues to start using an online meeting software like tl;dv to keep calls short, sweet and infrequent.)

The ultimate list on things to do when bored at work

Jump to the following sections to find the tips most relevant to your situation. After all, there are as many types of boredom as there are reasons for being bored. Whether it’s that fleeting moment of restlessness in the late afternoon, or a day-long tedium that makes you question your life choices – we’ve got you covered.

Regain focus: give your mind a rest so you can concentrate better
Remain productive: kill boredom while still getting sh*t done
Get inspired: where did your motivation go? time to locate it
Break ideas: sometimes you just need a moment of doing something different
No hope: if your brain has officially given up for the day
Existential: maybe this isn’t the right job for you?
Online meetings: the special, uniquely cruel boredom of pointless meetings

How to stay focused at work when you’re bored

Do you ever feel like your brain is functioning on low battery? Then it’s time to charge it up! If you’re too bored to focus, stimulating the brain with a different kind of activity could be enough to spark creativity and encourage concentration. Return to your work a little more enlivened after any of the following activities.

  • #1 Take a walk (ideally in nature)

There’s nothing like stretching your legs and getting your blood circulation in check. Not only will a brisk walk do wonders for your body – but if you can walk somewhere with nature that you’re also doing your mind a favor. Walking has continuously shown to have enormous health benefits. Fresh air, physical activity, and a moment to spend alone with your thoughts – even just a ten minutes of this magic combination can help you return to your desk feeling happier and more focused.

happy man walking down sunny street

  • #2 Meditate

Take a moment to get in touch with your thoughts and focus on your breathing. A little mindfulness can help you attain a sense of peace, helping you go back to your work with a different mindset entirely. Taking deep breaths has also been scientifically shown to calm nerves and reduce stress. All the more reason to meditate during a bored moment at work!

  • #3 Do yoga

Get flexible with some yoga moves! This is the perfect work break activity for beginners and novices alike. Yoga can positively impact your physical fitness, blood flow, heart rate and breathing. You do need any equipment (although a yoga mat and a yoga ball is recommended) and if you’re only doing some moderate moves, you won’t get too sweaty.

  • #4 Hit the gym

Sometimes an intense workout is what’s needed to regain that energy, focus and motivation. No one ever regrets going to the gym, right? Even a 10 minute sprint on the treadmill can have you feel confident and energized by the time you return to the world of emails and Excel. Warning: regularly hitting the gym may have the unwanted effect of compulsively flexing your biceps in the webcam of online meetings.

  • #5 Do jumping jacks

If you aren’t able to hit the gym, and if yoga also seems like too much of a commitment, then try a quick burst of activity instead. Get up and do as many jumping jacks as you can. Simple, effective – and easy enough to do in a bathroom, if you’re stuck at a corporate office and don’t want people staring at you. Colleagues may rise their eyebrows as you exit the office bathroom out of breath, but so what?

  • #6 Listen to music

Music has the power to change your mood completely. The right tune can make you happy, clear your thoughts, inspire motivation or calm you. Every desk worker needs a Spotify or Apple music subscription to get them through the day. There are tons of playlists curated specifically to boost focus and productivity during work hours. From relaxing classical to power pop anthems, you’re bound to find a playlist that does the trick in curing your boredom.

  • #7 Drink water or have a snack

When was the last time you drank water? Forgetting to stay hydrated is easily done when you’re spending hours in front of your screen. Ignoring your body’s hunger signals is just as easy when you’re wrapped up in a project, but if you find your focus wandering at work – you could simply be in need of big glass of water or tasty snack. Pro tip: have a big water bottle close at hand throughout the work day.

