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Greenhouse integration with tl;dv

In the talent hunt, every interaction molds the perfect candidate experience. Let tl;dv channel insights from your Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet discussions right into Greenhouse, ensuring your recruitment process is anchored by rich candidate interactions.

Talent Acquisition with AI-powered Precision.

Employ our AI Meeting Template, precisely sculpted for HR and recruitment, transmitting those vital interview and feedback sessions directly into Greenhouse. Recruiters and hiring managers can swiftly recap candidate interactions within Greenhouse, thanks to tl;dv’s concise summaries. And for an in-depth understanding? Directly access the crux of any discussion through clickable recording moments.

Setting up your integrations is easy

On the tl;dv side menu, click on the integrations tab

Select from our featured templates or create your own custom workflows.

Off you go! Sit back and relax, your data will flow seamlessly between apps.

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