  • #8 Give your plants some love

Plants make us happy. Watching them thrive gives us satisfaction. If you’re bored at work, you can take the opportunity to show your plants some love and care. Water them, prune them, talk to them – tell them how beautiful they are.

man pets enormous leaf

  • #9 Drink caffeine (moderately)

Coffee is the hero of every work morning – so long as you don’t abuse its delicious powers. If you’re feeling sleepy and unfocused, a cup or two of coffee might just be enough to jostle you awake. Too much coffee will not only fail to give you that much-needed energy boost, but can also have a dangerous impact on your health. If you’re often bored at work due to general tiredness, try decreasing your caffeine intake to see if this helps with your sleep.

meme about coffee being ineffective

  • #10 Take a quiz

With deadlines looming, it can feel a little dumb taking a Buzzfeed quiz that  determines what kind of pasta shape you are. But – if it helps you return to work invigorated  (and enlightened as to your personal pasta shape!) then maybe doing a silly quiz from time to time isn’t such a bad idea. Plus, you can always do a quiz that tests your skills or knowledge on a work-related topic.

  • #11 Get up and DANCE

Amazing for your mood, amazing for your body. If you’re bored at work while working from home, there is absolutely no reason to not get up right now and bust some moves. Do it! (Pro tip: you can find easy dance tutorials on YouTube.)

woman dances enthusiastically at home

  • #12 Take a bath or shower

Ever tried washing off your boredom? Fill up the tub and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, or have a quick shower so you can return to your desk feeling refreshed.

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  • #13 Give your appearance a makeover

Maybe if you look different, you’ll feel different…ly about your work. Worth a shot, right? And even if you come out of your makeover session feeling just as bored as before, you’ll at least look fabulous. Experiment with whatever hair products you find on your bathroom shelves, or get creative with makeup. Wear something you never usually wear, or accessorize with long-forgotten items at the far back of your wardrobe.  Just make sure you’re not expected to attend an online meetings for the rest of the day. Blue face paint might be difficult to explain.

Zoolander with blue face paint

If you’re bored at work but still want to be productive

Everyone needs a break from time to time, and nobody can operate at 100% efficiency every day. That being said, it’s sometimes difficult to not feel guilty when struggling to stay productive at work. These ideas are for those of you who want to feel less bored but still be productive at work.

  • #14 Invite a colleague to a coffee chat

Building strong relationships is an important aspect of most jobs, but socializing at work can be tricky in the virtual workplace. There’s no water cooler chitchat or lunch break gossip to give you your social fix. When you’re bored at work, make a habit of interacting with a colleague.

Invite someone to an impromptu coffee chat (virtually or IRL) and talk about anything at all! A quick discussion on the latest Netflix shows could be just the break you need. Or complain about recent demands at work to blow off steam. Just make sure you invite a colleague who doesn’t end up worsening your boredom…

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  • #15 Clean up bookmarks

For real, there’s weird stuff in there. Rediscover great content you saved years ago, or delete the bookmarks that are no longer relevant. When your hundreds of bookmarks are organized into neat folders, the satisfaction will be immense!

  • #16 Clean up inbox

Chances are that there’s a ton of newsletters you should unsubscribe from. Star important message, double check your spam folder, and delete whatever is just cluttering your inbox. Trust us, it’s going to feel sooo goooood

  • #17 Tidy your office space

Clean desk, clean mind. If your workspace has gradually filled with clutter and you’re loosing stationery among scribbled notes, it’s time for a tidy. Sort through your drawers, organize your desk, and throw out the trash in your bin. There are plenty of smart storage products or desk organization hacks to get inspired by, if you’re willing to scour Pinterest and scroll through TikTok.

  • #18 Rearrange or redecorate your office

A change of scenery can go a long way in keeping you focused and motivated. Stuck in your home office? You can still change your scenery – with an office makeover! There’s tons of ideas to get inspired by on Pinterest and TikTok, whether you want a calm pastel workspace or a crazy jungle office. New colors, plants, wall art and furniture can put you in a better mood, and leave you feeling more inspired to work. If you haven’t got the budget for a complete makeover, simply rearrange furniture for better home office feng shui or search for low-cost ways to transform your workspace.

  • #19 Make a to-do list

Just because you’re bored right now doesn’t mean you’re always going to be bored. You’ve still got dreams, right? Write them down! Composing a list of things you want to get done when you’re feeling more motivated – from trivial tasks to big ambitions – can have the effect of actually making you more motivated.

  • #20 Clean up your computer desktop…

Delete those old files, back up the important ones, and organize desktop shortcuts into folders. A cluttered desktop can slow down your computer and make it harder for you to find important files or shortcuts.

  • #21 …then spice up your computer desktop

Organized your desktop already? Good – the first step is complete! Now have some fun with creative desktop ideas. What does that mean, you ask? Why, get inspired by the following examples from BrightSide. (By the way, you can get even more creative if you have more than one screens!)

Desktop icons arranged around cosmos

Positioning your desktop icons to pair up with a funny background image is an amazingly fun way to cure boredom at work. And while it may not seem strictly productive, the fact is that you stare at your desktop most days. So, if your desktop can be a source of laughs – isn’t that worthwhile?

Scrubs desktop background idea

Office desktop background ideas with desktop icons organized on desk and shelves Funny Office Space background idea
  • #22 Update your passwords

Data security is no joke, folks. Think of some creative, hard-to-guess passwords, then update all your major work credentials.

  • #23 Update your email signature

Can you make your email signature look more authoritative and professional? Now is your chance!

  • #24 Run updates and restart your computer

Seriously. Do this. Also, computer updates are a super valid reason to not be working. Boss wants you to attend an online meeting? Take a picture of the update-in-progress and send it to them! Immediate get-out-of-jail-free card.

  • #25 Watch a Ted Talk

Lacking motivation? Not only are Ted Talks educational – they’re often highly inspiring. Covering a diverse range of topics, these short lectures are entertaining and informative – so you’re certain to find one you find interesting. Expanding your knowledge is always productive, and with any luck you might just return to work feeling more motivated than before.

  • #26 Read up on industry news

Everyone should have at least one bookmarked news site relevant to their field of work. When you can’t quite focus on your tasks, stay in-the-know by catching up on industry updates instead. This is a great way to stay productive at work with minimum effort.

  • #27 Listen to a podcast

A work-related podcast will keep you informed – and maybe even spark some ideas! Listen as you take a walk, tidy the house, or perform simple tasks at work which require minimal concentration.

  • #28 Make new contacts on LinkedIn

Virtual networking will help you build valuable relationships in your industry. Explore LinkedIn for interesting people you could benefit from knowing – then reach out and say ‘hello’! If your in Sales, you may want to look for potential leads. If you’re eyeing other job opportunities, it can be worthwhile connecting with recruiters. Shoot a message to someone who inspired you, and who might even be prepared to act as your mentor.

  • #29 Revisit your career goals

It’s the classic question unimaginative interviewers always ask: “where do you want to be in five years from now?” Well, it’s worth thinking about. Knowing the direction in which you want to take your career will help make decisions that steer you toward the right path. Envision greatness, then take pen to paper. Write down all your career ambitions and goals for the next five years.

  • #30 Start a social initiative at work

Look, you’re not the only one who gets bored at work. In all likelihood, at least one of your colleagues is experiencing the exact same thing – at this very moments. A great way to battle workplace boredom across an entire organization is to introduce some fun social initiative. This could be a book club, a gym challenge, or a virtual karaoke session. The possibilities are endless! Bonus idea: a ‘pet photo’ Slack channel.

  • #31 Research handy tools for work

Many of us get bored if our work is too repetitive. Having to perform time-consuming and mundane tasks over and over again is not only boring – ineffective. Inefficiency is costly, which is why you’d be well justified in taking a break from the tedious aspects of your work and research ways to scale or simplify the task at hand. Your team mates will thank you for finding a smart solution!

For example, if you work in Sales and regularly have to type up lengthy reports of prospect and client calls, you could scale this process by using a sales call recording software like tl;dv. With this tool, you would take notes during the sales call. These notes then become timestamps that let your team mates quickly jump to specific call moments. No more wasting time typing up lengthy Word documents!

  • #32 Prepare for tomorrow

Today might suck (so far as your productivity is concerned!) but tomorrow doesn’t have to. When bored at work, set yourself up for success tomorrow instead. Prepare for a good night’s sleep, an early start and a healthy breakfast. Start work the next day with a clean desk and an awesome to-do list.

  • #33 Offer to help a colleague

A common reason for feeling bored at work is that you simply don’t have enough to do. When you find yourself twiddling your thumbs, reach out to a team mate instead. Maybe you can help unburden some of their tasks, or collaborate on solving a problem.

  • #34 Catch up on old meetings

If your team is using a meeting software to record Zoom calls or Google Meets, then you can casually catch up on discussions you’ve missed due to scheduling conflicts being OOO. The best thing about recorded calls is that they are skimmable – especially with tl;dv, the Chrome Extension and Zoom app that turns recorded meetings into snappy meeting moments. If your team does have tl;dv, then simply search for any keyword in your video library to quickly find all instances of that word being mentioned. You’ll catch up on all those missed calls in minutes!

  • #35 Read a thought piece

Medium and LinkedIn are great places to find interesting articles from thought leaders in your industry. A ‘thought piece’ typically focuses on an informed or experienced person’s opinions on a particular matter. The intention is to provoke thoughts in the reader, or get them to question accepted norms. You may find content that totally changes your outlook on something – in which case, why not share it with your professional network? You may also read a thought piece that makes you say ‘what a bunch of baloney’. In that case – write your own thought piece and publish it to LinkedIn or Medium!

  • #36 Work

Have you ever been so bored at work, you decided to…work? Yes, we realize one has to reach extraordinary heights of workplace boredom to resort to such an extreme solution. But ironically, simply ‘doing your job’ sometimes does the trick. If a project or task is boring you, try approaching it from a new angle. Consider unconventional ways of completing the task, or just push yourself to focus on it long enough that you actually start to get into it.

Boredom in Parks and Rec

If you’re bored at work and need inspiration

Maybe they reason you’re bored is because you’re feeling a little demotivated. ‘What’s the point?’ you may be thinking to yourself, staring melodramatically out of the window of your home office. It’s only natural to lose sight of one’s ambitions from time to time, but you can rediscover them in a whole bunch of places. When you experience a bored spell at work, take a break and go search for inspiration.

  • #37 Find a new place to work from

One of remote work’s biggest perks is the freedom to be wherever you wish! Retreat to your garden or balcony – and if you have neither of these, then look for other cozy places to work from. Libraries, coffee shops, co-working spaces – there are plenty work-friendly locations just waiting to be discovered. You may feel less bored at work if you’re working from an interesting place.

Young woman works fro hammock with tropical forest view

  • #38 Read up on finance tips

Start looking towards the future with a finance-savvy mind! Whether or not you enjoy your job (and we really hope you do!), it’s good to remind yourself of one of the main reasons you tolerate occasional boredom. Money, presumably, is a key factor.

By making a savings plan and monthly budget, you’ll get an idea of by how much you want or need to increase your earnings. Researching your salary is also a good idea (you can do this by Googling average industry salaries in your area). Oh, and Investopedia have a good beginner’s guide on how to get started with stocks investing.

Thinking about finances might just give you the inspiration to either climb the career ladder in your current job – or look for opportunities elsewhere. Alternatively, you might realize you don’t need to work as much as you do for the lifestyle you want. Finding ways to cut costs so you can work less will inspire you to move toward your ideal work/life balance.

  • #39 Ask your boss for a challenge

No, we’re not suggesting you engage in mortal combat with your boss. But if you’re easily bored at work, maybe you’re ready for new responsibilities. Look your boss in the eyes and say “bring it on.”

Martial arts combat between two warriors

  • #40 Make a playlist

From Fifth Harmony’s ‘Work From Home‘ to Irene Cara’s ‘Flashdance‘ – some tunes just lift your mood in seconds. Create a playlist of your favorite motivational songs to listen to when you’re feeling bored at work.

  • #41 Take a trip down memory lane

Remembering old times can be inspiring. If you’re so utterly bored at work that everything is beginning to feel pointless, remind yourself that it isn’t so. Look at how far you’ve come since the very beginning of your career. Consider everything you’ve achieved in getting to where you are now. Remember past moments of excitement and motivation! Looking at old photographs or simply remember the past can help clear your mind and assure you that – even though you’re bored out of your mind today – you’re still going exciting places.

  • #42 Plan holidays or weekend getaways

Boredom at work could be a sign that you’re in need of a holiday. Taking time off work helps recharge the brain, but if you’re not able to go on vacation, plan a weekend getaway instead. Research ideas on where to go, where to stay, and what to do. Make it a solo trip, a romantic getaway, or just a weekend with your family and friends. Either way – half the fun is in planning, so start Googling your options!

  • #43 Sing like you’re auditioning for American Idol

Hone your voice with some at-home vocal training. This is a great activity for when you’re bored at work, because singing makes your brain release endorphins –  boosting your happiness and relieving stress in the process. Next time you hit the karaoke bar, your friends are going to be amazed. Just tell them you’re regularly bored at work. Please note: singing at work is most definitely not an option at a corporate office.

  • #44 Visit your local library

There’s tons of inspiration to be found on the shelves of your local library. We typically turn to Google when we want to learn something, which is fine, but let’s not forget that books offer a wealth of wisdom too – not to mention a more immersive experience than your average online article. Pick up a book related to your field of work, or escape your emails for a bit by getting totally lost in some escapist fantasy.

  • #45 Read some GOOD news

We all know the dangers of doomscrolling – and that’s not a vortex you want to get sucked into when you’re already feeling fed up with work. So to make a change, check out some news that is sure to put a smile on your face instead of depress you. For example, there’s the Good News Network or Positive.News – both of which publish only inspiring and uplifting news.

If you’re bored simply because you need a break

Studies have shown that the human mind can’t concentrate for much longer than 90 minutes without needing a break. Fifteen minutes is said to be the ideal length of a break – but truth be told, you’ll need to find your perfect balance. How long can you focus before you begin to feel restless and bored? How long of a break do you need before you’re ready to return, full-focus? Below are some break ideas for when you figure that out.

  • #46 Write in a journal

Are you bored, or are you just too distracted by your emotional life to focus on work? Spilling your heart out on paper is a great exercise in mindfulness that will hopefully relieve some boredom.

  • #47 Play games online

There’s an endless number of online games you can get addicted to. What could possibly go wrong? From first-person shooters to puzzle games, you’re bound to find something that cures your boredom during a much-needed work break.

  • #48 Doodle and sketch

No good at drawing, you say? Well, practice makes perfect – and if you draw each time you’re bored at work, you’ll be sketching like Leonardo da Vinci in no time. Besides, there are loads of beginner-friendly YouTube tutorials that show you step-by-step how to create cute art with nothing but a ballpoint pen.

  • #49 Learn something random on Wikipedia

Have you ever tried typing Special:Random into the search bar of Wikipedia? Do it. You’ll get a new random article each time. I just did it, and now I’m an expert in the ‘Transformation of the Ottoman Empire‘. Remarkable.

  • #50 Research new hobbies

Now might be the time to give your hobbies some serious thought. If you’ve been playing with the idea of signing up for archery lessons or attending a pottery class, kill some time at work by researching ways to get started! There are plenty of YouTube channels that will introduce you to new sports or crafts, and a quick Google will uncover guides on what materials you need to get started with a new hobby, whether it’s gardening or soap-making!

  • #51 Learn life hacks

There are entire social media accounts and websites dedicated to ‘life hacks’ – you know, those tips and tricks that make life so much easier. Learn a smart ‘hack’ to impress you friends with on the likes of Lifehack.org

  • #52 Call a loved one

Your Mom wants to know how you’re doing.

  • #53 Research recipes

If you’re bored, why not challenge and entertain yourself with some exciting new recipes to try out in the kitchen? Even if you don’t actually cook any of them, just scrolling through pictures of delectable dishes is fun in itself.

  • #54 Make a meal plan

Good days start with a good breakfast, and productive afternoons follow impressive lunches. Time spent prepping meals is time well spent when you’re working from home. Plus, you’ll save money by no longer having to order emergency take-away.

  • #55 Read a chapter of a book

Just fifteen minutes of reading each day can help you recharge, learn something new, and escape into a new world. Chances are you have a book lying around that you’ve been meaning to read for ages. Now’s the time to open up to chapter one! Make a habit of reaching for a book anytime your mind starts to wander at work. It’s more rewarding than social media, honestly.

  • #56 Tidy the house

Sometimes a messy home makes a messy mind. If you’re struggling to focus, put on some music and get productive with cleaning products instead. Since cleaning and tidying is more boring than work, you might just find yourself itching to get back to your desk.

  • #57 Discover new apps

There’s not a problem in life an app won’t solve. OK, that’s not true, but you have to agree that there’s an app to simplify pretty much anything in your life you might need help with. Track your exercise or screen time? There’s an app for that. Learn a new language or quit bad habits? Organize your notes or keep track of your finances? Apps, apps, apps. Find one. Use it. Inevitably uninstall it because of storage space issues. Either way, researching fun apps is a great way to kill boredom at work.

  • #58 Cuddle your pets

Is there a better way to spend a work break? Nope. Cuddling pets takes the cake. It’s an instant injection of happiness – and your pet will (probably) enjoy it too. This might well be the ultimate thing to do when you’re bored at work.

  • #59 And if you have a cat…squish that cat

No context needed.

  • #60 Research charities – and donate!

The most underrated work break activity at all. Start researching causes that interest you (combating climate change, ending child poverty, animal welfare, science funding) and make a list of organizations you’d like to donate to. Not only will this research session inspire and educate you – you’re going to feel happy giving back, and you’re going to spread happiness with this small action.

  • #61 Look for things you can do to help out in your community

From donating blood to volunteering at shelters, there’s plenty of ways you can support your local community. You may even find that some of these supportive acts can be squeezed into a work break – like collecting stuff around your home that you’d happily donate to charity shops, or picking up trash from streets, parks and community areas.

SignUpGenius have a great list of 60 ideas on ways to give back to your community. Best of all – if you can volunteer for community causes that put your work skills to use, then you’re simultaneously utilizing and strengthening your experience.

  • #62 Watch cat videos

The iconic internet pastime never fails. Just be sure to set a timer, because it’s way too easy to fall down a YouTube rabbit hole. You know how it goes. You start innocently watching cat videos and somehow find yourself watching mountain tunnel construction videos two hours later. Stick with cats, and share the cuties or funniest video on your team’s Slack channel.

Cat walks in freaky fashion

  • #63 Have a laugh watching tl;dv videos

WFH life isn’t without its struggles. We feel you. tl;dv posts relatable videos about remote work on TikTok and Instagram, so scroll these popular accounts if you want a laugh – and some reassurance that you’re not the only one who gets bored at work sometimes.

@tldview It follows #paidtimeoff #workholiday #workandholiday #slack #zoom #googlemeet #itfollows #haunted #holidayworkdays ♬ original sound – tl;dv

If your brain has shut down for the day

Has your brain completely given up on work? It happens – usually in that last hour or so of the day, when your mind is muddled from information overflow and communicative overload.

  • #64 Run some errands

Don’t you need to pick up that parcel at the post office? No? Well, when was the last time you got your eye sight tested? The fridge is looking a little empty, by the way. And you still need to return those library books. The point is, there’s always an errand or two to run. So if you’re going to procrastinate at work, direct your attention to those pesky personal errands instead. With any luck, sorting out those mundane tasks while help you stay focused on work.

  • #65 Research new places to eat

Step one: Make a list of all the nearby places you’ve been meaning to eat at. Step two: Make a plan for visiting some of them. Step three: Remember that you need money to afford meals at cafes and restaurants. Step four: Feel motivated to work again. (Works every time!)

  • #66 Clean up closet

Are you ever really going to wear that Lady Gaga wig from 2009 again? If you’re bored at work, you might as well take the time to sort through your clothes and accessories. By the end of it, you’ll have a pile of unwanted garments you can either donate, sell or give away.

  • #67 Start a DIY project at home

Do you ever get so bored you just stare at the wall? Well – try filling that wall with shelves! You can put interesting and inspirational items on those shelves, so that next time you’re bored at work, you’ll have something motivational to focus your eyes on. Undertaking a small DIY project at home is a great idea, because using your hands to build or fix something is satisfyingly different from the type of work we perform while sitting at a computer. Simply engaging in a totally different task for a moment is often the best solution for when you’re feeling bored at work.

  • #68 Take a nap

Did you sleep well last night? Sometimes, struggling to concentrate at work is a sign of tiredness. The good news is: your work isn’t as boring as you thought, you’re just sleepy. The bad news is: taking a nap isn’t necessarily going to help. You may wake up feeling a little groggy and disoriented. The trick, according to Mayo Clinic, is to not nap for too long.

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  • #69 Watch a movie

If your brain has officially checked out for the day, then you might as well entertain yourself with an exciting movie or TV show. Satisfy your urge to binge on Netflix – because once you’ve got that out of your system, you’ll hopefully return to work a little more focused next time.

  • #70 Play video games

Go on. Give in. Fire up your PlayStation and relax with some gaming. Feeling ashamed about your sneaky Skyrim session? If it’s any consolation, your manager probably does the same from time to time. Anyway, you can always justify it by claiming gaming helps improve work skills.

  • #71 Visit a museum

Paying a visit to an art gallery or museum is a great way to get inspired, learn something new and support local Culture & Arts. It’s the perfect escape from work when you’re feeling bored. Make a lunch break out of a museum visit, and you’re bound to feel invigorated by the time you’re back at your desk.

  • #72 Relax in the park

Take a leisurely stroll or just sit on a bench and admire the tranquil greenery. Parks are great for reducing stress. If you’ve got the energy, you can put on your running shoes and go for a jog. Alternatively, pack a blanket and flask of hot tea for a cosy moment beneath a tree. If you truly can’t bring yourself to do anymore work, you might as well spend the afternoon somewhere wholesome.

  • #73 Feed ducks at the park

Who doesn’t love ducks? And ducks will love you, if you feed them at the park. Take it easy on the bread, because bread has low nutrition and can leave ducks feeling uncomfortably full (according to some sources). Recommended snacks for ducks include cracked corn, bird seeds, sliced grapes, lettuce and oats. A Weight Watchers diet, basically.

If your work is just inherently boring

This is the worst possible reason to be bored at work. If you find your job dull, then you’re going to struggle to stay focused no matter how many breaks you take. So what do you do when you’re bored at work simply because your work sucks?

  • #74 Figure out why your job makes you bored

Are you overqualified? Are the tasks a poor fit for your competencies? Do you spend time wishing you were doing something else? Do you not have enough work? Or do you have so much work that you frequently get overwhelmed and disheartened? Figuring out the cause of frequent work boredom is critical, because only then can you start taking steps towards a more fulfilling work life. We spend a lot of time at work – it’s important we like what we do.

  • #75 Invite your boss to a 1-on-1

Maybe curing work boredom is as simple as taking on different tasks. Tasks that you find more stimulating. In this case, you need a chat with your manager. If you’re lucky enough to have an approachable and compassionate boss, she or he will be determined to help you feel more inspired about your work.

Regular 1-to-1’s are great opportunities for thought-provoking conversations about your career progression. Do you have a clear idea of what your boss expects of you, in terms of your day-to-day performance and future at the company? Having this conversation with your boss can offer valuable insight as to whether your job is likely to get more interesting or not. Sometimes, it’s worth sticking it out – but maybe it’s time for a change.

  • #76 Look for other jobs

If you’re not satisfied with your job, look for opportunities elsewhere. LinkedIn and job listing websites are a great place to start. This will give you a feeling of industry demand and salary ranges, so that you’re more prepared for serious job hunting when the time comes to take the leap.

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  • #77 Work on your resume

When was the last time you updated your CV? Take a moment to make sure it’s all up-to-date, and reflective of how awesome you really are.

  • #78 Update your LinkedIn profile

Flaunt those skills of yours! There are tons of ways you can optimize your LinkedIn profile to appear in more recruiter searchers, and look irresistible to headhunters. LinkedIn actually has its own guide on steps you can take toward a 100% awesome profile. Needless to say, your profile photo, personal description, work history and endorsements all go a long way in convincing employers that you’re a total star.

  • #79 Prank a colleague

It may have been a lot easier to prank you colleagues at a physical office, but rest assured there are plenty of ways you can play pranks remotely. In fact, Breezy have thrown together a fantastic list of creative prank ideas for WFH teams – from fake birthday celebrations to messing around with the auto-correct settings of a shared document. Worst case scenario: you get fired. But that’s ok. Your job is boring.

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  • #80 Begin an online class or course

The internet is a treasure chest of free online classes and courses. Upskill or learn something entirely new in a matter of days. From programming to marketing – the choice is yours. Best of all – you’ll have a shiny certification badge at the end of it to add to your LinkedIn profile.

If you’re bored during an online meeting

Meeting boredom is perhaps the most cruel of all work-based boredoms. There is no escape. Ineffective meetings have passive listeners, run on for too long, and focus on what could have been summarized in an email. And since most professionals sit in these kind of meetings 10-30 hours every week, the boredom can be unbearable. We hate boring meetings so much, we created an entire tool to combat them. For those of you who are not using tl;dv, however – here are some tips on what to do while you’re suffering through tedious Zoom calls.

  • #81 Play Remote Meeting Bingo (secretly)

You can even compete against other call participants over Slack. Here’s a virtual meeting bingo card generator to keep every call interesting!

  • #82 List the number of background noises you can hear

Chewing, frantic keyboard typing, kids crying, dogs parking. Ah, the beautiful soundtrack of remote meetings. Listen carefully and take note of every interesting sound you hear making its way into your colleagues’ microphones.

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  • #83 Introduce a game or activity to the meeting

All meetings can be made more interesting with an activity or two. Start the call with an ice breaker, bring your pet in front of the webcam, or play a quick game half-way through a longer meeting. Casual breaks will make a boring meeting more bearable.

You can also switch up the format. Collaborative tools like Miro allow call participants to access the same visual space and share their ideas creatively. Doing – rather than just listening – will help keep your focus.

  • #84 Introduce tl;dv to your company

Tell everyone that you’ve got sh*t to do, and you’ll catch up on the tl;dv. If they act confused, drop the link to tldv.io in the chat and then just moonwalk out of the call.

  • #85 Think of an excuse not to attend

Sometimes the best way to handle a boring meeting is to just not attend it. We have a looong list of excuses you can use to get out of online meetings. Ranging from the ridiculous to the genius, you’re sure to find an excuse in this guide that no one will argue with.

  • #86 Take charge of meeting notes

This might sound like the opposite of a good idea. If you’re bored out of your mind during a meeting, how are you going to keep track of the important take-aways and action points? By volunteering for this responsibility, of course! If you have to take notes or timestamp meeting moments, you’re more likely to actually pay attention – which will reduce your boredom!

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  • #87 Get creative with your Zoom background

At least it will keep YOU entertained, even if everyone else just rolls their eyes. IF you want inspiration on funny or unusual Zoom backgrounds, we’ve got just the guide for you.

@tldview I remember my first Zoom background #zoom #meetings #zoombackground #remote #coworkers ♬ original sound – tl;dv

  • #88 Draw portraits of call participants

Capture their faces with your pen! Doodling is a great way to occupy yourself during a boring meeting. It’s probably best to never show your notepad masterpieces to your colleagues. They’ll report you for being weird.

  • #89 Check out pointless websites

This amazing ‘pointless website generator‘ will show you a different and uniquely meaningless website every time you ask it to. Some websites, though pointless, are mesmerizing or weirdly fascinating. You can easily check them out in your browser during an online meeting, without arousing too much suspicion. But be careful – time passes quickly as you explore the depths of the internet’s weirdest websites. Some get lost in that wormhole for days.

  • #90 Answer in rhymes

When you’re expected to give a response in the meeting, make sure the last word of your sentence rhymes with the last word spoken by someone else. Example:

“Hey Luis, are you even paying attention?”
Yes – and I would say this deadline is in need of an extension.”
“Really – you need more time?”
Just another week or so should be fine.”
“Are you OK? You’re acting super weird.”
I’m sorry, Jess. That’s what I feared.

Want to help others cure their boredom at work?

We hope you found this guide useful, and that you’re feeling a little less bored at work! Share this guide wide and far – you might just help someone else regain their motivation during a slow workday. 💪